Priyanka Chopra talks about Dilwale vs Bajirao Mastani clash

Actress Priyanka Chopra has said that the clash between Shah Rukh Khan’s Dilwale and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Bajirao Mastani, where she plays the lead, is ‘unfortunate’ and ‘not in her hands’.

During one of her ‘Question and Answers’ session with her followers on Twitter, a Shah Rukh Khan fan had a request for Priyanka “plz try to postpone or prepone #bajiraomastani #AskPC” he tweeted.

Priyanka responded to the tweet saying “Not in my hands unfortunately”

Both Dilwale and Bajirao Mastani are currently scheduled to release on 18 December 2015.




  • if BM realise on same date with Dilwale then it will eat businss around 70 cr of Dilwale but still it will be disaster or flop because first week rule by dilwale even with Negetive word of mouth and positive wom for BM.Still Dilwale will earn more than 250 cr with star power of Srk.It will be sucide for BM if it clash with Dilwale…

  • The next big film Airlift is releasing five weeks after this clash so there is enough scope for both the films to put up very good lifetime total..collectively there is a possibility that both these films may collect around 400 crore or even more if all goes well as per expectations

  • Why is SLB so hellbent in releasing the movie on 18th despite knowing the consequences.Any chances of BM recovering the cost will be ruined if it clashes with Dilwale.When Salman hasn’t been able to challenge Srk in any of the clashes then who’s this Ranveer

  • No way fan boy! R u scared? Why giving up so soon…we still have 5months so chill n don’t panic!! Rather have more confidence n belief in Rohits upcoming release.

  • hahahahah SRK fans are scared of the clash, no wonder the teaser of bajirao mastani was really impressive. But even without the clash Dilwale will still not beat BB.

  • want DILWALE to be a Solo release dis christmas just to see how capable SRK is to set records..i still feel he’s the biggest star in the country and can make any records…haters don’t underestimate SRK – Super Rocking Khan

  • neither PC nor DP/Ranveer ,no one wants to clash against THE KING OF BOLLYWOOD.only that jealous loser sanjay leela bansali wants to try again his luck against KING KHAN .well let him try,let his class film to show everyone if everyone is interested in his next.well I’m not THAT SRKIAN,WHO desperately need to avert clash,because I always wants for ME,WINNING CLASHES is far more higher prestige just getting a HGOTY .

    So finally slb is trying his luck last time.because after this clash no other good actor will sign his movies as after that he’ll lost his existence in Bollywood.

    And KING KHAN’S poor haters are trying to degrade DILWALE,well interestingly they’ll get their answer in THIS CHRISTMAS.

    certainly I’m not against This clash rather 8 want this to this is a class movie according to many morons who supported pk more than Bombay velvet,so definitely I’ll not say anything against bajirao mastani rather about against only jealous retard sanjay leela bansali for whom saawariya-2 is waitimg..

  • I can’t stop my laughing!!!! Rofl srk fans keep entertaining us. So, now clear Bajirao Mastani release in 18.12.2015!!!!!

  • Even SRK fans know, Rohit Shetty films has just no script and and are aware that Dilwale can do well only if it gets a solo release like Happy new year did last year at Diwali.
    Competition from another big budget historical film will only dent its collection.

    Thats why SRK fans begging Priyanka to shift its date. SRK fans if you really believe in your idol let the clash happen. Dont be afraid of it. Don’t beg around for solo release date.

  • Comparing Bollywood actors with the Hollywood counterparts on the basis of acting abilities, choice of movies and box office performance.

    Aamir Khan – Christian Bale
    ShahRukh Khan – Leonardo Di Caprio
    Salman Khan – Mark Wahlberg
    Hrithik Roshan – Bradley Cooper
    Akshay Kumar – Adam Sandler

    What do you think?

  • Srk fans are such phattos that they are asking PC to convince SLB to avert clash with Dilwale. Salman fans will die but will never ask a heroine to help to avoid clash !!!!!!!! Itne burey din as gaaye. CHHAN KE SE TOOTHE KOI SAPNA, JAG SUNA SUNA LAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BM will be 100% flop if clash happens…
    Because its budget is 110cr ..

    Acc. 2 my prediction this film will earn max 80-90cr(if clashes very good WOM), still it will be a FLOP…

  • Plz publish an article on the replies I got from Sonakshi,Kriti Sanon and Preity Zinta during their respective chat sessions ;)

  • Well,asked so many questions to PC today and she did’nt replied to me maybe coz Akshay Kumar was in my DP!!

  • priyanka is a sweetheart.
    cant say exactly but if shahrukh hadnt been married to gauri..he would have married her

  • My verdict prediction for Bajirao Mastani is All time disaster…… Since Ranvver singh is currently going thru bad patch as Both kill dil and DDD hv been box office duds…..!!…

  • Top 5 biggest Disasters of 2015 in terms of ROI….

    1 bombay velvet…

    2 Bajirao mastani…

    3 Tamasha. …

    4 Tevar…

    5 ddd…

  • It is very clear to understand that the release date was not decided by Ranveer, Deepika and Priyanka . It is the collective decision made by SLB and Eros . On the other hand the decision to release Dilwale was decided by SRK and Rohit Shetty because SRK is the producer of Dilwale . Another reason is SRK is a Superstar and generally they decide on which period their movies should be released . If the clash happens then the chances of Dilwale to become the Highest Grosser of 2015 will be reduced to a great extent . If Dilwale or BM is postponed to 25th Dec then it will be a wise decision because both movies can perform as per their potential . If Dilwale faces competition from BM in 2nd Week then SRK fans cannot call it a clash because if the WOM is positive then it will also do well in the 2nd Week . I am damn sure if the clash is not averted then there will a terrible atmosphere in social media in the upcoming months . Best of Luck to both BM and Dilwale they both need luck .

  • very very confusd who to support this christms- ranveer is youngstan actor and srk is khan and if i don’t lick khan,their suporters beat me.
    confused very confused

  • Baajirav mastani will easily crash Varunwaale easily. But varun has good fan following after aamir khan, Salman khan, hrithik roshan, ajay devgan and Sid malhotra so varun will save the film on his own mighty shoulders just like Sid will carry brothers on his own shoulders. It wont be surprise if Varunwaale earns little more than BM by small margin because after all varun has more fan following than ranveer and ranveer is flop star after disasters kill dil and average DDD.

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