Rajesh Khanna’s 15 hits record – Full list

Since last evening, several readers have been asking us about Rajesh Khanna’s 15 back-to-back hits. Actually, he had about 16 consecutive hits, one film in between (The Train) was an above average grosser.

His hit spree started in 1969 and went on till 1971-72. In those 3-4 years, Khanna appeared in about 17 films (not including special appearances) and all of them were successful. A record that still stands unbroken today, more than 4 decades and several superstars later!


  • Aradhana – Blockbuster (biggest hit of the year)
  • Ittefaq – Semhit
  • Doli – Semihit
  • Bandhan – Hit
  • Do Raaste – Blockbuster (2nd biggest hit of the year)


  • The Train – Above Average
  • Sachaa Jhutha – Superhit (2nd biggest hit of the year)
  • Safar – Hit
  • Kati Patang – Hit
  • Aan Milo Sajna – Superhit (3rd biggest hit of the year)


  • Anand – Hit
  • Maryada – Hit
  • Haathi Mera Saathi – Blockbuster (biggest hit of the year)
  • Amar Prem – Semihit
  • Andaz – Hit
  • Dushman – Superhit (3rd biggest hit of the year)


  • Apna Desh – Hit


  • @ all time blockbusters…. dude see i’m a salman fan too…..but see fan following which RK commanded during his glorious years is comparable to only MJ …..yeah but after RK there is only salman man!!!

  • @tejas
    akshay while doing 4-5 films a year has obviously more hits than srk who is doing 1-2 films a year but the no. Of flops list of akshay is so high that even flops of srk amir n hrithik’s combined would be less than akshay’s flop list
    mark my words and check it

  • Amitabh 60
    rajesh 35 film successfull film while srk some of film are here
    1-dilwale dulhania le jayange
    2-kuch kuch hota hain
    6-karan arjun
    7-dil to paagal hai
    8-kabhi khusi kabhi gam
    9-main hoon na
    10-veer zaara
    11-kal ho na ho
    13-chalte chalte
    14-kabhi alvida na kahna
    16-don 2
    18-chak de indiap
    19-om shanti om
    20-hum tumhare hai sanam
    22-yess boss
    23-my name is khan
    24-rab ne bana di jodi

  • hey,,,,Akshay got SUPERSTAR tag from 2007…..So don’t compare akshay with SRK…..
    by the way, SRK is my superstar……love u SRK….waiting for ur next…..
    SRK’s movie for his fans only…..So, Don’t compare SRK’s movie to other stars…..
    He make movies for me & my type of fans……GO SRK GO……

  • right say, bhumi…..SRK is great.
    because He has clean image in the world.
    & oh my God, Overseas mein to SRK is king……no one can match his status….

  • Rajesh khanna was d best superstar ever… aaj koi ladki kisi bhi hero ke liye apne khoon se love later nahi likhti…. 70s k zamane me RK ke peeche ladkiya deewani thi…. thats called stardom

  • charlin chaplin se jaya aaj tak kisi ne hit movie nahi di aur bhavisya me bhi hit movie koi nahi dega. Yadi jhut lage to check kar lo record.yaha tak ki akshay ne 4 saal mai film banai thi utni film charlin chaplin ne ek saal mai banai thi.

  • Who says Kaka has only 35 hits compared to AB’s 60,As per recent article by NDTV kaka had 50 Golden Jublee hits & 22 Silver jublee hit majority of them were solo or 2 hero movies compared to AB’s Multi Starrer.AB himself confessed that he is AB bcoz of RK so no comparision.

  • niether amitabh nor srk and neither any of the star of bollywood have such shining in their star as rajesh khanna have he is a 1’st man to whom audience by seeing heart touching film of rajesh khanna say him a legendry super star . don’t compare him with joker’s actor.

  • rajesh khanna is pride of indian cinema.amitab,srk,are nothing in front of him . so guys keep your mouth shut

  • hi, well im not indulging in any argument with anyone, but i knew for fact that he is people’s superstar n romantic hero who is unmatched in talent than anybody in casual n romantic acting then simple but yet beautiful hit movies. the women n girls used to throng around him in those days sending flowers n letters written with blood n even getting married to photos of kaka but i dnt see anything happening with other actors so there is my justification that Rajesh khanna was n still the only superstar of bollywood no one has broken n no is able to break this record. To his warm greeting to fans i like him the most its not how much movies an actor makes but how many time people see that movie time and again i dnt want to say anything more because films that are made today r utter flops n stupid movies n acting cant even talk about it,there arrogance,atrocity towards fans n there faces with surgeries n botox well i say step aside no wants you see your botox faces forever n give space n money to young n talented once,not your sons,daughters and relatives who cant even act n who look like idiots n stupids on silver screen,, n one thing make film that are good n simple n entertaining not irritating n which makes people slap on ur faces. i still know that people say that movie grossed over 300 crores n 200 crores its all because that interesting trailer that u show n make boring movies that all audience will fall for it n few who dnt have brains will be fans n goes to stupid movie that actor makes,have some standards if not raise your standards so that films made are satisfying to the audience who pay hard earned money for some entertainment for family n friends n i have seen few some among them who are making good n giving socialistic message i really like them. rest i dnt think its worth watching them not even romantic nor knowledgeable nor thrilling just waste of time in bollywood but anyways im saying bollywood never get a superstar like RK unless u bring people from talent not from influence n money n whatever


    The rest are all stars !!!

    The screen presence the charisma charm that Rajeshji brought onscreen is unique to him alone !!!
    Amitabh may have lasted longer but he mostly gave hits in multistarrer movies !!
    In record as solo artist is pathetic !!
    Amitabh brought violence to movies and spiralled the industry into the dark period of Masala movies lacking good music and bad dialogues !! Heroines were eye candy only for sex appeal !!
    Without Rajeshji Amitabh would be nothing !!
    Just by co- starring in Anand with kaka he got noticed !!
    SRK is just a baby in front of Rajeshji !!
    Just watch Rajeshji s Araadhana and SRKs
    DDLJ the proof is in the pudding !!!
    Rajesh khannas charisma and screen presence his voice ,dialogue delivery his song picturisation is out of this world !!!!!
    SRK may be a huge star now in front of Rajesh khanna he is still an ant !!!!

  • ok guys now listen.
    Salman khan is going to break all records .
    cos abhi tak wo ,consecutive 6 superhit de chuka h like 1 wanted 2 daband 3 ready 4 dabang2 ,5 ek tha tiger 6 jai ho abd now kick will be 7 th .
    agar yehi chala to , saare record toad dega apna sallu

  • Amitabh has much longer, consistent career than Rajesh Khanna. 9 out of 13 all time earners till 1984 had Amitabh in lead. He had hits as solo lead too – Don, Laawaris, Coolie, Shehanshah, Do Anjane, Abhimaan etc and even gave superhit Baghban in old age. He did all kinds of roles be it action, comedy (Amar Akbar Anthony, Chupke Chupke), romance (Kabhi kabhi), art house (Alaap, Saudagar, Main Azaad hun), anti hero (Parwana, Saudagar). He began to make Indian cinema popular abroad by starting trend of stage shows. He used to be main face and dominated even in multi starrers. He was first Indian star to be paid in crores and remained highest paid actor till early 90s. His Coolie is the first film to gross over 1 crore per territory. Words like bankable star, blank cheque were used for him given his BO pull. Franηois Truffaut called him one man industry. He has 15 all time earners inflation adjusted also. Rajesh Khanna never gave ATBB solo or multistarrer. He faded when Amitabh began to succeed. Amitabh is giving hits like Paa, Baghban, Sarkar even today and doing versatile roles be it Black, Paa, Sarkar, Last Lear. He is the most enduring superstar ever!

  • “Jahan mein hoon vahaam koi aur tha” – Kaka

    Many others have come to the limelight. But there is one thing that is yet to happen.. the love that ladies had for Kaka. Today many actors have six packs. Kaka had only a pair of chinese eyes which would wink so charmingly. He had charmed an audience. Hits and flops are there in every actors life. But looking at the 15 hits which weren’t shot in locations like Australia, one can say that it was those charming eyes that kept the audience come to the theatres. Aradhana is the story of a woman who sacrifices for her child but the show was stolen by the charms of Kaka. It is remembered more as a hit of Kaka than a movie of Sharmila Tagore. Such was Kaka’s charm on the screen.

  • “Ek Zamana tha jab theatre mein filmein nahin chalti thi – Sirf RAJESH KHANNA chalte the.”

    (There was a time when films never used to work. Only Rajesh Khanna worked!).

  • Ajkal to ek saal mei film banane ki jo artifecial tarika hei, agar ye phehle hota to RK se super star koi nehi hota.

  • If violence in movies is an issue then a fat Mangal killing a person just for the sake of a Roti also amounts to violence and his pushing a person from a train also amounts to violence. So kindly put aside the violence part aside. If it is there in the script the actors just do their part.
    Regarding the 15 hits they are an invention of Devyani Chaubal. Doli was only an average grosser and it was Prem Chopra who was the lead character in Doli. Ittefaq also was an average grosser and was a flop in most places. Amar Prem had a good story but it was an average grosser. One can say that Doli/Ittefaq/AmarPrem fetched good returns to the producers because they were low budget movies that did not make the makers dependable on a good run. In any case, Doli/Ittefaq/Amar Prem cannot be included in the hit category.
    If self publicity of an actor calling himself as KING is an issue then the same thing applies to my favourite star Kaka also. He was hyped by Devyani Chaubal who constantly wrote about women writing letters in blood, marrying his photographs, marrying his car, using his car tyre mud as pavithra sindhoor etc.
    So far no pic of blood written letters have been published in any magazine.
    The details of how the marriage between my favourite star Kaka’s photograph and some woman take place is not published. Whether any any sastri chanted the mantras while the photograph and the women went around agni three times is not revealed by Devyani Chaubal.
    Same case with those who allegedly married his car. Whether any pandit chanted any vivaha mantra while the car and the woman went around agni three times is also not revealed by Devyani Chaubal.
    The car tyre mud cannot be labelled as pavithra sindhoor. If anyone calls someone’s car tyre mud as pavithra sindhoor the pavithra sindhoor will curse them. No wonder my favourite star Kaka as well as Devyani Chaubal had to lead miserable lives in their later years inspite of having all the money and fame they could get in one life.

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