PK China Box Office Collections: Aamir Khan reigns supreme

Aamir Khan has firmly established himself as the undisputed king of the overseas markets, as his last film ‘PK’ has not only become the highest overseas grosser of all time (beating his own film ‘Dhoom 3’), but has also taken the China box office by storm.

In fact, Aamir is the only popular Indian star in China, as PK has set all-time records for Indian film in the country.

The superstar, who currently holds the record for the highest (PK) and second highest (Dhoom 3) domestic, also holds the overseas record for the same two films. His other release 3 Idiots is the 3rd highest overseas grosser of all time.

Check out the China collection comparison below:

Happy New Year – 1.68 crore

Dhoom 3 – 8.11 crore (3 days only, final figures not released by Yash Raj Films)

3 Idiots – 16.8 crore

PK – 21.8 crore (2 days)



  • Aamir bhai has got the support of neutrals that makes him the best
    #we want megastar salman’s bb firstluk#

  • @shehher very well said.couldnt agree more
    aamir is talented no doubt but he is not as good as a human as is shahrukh. n he neva will be.
    but his movies are really one of its own kind.#waiting for dangal

  • @shaheer keep posting your same worthless fag. It makes no difference because you are a waste product. Nobody cares about what you write

  • That’s whom we call the real global megastar. Media can claim to anyone as global megastar. Lol. Cant Wait for the next ATBB dangal.

  • @shaheer
    Who is SRK i guess a kutta in Bollywood who goes around licking each and ever one for some return favor
    He himself said kismat bahut kutti cheez hai kabhi bhi palat sakti hai is liye sab ki chattaa phirta hai yeh warna koi nahi poochga

  • Gj007.
    I am trying to get your next Indicine award for ‘biggest amir hater’.
    Best critic award and smart critic award goes , of course, to you….smart critic…
    You are the sensitive person i ever seen here. You become upset when indicine not publishing your comments on the first page, or revealing your fake identity,or taking so long for moderation…
    If anybody bashing you , you become cry like small babies and says ‘mein indicine chodthoonga, aaj ke baad kabee comment nahee karoonga…
    First grow up to a man from a kid then call me beta..h..h

  • * actually, aamir’s three movies have been
    Successful so far ….!!!!
    1- three idiots
    2- dhoom 3
    3 – pk
    Three idiots and pk were successful becoz of its content and raju’s direction …!!!
    And dhoom 3 waz successful becoz of its third sequel after 7 years long time …!!!
    I accept that aamir’s movies trend well esp in recent years,,, but he has alot to go thru and prove much more ….!!!
    * i don’t know why srk rejected three idiots and robot types of movies ….!!!
    Btw, i am not jealous of aamir’s success…
    It is good for bollywood also …
    I hope srk delivers an excetionally well- received movie this year ” dilwale ” or movie and creates a new ” 400 crore club”
    In domistic by any means … be it so….!!!
    Well not much sure about bb and prdp to cross 200 crore in domistic….
    Sallu fans stop building castles in the air!
    This year i don’t know which … but one
    Movie is going to badly surprise both audience and critics ….!!!!

  • Well,for 1minute,let’s consider chotu is the undisputed king of overseas that too with raju and dhoom only.kindly any chotu fans can reply me ,what happened to your perfaketionist’s last 35 film’s overseas collection?????why they are so less?????and if you want to know the name.of undisputed King of overseas—-then kindly add the collections of all movies from start to end of the carrier ,calculate and tell the total and say who scored more.

    You know what,you don’t have the dare to answer,because you knew the reality is—-WHO IS THE REAL KING!!!!!and it’s non other than KING KHAN,name is enough… score in overseas that too with directors like Farah and Rohit and yeah one more thing if HE goes after chotu’s way then remember SKY(not chotu’s fan) is the only limit for HIM.and you know what chotu fans,you don’t even and not even bit even confident whether dangal pandey’s collection will cross 10-14 million or not.

    1-400cr couldn’t made Lara the King of cricket just like your perfaketionist did.


    ha ha ,undisputed king of overseas!!!!!the game has began now.let’s dangal pandey to cross at least one of those film’s collection in overseas—-FAN,DILWAALE,RAEES.after this year,KING KHAN will again regain HIS NO.1 POSITION and next year HE’LL kick tingu out of the OVERSEAS NO. GAME,because for some few days ,you can do party midgettards.


  • This is nonsense comparison. Let aamir release Mela in China and let SRK release Chake de. Mela will sink and Chake De will collect blockbuster business. This is no suprise. HNY was crap movie by crap director farah. PK is by master director Hirani. Of course HNY will sink and PK will get blockbuster. It is content that matters in the end.

  • he is no. 1
    the undisputed KING in India ( domestic) also
    as I have said many times he is no. 1 and ahead of srk and salman in just number only… may be in IMAGE also
    and for salman fans ( who are so happy with this collection and think that it’s a shame for srk)
    think twice, cuz aamir is miles ahead of salman in domestic and please don’t talk about overseas…

  • And, the undisputed king of idiots is back on Indicine. Ladies and gentlemen, plz welcome Mr/Ms sss.
    Records Aamir ke peeche, sss Sarook ke piche, too much fun. ?
    @Sheheer, bhai rehne de. ?
    SRK fans come here like lions commenting crap on Aamir articles and then go back into their den when put to shame by other sensible readers.

  • And, the undisputed king of idiots is back on Indicine. Ladies and gentlemen, plz welcome Mr/Ms sss.
    Records Aamir ke peeche, sss Sarook ke piche, too much fun. ?
    @Sheheer, bhai rehne de. ?
    SRK fans come here like lions commenting crap on Aamir articles and then go back into their den like donkeys when put to shame by other sensible readers.

  • Aamir will be finished after mental dangal
    He did his best till now ….!!!
    After 2016 he will quit bollywood becoz of his crap movie ” dangirl “

  • Next time if aamir and raju combo comes together …. !!! Aamir will show everything.
    Like in three idiots ….
    Aamir and his co stars were pissing on the road , showing sex magizine and make people fool to watch it ..

    * also in pk he waz shamelessly pissing on the road and showing his naked body…
    This shows how stupid aamir is …
    And call it content- driven movie what a crap word lol…!!!
    @ indincine, plz do not delete or prevent my comment from being published…
    Like the way u publish aamir’s stupid fans.
    After all, all i said waz reality not false …!!!

  • Srk fans at the time of HNY release — HNY is a full on masala entertainer,paisa wasool film..It is comparable to main hoon na.

    Srk fans after HNY underperformed —- Hny was a crap,Farah Khan is a crap director…HNY did all the business coz of SRK’s stardom

  • and the global king and baap of all megastars aamir khan has given so many nightmares to all srk fans. after all srk is the real chotu in stardom, popularity, fan following and talent. he doesn’t possess even 0.1% of talent which Mr. Perfectionist megastar and real king khan aamir khan possesses. varunwaale, heater, crapees won’t even come close to 3 idiots or even karan johar’s directorial My Name Is Sarook. Sarook should continue to act like a goat meeh meeh meeh and continue to dance in strangers’ weddings. that’s gonna be partytime for bakritards like @sss, @ Romance Varunwaale and many other brainless species.

  • @10:07pm

    Yup glad to see Indicine broaden their horizon n see whats going on on the other side of the Great Wall of China…!

    Aamir is making us proud after the fiasco of Kings halloween party ruined the Chinese peoples New Year celebrations earlier this year…!

  • @1:07am


    Overseas article n no surprises to see that the overseas trini pops his ugly head out from somewhere…

  • I think even Aamir himself don’t care about numbers. But it’s does justify to what he do. The quality of products speak itself. The most important thing is he compete with himself not with others who claim themselves as ” king of Bollywood”. How humble he is?

  • Lets not forget SRK was also a big zero in overseas before Yrf and dharma. They made him famous. After that whatever successes he had in overseas were due to Yrf and Dharma or multistarrers.

    Dhoom 3 and Don 2 both had huge brands and both released on christmas.
    Dhoom 3- $30 million
    Don 2- $11 million
    This proves who is the true ruler in overseas. Ace Khan rules supreme.

  • Aamir 20 years flops, made 2 dirty films for underdeveloped morally and mentally – the idol in the underdeveloped countries and the Asian Diaspora

  • I can vouch for this. I have many Chinese friends and MANY of them have watched 3 Iditos. For some reason, that movie really resonated well with the ordinary Chinese public and if the Chinese have seen a Hindi film, it most probably is 3 Idiots.

  • well,..well, ..well…
    first of all i am very sad for poor amir fans as i just spoiled their good day…lol
    but truth is always bitter….right…
    You can bash me,but you can’t prove any of the above matters are wrong and lie.

    Whatever amir is achieving he will never be honored or considered to be ‘King Khan’ as much as SRK..
    There are many who silently agree with my points,but don’t like it because of SRK or me…

    some are very busy finding controversies with SRK…Wish them good luck….
    He was the King of Bollywood, He is the King of Bollywood and always will be…

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