Prem Ratan Dhan Payo: The next Salman Khan blockbuster?

The last time a festive Salman Khan release was NOT a blockbuster was when ‘Wanted’ released during Eid 2009! Since then, the superstar has released 6 films during one of the three major festivals (Eid, Diwali, Christmas) and all 6 films have gone on to be blockbusters or better.

5 of those films (Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Kick, Bajrangi Bhaijaan) released during Eid and one film (Dabangg 2, arguably his ‘smallest’ blockbuster) released during the Christmas weekend.

Interestingly, no Salman Khan film in the last 6 years has released during Diwali. The last film that released for Diwali was ‘London Dreams’ in 2009.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo

Why are we talking about this now? Well, the kind of response that ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ has received both in India and Overseas, has taken the pre-release expectations from ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ to an altogether different level. The film is by far the hottest in trade circles and there are realistic expectations that the Sooraj Barjatya directed film will take a much bigger opening than the Kabir Khan classic.

Also, the Rajshri directed film reunites Khan with Barjatya, the director-actor duo of all-time grossers like ‘Hum Aapke Hai Kaun’ and ‘Maine Pyaar Kiya’. What sort of response will ‘Prem Ratan Dhan Payo’ get?

Meanwhile, Anupam Kher has completed shooting for the film. He tweeted a few pictures.



  • Not only contents worked,but also Harshali/Nawaz was the centre of attraction of bb,for which reason peoples are talking about Harshali too much and many peoples went to see Her especially.

    @sujit,KING KHAN’S films like CDI/SWADES doesn’t has bhojpuri songs like le le le le nor has any fights like bb nor it’s unrealistic classics like 3i/pk,where aliensa and students has extraordinary power,ROFL.and you’re seeing salman of doing this type movies 1st and last time,hopefully he’ll do such more film once again in his lifetime as there’ll not any Harshali will be there,ROFL.completely offbeat movies like CDI/SWADES couldn’t earn much,let your sallu do those type of entertaining less classic ,then you’ll k now your bhojpuri star’s aukat,ROFL.

  • @sss:
    King had given 40lakh collected mega disaster YLJK during his good period. But Bhai never had given such mega disaster even in his bad period. So, Bhai’s bad period was way better than king’s golden period.

    I am living in India the greatest nation of world unlike you who live in either Afghanistan or Somalia.

  • @sss & all morons:
    If BB is successful due to Harshali & nawaj bhai then kkhh was successful due to little Anjali and ddlj was successful due to Amrish Puri and his famous dialogue “jaa simran jaa jee le apni jindegi”.

  • @sss : I have no questions about Swades & CDI no doubt Srk Excelled in it likewise Salman Excelled in Dabangg n BB. SRK will never be able to do a Dabangg, have you ever seen him police uniform in any movie ?? Even directors n makers know Srk can’t carry such roles. So every actor have its strengths n weakness nobody is immortal. Stop living in past n accept the reality. Why didn’t I am Kalam, Chillar Party or Gangs of Wasseypur & Badlapur didn’t as same as 1 weekend collections of BB if it is running due to Nawaz n child artist ??? Ghogghu, apna dimag isteymaal kar instead of blind hatred !!!!!!! How many excuses you will give since so many years for Srk INABILITY to surpass Salman ????? Now even a genuine excuse looks fake !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @complan boy

    Likewise many ppl went to see Queens halloween REALITY CLASSIC krappy new yr first day just to catch a glimpse of AbRam Khan…!

    After that initial film fizzled out

  • In hyderabad all the locals are asking the same Question:-

    “How on Gods Earth did we let Complan Boy get an Engineering Qualification…? Everybody is laughing at us. We need to scrap our entire education system n start afresh…!

  • @qasim,ROFL.let bb to surpass pk’s collection then only it can able to get ATBB status still couldn’t beat it’s overseas/ww collection.but expectation the same thing from all movies is foolishness,Neil nitin bhai bachao’s fate is looking so dangerous,lol.

    @hrithik,so you’re now thinking dabanng is a classic movie?????,ROFL.anyways that’s salman fan’s choices.and you’re also thinking badlapur,I am kalam,gow,chillar party are highly entertaining movies like bb?????it has bhojpuri songs and actions like bb?????bheklu,use your brain bhojpuri.and which police roles you’re talking about.the roles you’re talking about are completely masala movie’s roles like dabang/singham.please talk about some offbeat movies where some realistic actions that your star’s movies can offer,then talk about so called policeman’s roles.and KING KHAN’S CAREER is still not yet over.let’s see what HIS VERSATILTY will offer,at that time you simply can’t get place to hide your bhojpuri face,ROFL.and please IT’s a kind request don’t compare your non actor and his movies with KING KHAN and HIS CLASSICS.

    @tigress-the real chuha,that’s what called brainless answer.I asked why your sallu’s every movies was disaster/flops only,which you couldn’t answer.and you dumb kindly look the verdict,not collection.ylhjk is just a flop not a disaster like your sallu’s disasters like marigold,yuvraj,mamk,ROFL.if salman would have did a delay 90’s release with then it wouldn’t have even collect 5lakhs and in multiplex release era also heavily promoted marigold becomes a disaster, if ylhjk is a disaster according to you,then HNY is a biggest hit than hahk and salamn’s back to back 1st 5 blockbusters according to your bhojpuri logic.that means dabang becomes a big hit due to sonakshi’s super hit dialogues—-thappad se dar Nahi lagta Saab,’s not dialogues it’s ACTING makes a movie historic.just like Harshali did while your bhai is giving same no expression just like a supporting actor through out the movie,ROFL.and look definitely Harshali/Nawaz will get award for bb performances and as usual bhai will get ghanta/kela awards , don’t say you don’t believe in awards as that you’re problem,ROFL.

    @complan dadaji,improve your bhojpuri brain.and give some more effort as usual your comments is not all funny,ROFL.

  • @ Navin :
    HNY set record 1st day because of Abram Khan ? Ha ha ha !
    But there was no such records for PK and BB , which means Lallu Bhai and Amoor both are smaller stars than Abram Khan , right ?
    Somebody please save this old man !

  • Somalian complan boy:
    Bhai’s disasters like marigold, mamk, yuvraj etc colle Ted 100times more than king’s flop YLJK. That’s shows the power of Bhai. Expectations are always high from megastar Bhai movies that’s why his much more collected movies than some chota mota star bcm disasters. While with same collections king movies bcm hits/superhits.

  • @phenom:
    According to you king fans BB is collecting 300+ crore due Harshali & Nawajuddin. But your king yet to go past even 210cr. So, Nawajuddin & Harshali are much bigger star than king…LOL.

  • @tiger,why you’re writing and behaving like a chameleon?????sometimes you’re saying collection is bigger and some other time you’re saying verdict is important.1st decide collection/verdict which is more important.if verdict is important than look,KING KHAN has 0 disasters while your decade disaster chota nota non actor bhau has 3 epic disasters,ROFL.that means YLHJK is a bigger film than sallu’s 3 disasters.if collection is important than please agree HNY is bigger film than all sallu’s chota nota blockbusters along with chameleon 1st clearly decide in which boat you’re going to step your feet,if you step your each foot in different boats then you’ll sink in the water.

  • @ Tiger :
    Just show me the comment where I said BB success is due to Harshali & Nawajuddin . If you can’t show that , please shut up !

  • @ sss

    DDLJ worked due to Amrish Puri , no one knew Sarook at that time.

    DTPH was Madhuri movie,Sarook was just a filler,

    Mohabbatein,K3G were Amitabh Bahchan movies, Kuch Kuch hota hai worked due to Sallu bhai, OSO worked because entire bollywood was present,

  • Srk fans, If Aamir success belongs to Hirani and Dhoom brand and Salman success is due to South remakes, masala and now some child artist then your fake king entire career credit should be given to Yashraj, Dharma, Kajol and now Deepika !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Srk fans, since 2010, MNIK : SRK-Kajol and Kjo will break 3 idiots, not even half of 3 idiots life time. Dabangg Ruled !!!!!!!!!!!!

    2011 : Ra.One, Hollywood vfx effects and Sci-fi genre and during Christmas, Don is back with more action to beat Chulbul Pandey. Both movies fails to beat Dabangg, Bodyguard Rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2012 : Yashji-Srk combo, Srk back to his fav genre, Kat & Anushka and top AR Rahman music. Epic and classic is coming. Fails to beat SOS (if compared to equal number of screens) Forget Dabangg. ETT Rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2013 : No Salman, King with Masala, Rohit and Deepika. classic masala… CE managed to get solo release after some begging to Balaji and Jitu sir. Broke 3 idiots !!!!!!!!! chennnnaiiiiiyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Expresssssssssssss !!!!!!!!!! Express derailed in 3 months if K3 figures are believed and 4 months by Dhoom 3 bike !!!!!!!!!!!!! Bike rules over train and time for srk to hide in shauchalyaa !!!!!!!!!! D3 Rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2014 : Magnum opus HNY is coming, Charlie will bring 300 crs Storm in India (domestic) this Diwali and will smash D3 records. 44 crs opening (manipulated to get initial buzz) but crawled to 200 crs (that to not an official figure). Even with manipulated figures fails to beat Kick. PK Rules !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2015 : BB will be another masala crap, Jai Ho -2 coming and PRDP will be a bhojpuri remake. No Aamir and Hrithik hence King will rule with FAN and Dilwale. BB releases, boooommm and SLB announces clash with Dilwale this Christmas !!!!!! CHHAN KE SE TUTTE KOI SAPNA, JAG SUNA SUNA LAGE !!!!!!!!!!! BB on course to cross 300 mark whereas even 250 crs looks tough for Dilwale even with solo release !!!!!!!!!!!! BB or PRDP will Rule !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    How many years you keep giving excuses, please grow up srkians. Once upon a time Srk had ruled and he is still among top stars but do not downgrade other stars, Kismat badi kutti cheez hai !!! Kabhi bhi palat sakthi hai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Even during his prime days, Srk did not see the same level of success as Aamir and Salman enjoying now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Give respect and take respect !!!!!!!!!!

  • @ hrithik :
    Great comment !
    Just one question : Why does all your comments begin from 2010 ? Salman and Aamir , both made their debut in 1988 , right ? Why do you forget it everytime , and begin your History classes from 2010 ?
    Big question !!!

  • @hrithik,I can’t stop my laugh after reading your I earlier too said HGOTY not at all required for US to prove OUR STAR AS BIGGEST,WHICH HE fact it is required by decade disaster stars like sallu/amoor to hide their past failures,ROFL.

    And another fact too is 2010,2011 is the year when KING KHAN’S FILM faced huge negativity for the reason Those films couldn’t get huge success.but in 2012,2013 ,HE got the opportunity of right script though 2012 JTHJ couldn’t make that because of loser salman who conspired against JTHJ and got HGOTY.and in 2013,CE faced 3 big films in each week still it managed to break records.only 2014 is the year what WE truly lost due to KING KHAN’S worst choice ever.

    So whatever happened in all those long years LUCK never supported US.and which might be a excuse for you bhojpuris but this is the reason why WE still PRIDE OF KING KHAN,that at least HE managed to maintain HIS STREAK which your wannabe megastars also couldn’t maintain,ROFL.

    The failures that your star had seen in their peak period that couldn’t seen by OUR KING at HIS so called worst period.still KING KHAN beated salman 3 times in Worldwide and 1 times amir.

    If any star can do this much during HIS worse period definitely HE is THE TRUE MEGASTAR OF ALL TIME.

    last thing a movie needs extremely entertainment to get huge success in Amy way by manipulating story be it’s alien/student having manipulation power,or police officer can blow 15 goons at time in air,that might be the thing that Indians want from KING KHAN .but certainly HE is not gonna do that because IT is against HIS STYLE.HIS CLASSIC has not manipulative containing aliens/bhojpuri songs that will score good neither in Hollywood too this thing happens.

    So if your star would have really want to check KING KHAN’S POWER,then he shouldn’t have made conspiracy against JTHJ.

    And this year too I don’t want to say anything in advance.because TIME will tell you if DILWALE will be at least better than CE,than you can’t sleep in nights for one more year.

    And last thing about you,when once you challenged me NO ONE will never dare to face salman on you could have see th result and after the release of that films,you’ll easily can understand who is salman and WHO IS THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.

  • Somalian complan boy;
    You are comparing the collections of king’s latest movie with old movies of Bhai…. In this way you will not hesitate to compare the collections of mughal e ajam, Sholay with hny and say hny is bigger hit than those….LOL.
    It’s upto you which one you prefer collections or Verdicts. All the way Bhai is way ahead of your king. If you consider collections then Bhai has 300cr grosser while king just managed to collect 200cr. If talk about Verdicts then Bhai has 2times more blockbusters/atbb than your king.

    Use little wisdom if you have!!! I meant king fans not only you.

  • @sss 7:15:
    According to you highest grossers the year, blockbusters, all time highest grossers are not parameters to judge stardom. If you judge stardom on the basis of only hits then flopshay Kumar has more hits than your king…does it mean he is bigger than your king??? Better stay with blockbusters & HGOTY otherwise Akki & Ajay will surpass your star.

  • @Phenom : The great excuses from Srk fans n camps started from 2010 n after huge success of Ghajini & 3 Idiots. Do you want me list why Srk failed to beat HAHK from 1994 to 2007 n how Aamir was first to introduce 100 crs despite Srk having max holiday releases n working with big banners ???? Kuch bhi nahi bachegaa Bhai if I list that as well !!!!!!!!

  • @sss : Didn’t read your comment, so go on blabber. What I listed is completely true n facts which many Indicine users have witnessed it !!!!!!!!!!

  • @ hrithik :
    The year when Aamir opened 100 cr club, your Bhai delivered an epic movie . Please list that also .
    Your Bhai himself failed so many times to break HAHK record , he broke it in 2010 , but SRK broke it in 2007 . Please list that also .

    P.S. Don’t list how many Hits Aamir gave from 1990 to 2001 , or how many Disasters Bhai gave in his whole career … Kuch bhi nahin bachegaa , LOL !

  • @Phenom : We have moved to post 2010 n multi multiplex era whereas you are still stuck in pre 2008 n single screens era when Srk used to release his movies every Diwali n used to get HIT despite he was a numero uno ruler look who has created Eid & Christmas n giving BB & ATBBs which your Srk never gave despite he was a king !!!!!!!!!! Despite worst phase Salman gave 2 Blockbusters (No Entry & Partner) among which NE was HGOTY but Srk despite among top 3 n continuous festive releases he is struggling to give a single HGOTY. This is a fact whether you accept or not. I have no shame to admit Salman had worst phase n went through it but look at his come back. Despite trying masala genres Srk is no where near Salman !!!!!!!!!!!

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