Rajesh Khanna’s 15 hits record – Full list

Since last evening, several readers have been asking us about Rajesh Khanna’s 15 back-to-back hits. Actually, he had about 16 consecutive hits, one film in between (The Train) was an above average grosser.

His hit spree started in 1969 and went on till 1971-72. In those 3-4 years, Khanna appeared in about 17 films (not including special appearances) and all of them were successful. A record that still stands unbroken today, more than 4 decades and several superstars later!


  • Aradhana – Blockbuster (biggest hit of the year)
  • Ittefaq – Semhit
  • Doli – Semihit
  • Bandhan – Hit
  • Do Raaste – Blockbuster (2nd biggest hit of the year)


  • The Train – Above Average
  • Sachaa Jhutha – Superhit (2nd biggest hit of the year)
  • Safar – Hit
  • Kati Patang – Hit
  • Aan Milo Sajna – Superhit (3rd biggest hit of the year)


  • Anand – Hit
  • Maryada – Hit
  • Haathi Mera Saathi – Blockbuster (biggest hit of the year)
  • Amar Prem – Semihit
  • Andaz – Hit
  • Dushman – Superhit (3rd biggest hit of the year)


  • Apna Desh – Hit


  • some of these semi hit movies were hit but relagated to below that tag by todays BOI sites.

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  • What sort of comparison? Amitabh Bachchan had many more hits, not consecutive though. Popularity wise, Bachchan probably had a bigger fan-following, but the craze that Rajesh Khanna commanded was supposedly unmatched.

  • SRK’s 15 movies consecutive………
    In which 3 are flop to average……Swadesh is by the way cult classic forever & billu is not whole SRK’s movie……..

    1) Don 2 (2011) – HIT
    2 )Ra.One (2011) – HIT
    3 ) My Name Is Khan (2010) – HIT
    4) BILLU ( 2009) – flop [ but don’t say its SRK’s movie ]
    5) Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (2008) – Blockbuster
    6) Om Shanti Om (2007) – Blockbuster
    7) Chak De! India (2007) – Blockbuster
    8) Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006) – HIT
    9) Don: The Chase Begins Again (2006) – HIT
    10) Paheli (2005 ) – Flop
    11 )Swades (YEAR 2004) – avg
    12 )Veer Zaara (YEAR 2004) – super duperHit
    13) Main Hoon Na (YEAR 2004) – super Hit
    14) Kal Ho Na Ho (YEAR 2003) – super Hit
    15) Chalte Chalte (YEAR 2003) – Semi Hit

    And by the way, all the movies are blockbuster to all time blockbuster in overseas……..
    SRK is also in range of Rajesh Khanna………

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  • indicine how can u say that amitabh has more hits while it is record 16 consecutive hits
    no actor obttain it

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  • Amitabh Bachchan had about 60 successful films in his career (during his days as lead hero), as he remained consistent for longer. Rajesh Khanna about 35.

  • Bhoomi it took RK mere 3-4 years and shahrukh took 8 long years.

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  • rocky…..at time of that era , actors were doing movies back to back for only earned money…..so that’s why……but Rajesh Khanna lost his stardom due to his own pride…..He just cheap person….so he lose his stardom…..while Amitabh Bachchan & SRK & SALMAN are rage in public……by the way, SRK is clean face in public whenever Bachchan had also bad past by affair & salman also…..so, SRK is true icon for me & also his for fans………

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  • akshay kumar also 16 hits last 4 5 years so he is bigger than srk calculate avg to blockbuster
    so bhumi keep shut up

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  • As the above article was given on request on the demise of a legend in bollywood.Is it such necessary to compare srk films with Rajesh khanna’s golden hits.Really u guys are not human beings.

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  • “uppar aaka neeche kaka”.no one ever had stardom like rajesh khanna.he is the originator of word “superstar”.

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  • Sharuk comprison to kaka just like kahan raja bhoj aur kahan gan…………….?
    rajesh khanna is rajesh khanna!

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  • Why some srk fans r comparing? Shame on u guys. somebody has lost his life. Focus on that rather than comparing

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  • Ittefaaq, doli amar prem budget were extremely low, they were massive hits compared to the so called hits today. Itefaaq was 1st movie in hindi to not have dance or songs, kaka was have so many movies run through silver to golden jublee, it’s unmatched by any superstar. Kaka gave 15 and even more hits in small 2.5 year span that equals the total of todays suprstars career total.

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  • ok……sorry for my this mistake to compare SRK with RAJESH KHANNA……..
    Even, I like Rajesh Khanna’s songs……He had good style-statement…..
    & who wrote that Akshay gave consecutive hits then also look at flop list in those years…..

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