Promote films to create awareness, but only word-of-mouth works: Salman

Bollywood superstar Salman Khan has said that he promotes films and goes everywhere to avoid media negativity. While adding that ‘creating awareness’ amongst the audience is important, Khan said it’s the word-of-mouth that takes a film to new heights at the box office.

“From our side, there is no strategy. The film’s team tells us to go and do the job and we do it. Earlier it was very simple with just All India Radio (AIR) and Doordarshan. It used to take just one hour to promote a film. But now there are so many channels and newspapers that if we miss one, they start doing negative stories. So, we basically try and go everywhere to spread awareness about the film and its storyline” Salman said.

With 6 of his last 7 films going on to be blockbusters at the box office, Khan is on a historic run. No actor in the history of Indian Cinema has delivered so many blockbusters in such a short period of time.

To compare Salman’s streak with Rajesh Khanna’s glorious years between 1969 to 1972, the first superstar of Bollywood had featured in 17 films out of which 3 films were ‘blockbusters’ and two were ‘super-hits’.

Will Salman’s incredible run continue with ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’? The film releases in less than 36 hours from now!



  • @Tiger No I don’t get what you are trying to say.Can you please elaborate which movie has he promoted for 6 months.If that is the case he would be doing 1 movie every 2 years.He did dance shows because the movie HNY was based on the theme of dance.He promoted his movie in overseas because he’s a popular star in globally.If Salman tours any foreign country for his movie promotion there would be barely any person who would acknowledge his presence

  • @ tiger -the real king , are you insane or what ? Akshay is playing second lead to sid… Biggest joke of century. Dude he is akshay kumar..if he is 60 crore king then salman is 60 lakh king(forgot marigold).i think ur more drunk than salman was in that drunk and driving case

  • Why bhai why? Why are you promoting your movies on tv series and cities. Does navrangi not so bhaijaan already disturbing you…

    Bhai fans are saying 250crs..300crs..etc and but bhai u know it well even 150crs impossible for this film if it gets jai ho way..

    Anyways d promos deserves oscars,bafta.u r so incredible bhai..real talent bhai..ppl laugh when u cry and those glycerin soaked eyes make ppl think you’re emoting but truth is something else. :-D

  • Bhai you’re film doesn’t need any wom sort of thing..bhai it only needs sensless mindless action scenes..1 guy beating 100 people and a very well designed vfxed fake abs to lure in fans..

    Bhai your innocence is as pure as much as bapu’re so cunning in real life..why bhai why ?

    Bhai most of the seats at plexes are still vacant…maybe your friend can help u to bring in more audience…

    Bhai aren’t you scared of bahubali storm already and saying navrangi’s budget is more than bahubali…bhai promote navrangi at overseas bhai….bhai I’m scared..bhai navrangi hit ho jayegi na bhai

  • 2011

    JTHJ 121 CR HIT vs SOS

    KICK 233 BB solo (compare to D3 isn’t it SUPERHIT) CE six open day 227
    HNY 204 HIT

  • @Tiger yeah likewise having a case and its hearing den being sentenced and den again nullification of the case months before release
    Also giving charity and chanting srks

  • Bajrangi bhaijaan advance booking record breaking 70% tickets r allready sold out for whole weekend… first day collection beetween 35-38 cr and weekend collection is 120 cr+

  • Bhojpuri Bhaijaan – a new bhojpuri promotion King , promoted bhojpuri south crap Jai ho but badly failed to get a hit tag, and became a flop, and he challenged everyone that he will break CE’s record with jai ho but result___? failed badly to cross RNBDJ’s gross & DTPH in OS, had 3 times less gross than CE,will not compare with CE’s opening, week, weekend, life time, India’s gross, WW’s gross and OS as i think it will be a shame to compare that Bhojpuri & flop movie like jai ho with ATBB and best family film CE…. and he Promoted Kick ( yes that kick where Nawazuddin badly overshadowed the worst actor of India & a non-actor Salman ) everywhere through making controversy with jacqueline fernandez, bought fake views, likes, even bought fake retweets and favorites as at any cost he wanted to beat CE but result__? failed to beat CE’s opening (forget about Hny), failed to beat CE’s weekend, failed to crossed 100cr in 3 days like CE did for the first time, failed to beat CE’s week record, failed to beat CE’s gross, Failed to beat CE in overseas even failed to beat 2001 K3G in Overseas… still chasing CE from last 2 years and hny from last 1 year, (failed twice) & chasing K3G from last 14 years, now it will be interesting to see if ‘Nawazuddin Bhaijaan’ can cross CE/Hny gross or not.. no need to talk about overseas here as it will never, as it will fail to beat DTPH even….

    @Tiger – the real billi – just 7? SRK has given 5 blockbusters in last 7 years in India ( OSO, CDI,RNBDj, CE ‘ATBB’, Hny ) and has given ”8 back to back blockbusters” ( OSO,RNBDJ,MNIK,Ra1,Don2,JTHJ,CE,Hny) in last 7 years in Overseas, which your Bhojpuri Bhaijaan can’t even dream about it even for a second as he has just 1 blockbuster there till now and that one is also bec of Madhuri… CDI was not a blockbuster in Overseas otherwise KING KHAN’s back to back blockbusters would be more than 10… if you combined it then SRK total India and OS blockbusters are 13 in just last 7 years while Guilty Salman’s Blockbusters are just 7, do you know the difference between 13 and 7..? SRK’s blockbusters are twice more than your Bhojpuri Bhaijaan’s Blockbusters, got it Billi.. even SRK has given 11 back to back success movies in India & more than 20 back to back Hits in overseas which your Bhojpuri Bhaijaan can’t even think for a half second to break these record, can’t even imagine,, Got it real billi..? now go and argue with Arjun, Sidd, Ranbir, Ayushman, Arman Kholi’s fans…!!

  • Lets see if lallu can break king khan’s happy new year’s record or not. I am sure he won’t be able to break any record of happy new year. Bhojpuri Bhaijaan looks crap now.

  • @You r chaman:
    When did hny bcm blockbuster??? Leave trades even makers declared it superhit and you find it blockbuster!!! It will be not surprising tommorow if you king fans declare yljk as blockbuster…LOL.

    BTW, you are shouting too much on king’s hits over bhai’s blockbusters. It seems for king fans hits are bigger success than blockbusters…LOL.

  • @challa, remember he promoted ra one even more than 6 months. And if he is such popular in overseas as you claimed than what is the need of dancing on streets there to promote his movies???

  • @khiladi, Watch the brothers trailer again you will know who is main there. Btw, your so called superstar even played 2nd lead to a dog in entertainment…LOL.

  • i have seen brothers trailer many times and it is totally akki all over and posters too .Trailer ki baat hai toh salman is playing second lead to small kid…waise salman also played second lead to akshay in mujhse shaadi karogi where he was completely overshadowed by akshay…which shows diff. B/w acting talent of two actors..

  • @khiladi: akkis last movie collected only 80cr(gabbar) & sid’s last movie collected huge 105cr. Which clearly indicates sid is way bigger than akki… so bigger star is playing lead role in brothers.

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