PK China Box Office Collections: Aamir Khan reigns supreme

Aamir Khan has firmly established himself as the undisputed king of the overseas markets, as his last film ‘PK’ has not only become the highest overseas grosser of all time (beating his own film ‘Dhoom 3’), but has also taken the China box office by storm.

In fact, Aamir is the only popular Indian star in China, as PK has set all-time records for Indian film in the country.

The superstar, who currently holds the record for the highest (PK) and second highest (Dhoom 3) domestic, also holds the overseas record for the same two films. His other release 3 Idiots is the 3rd highest overseas grosser of all time.

Check out the China collection comparison below:

Happy New Year – 1.68 crore

Dhoom 3 – 8.11 crore (3 days only, final figures not released by Yash Raj Films)

3 Idiots – 16.8 crore

PK – 21.8 crore (2 days)



  • it s srk who made chinese return to watch indian films in china and egypt with my name is khan after 30 years of ban
    stupid learn before talking crap

  • yes i agreed with that amir khan curruntly rulling overseas bo.But you cant deny the fact his last three realise movie three idiets and pk was directed by Raju Hirani and both raju hirani movie was classic so you cant give whole credit to amir khan and other movie dhoom-3 was big brand then u also cannot give whole credit to amir khan.Srk starrer every movie from last 5 year in highest top 10 ten grosser.So currenty you can say srk and amir equal in overseas.The true amir khan power will taste by Dangal if dangal fall to score 100 cr in oversea then u will understand amir is famous in oversea because of his director and big brand same goes to srk. if his upcomming movie fan and dilwale fall to score more that 150cr at overseas bo then i will agreed with indicine amir is king of overseas.If Dangal score 150 cr then no more bigger star in amir in overseas.Comming year will tell the fate of amir khan and Srk.Till then Srk and Amir both are king of overseas.

  • Who wants that stupid self proclaimed title of ‘King Khan’. Pffff
    Aamir is Ace Khan and an Ace is always considered bigger than king, be it cards or Bollywood.

  • well 2-3 films changed the fate of midgettards and they completely forgot the actual star power of half/quarter actor —-chotu before 2008!!!!!till now chotu fans remainend silent,as one article came they again started jumping like newly born monkey babies and screaming like hell as in such a way ,someone is asking their stars to do gender test to prove his star is an impotent or not lol.

    @kkm,you tingutard KING KHAN already started to give Huge numbers in Overseas when your tingu wouldn’t have even think to do score in overseas,lol.

    pk-25-28million USD
    d3-30 million USD
    3i-25 million USD
    only 3 movies!!!!!Any movie existed your chotu’s which at least did 10+ million USD in overseas?????,lol.



    if I further start back from 90’s,simply you’ll start to do pee in your pants,lol.stardom!!!!!what kind of stardom you’re showing you midgettard????? 90’s-2008,tingu’s inert disaster decades you want to show us .this what you said about so called STARDOM?????

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    KING KHAN is world’s 2nd most richest actor.and also invited by RUSSIAN,GERMAN invited to meet HIM ONCE.sometimes things changed strangely even MEXICAN PRESIDENT came to HNY set to meet HIM.Hollywood director Brat Ratner invited Him for Hollywood premiere of Hercules.even PRESIDENT OBAMA said the EVERGREEN DUALOGUES OF KING KHAN IN EVERGREEN hopefully even Bhutan home guard also will not interested in saying cheapest dialogues of pk, this is what the so called POPULARITY you want to show us.even Rich peoples invited KING KHAN to Their wedding to get blessings from a successful person Him before starting a new wedding life and why they will invite your papa’s boy tingu as they don’t know him clearly who he is, there is no party for you 2rs roadside beggars.

    look you poor fellow,movie depends upon script to become hit.just like happened with kangana ranawat,that doesn’t mean she is bigger actress than PC,DP, apni aukat mein reh.your star achieved just 11 clean hits in 26 years of career even with the help of papa/chacha.look at KING KHAN’S achievement that HE achieved despite being a COMMON poor fellow don’t cry much your star couldn’t even 1% comparable and close to KING SRK.whatever you only said about STARDOM,TALENT,FAN FOLLOWING,POPULARITY.and I explained all that 4 words in brief and showed the actual position of you midgettards,lol.

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    @babaji ka thullu,hr fans including you

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  • @sss : Ek comment mein itni lambi bakwaas !!!!!!!! Do you think all indicine readers have so much of time to read your boring essays ??? Either join a political party and participate in Essay (boring, mental or for asylum patients) competition !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your logic is all Srk movies success in overseas only due to him and not due to brands like Dharma or YRF. Aamir success is only due to Dhoom brand and Hirani. Did MMBS movies attain such success in overseas ? What about Dhoom 2 how much it earned in overseas forget getting a release in China ?? Sometimes use your brain and avoid getting it rusty !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @Triniman : So you are agreeing is working with crap directors n doing crap movies ??? Still you call him a king. Lol

  • @sss : what a pathetic IQ ??? Question bhi khud karta hai aur answer bhi khud likhta hai !!!!!!! Chotu has made your king look like a dwarf in overseas n Salman made him look like an ant. Bechaara SRK na overseas ka na domestic ka !!!!!! Oh yes he belongs to paglapur where a mythological Charlie leads 3.7 billion fans !!!!! Fool, China has less NRI popularity compare to Europe n America. PK success not only due to NRI audience but true international audience unlike KANK. MNIK was success due religion card which Kjo n SRK played. Islam has been most talk about topi in US since 9/11 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • @hrithik first of all you cant go down to the level of haklutards by calling aamir by his height? What do you mean? Even If you defend aamir, you need to stay in your limits. The way you referred aamir by his height was not in a right way. I can remind you that Salman and srk also are not much taller than aamir. They all have same height. So better not go to aamir’s height.

  • @KKM : arrey bhai cool down. I am also a Salmir fan but sometimes we need to speak in same language as they understand for haklutards !!!! You didn’t see I called SRK as dwarf ?????

  • @Remotecontrol.. Tera dimaag toh lull ho gaya.. Lol..ur king’s crapfest HNY is the Bombay Velvet of China and you call him a King.. Even Varunwaale wont make 400cr we collections.. Keep burning..

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