PK China Box Office Collections: Aamir Khan reigns supreme

Aamir Khan has firmly established himself as the undisputed king of the overseas markets, as his last film ‘PK’ has not only become the highest overseas grosser of all time (beating his own film ‘Dhoom 3’), but has also taken the China box office by storm.

In fact, Aamir is the only popular Indian star in China, as PK has set all-time records for Indian film in the country.

The superstar, who currently holds the record for the highest (PK) and second highest (Dhoom 3) domestic, also holds the overseas record for the same two films. His other release 3 Idiots is the 3rd highest overseas grosser of all time.

Check out the China collection comparison below:

Happy New Year – 1.68 crore

Dhoom 3 – 8.11 crore (3 days only, final figures not released by Yash Raj Films)

3 Idiots – 16.8 crore

PK – 21.8 crore (2 days)



  • indicine is democratic site…. what people demand they deliver like gud govrnment….
    a lot demand fr this artical….

  • So finally Indicine post something about PK in china.
    Aamir is undoubtly became the overseas king and its from long time, his 3i is still far for his contempory srk from last 5 years.That’s shows how clearly he is dominating in overseas.
    First 3i than dhoom 3 and now with PK aamir is consistently make and break records in overseas.
    He is reigning supreme in US- Pk -10.8 million
    Aus & NZ- 3-4 million $ PK
    UK- dhoom 3 at top
    UAE- Dhoom 3 at top
    China- Dhoom 3 was at top but beaten by PK
    Japan- Its Aamir again with PK
    Not sure about Pak but I think it either Pk or d3 there at top.

    @sss HNY-1.65 crore
    Pk-21 crore in two days.
    It happen where population is 1.35 billion, don’t know where 3.7 billion fans exist in world.

  • It is glad to see Hindi movies doing excellent business in China . China has a restricted policy of releasing overseas movies . After 3 Idiots the popularity of Aamir has increased by leaps and bounds in overseas markets and also China . It is great to see PK being the Highest Grossing Bollywood movie in Overseas markets beating Dhoom 3 . Dhoom 3 did not deserved it at all . I did not liked PK very much but it is good to see Indian movies doing great business in Overseas Markets . I hope much more Hindi movies are released in China in the future . ########
    Hindi Cheeni Bhai Bhai !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • It’s because of the 3 idiots effect…It was hugely popular there upon its release among the university students.
    It established Aamir as the only known indian actor there..
    I don’t think Chinese people even know any other indian actor.
    And not to forget the content.Those who will watch PK won’t go home disappointed which will ensure Aamir’s credibility there..

  • So PK collected nearly 13 times more than Happy New Year in 2 days? LOL. So I think morning show of PK was more than lifetime business of HNY :D

    Looks like Aamir has established himself in all countries, including India. But they still say SRK and Salman are bigger stars, any particular reason @Indicine?

  • @saksham….. my bro… like ur cmnts…alwys but why alwys sooook lenthy cmnt….try it short yr

  • Aamir Khan is a terrific combination of super stardom, dedication, perfectionism, talent. He uses his star power to make good movies..

    But other stars like Salman and SRK are going behind box office numbers and trying to make movies that will please their fans. Another thing is Aamir is not scared to experiment. He does a commercial film and then moves on to do Talaash or Dangal. Even movies like PK are risky, but he’s willing to take risks.. which is what makes him so special.

    As an audience.. we know that Aamir films won’t disappoint.. so people too come out to watch his films without reading reviews or going to Twitter.

  • aamir khan is biggest fake person .. On one side he says satyamev jayate ,, and on other side meets criminal salman… shame on aamir.. Pk was hit due to hirani..and christmas factor..
    Even a small star like srk can also give 300cr with big star like varun..

    So pk is not a big achivement.. Thats what i mean to say…

  • while almost every movie lovers like Aamir khan movies, many of them dislike his attitude and personality.Here is some reasons…

    *- Double standard Personality..
    His double standard statements and attitude are criticized many times.
    He criticized AIB for it’s vulgarity while he himself was the producer of Delhi Belly. He had advised us to not watch ‘Delhi Belly’ if we can’t stand abuses. Aamir had justified the use of cuss words in the film, claiming he was not against freedom of speech.

    * He said all 200 crore movies are manipulated, then what about D3. He was so insecure to SRK’s back to back 200 crore movies.
    ” Those numbers are fudged. And I am being completely honest with you here – all those claims of films breaking records, it is utter nonsense. In fact, PK is the first film in India to hire the services of Rentrak, a Spain-based company that provides audit services and media measurement. Also, in India, editorial space can be bought, so it’s very easy to have the papers say wonderful things about you. Don’t believe any of it.”

    * He cheated fans post release that the tickets won’t be expensive. But tickets are 30% higher in cost. If he was honest ,as he wanted to make reach the film to common people rather than higher collection,thus higher profit share, he shouldn’t have done that. When a channel interviewer asked him about this he replayed ‘wo sub creative longon ki haath mein nahee hey’. Extreme arrogant.

    * why he does not attend filmfare. We get the answer simply from ‘The Fox and Grapes’.
    Aamir Khan had actually attended Filmfare Awards during his early days. But then, he felt short-changed when he didn’t receive an award for Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar in 1992; the award had gone to Anil Kapoor for Beta. When Shahrukh Khan arrived on the scene, he won the best actor award for Baazigar(1993) and Aamir Khan’s performance in Hain Rahe Pyaar Ke(1933) didn’t win him an award.
    The toughest competition between Shahrukh Khan and Aamir Khan was in 1995 when Shahrukh Khan was loved by the nation for Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and Aamir Khan’s loveable tapori act in Rangeela was praised to the skies. But that time too, Aamir Khan lost to Shahrukh Khan as DDLJ won him the Best Actor Award After that Aamir Khan decided it was enough and stopped attending Filmfare Awards and other popular movie awards.(Indicine)

    * He hide from media and fans and come outside only if he want (Promotion for his upcoming film). In this point Salman and SRK have golden heart. They both are always ready to greet and entertain their fans..

    * He always talking about for social justice , and national issues , but the charity he is doing is far lesser than that of SRK and Salman khan..

    * He says he is always selective in choosing good scripts and Box office collections never matters to him. was he was unconscious while signing D3. Again double standard.

    * Extreme jealous and Insecure.
    Amir thinks he is the only class actors in India and all others can’t act as he could.
    To be known as ‘Perfectionist’ is not only he want. He acted in several quality movies so he think he deserve all the national and International honor more than SRK.
    He is jealous to SRK for;
    1—Shah Rukh Khan – a loving husband and a doting father, a respectable family man.
    2—Shah Rukh Khan is the ultimate Badshah of Romance
    3—Shah Rukh Khan is well-educated compared to his counterpart Khans!
    4—Shah Rukh Khan being the second richest actor in the world!
    5—Shah Rukh Khan, a star with massive following around the globe
    6—Shah Rukh Khan, owner of IPL team, Kolkata Knight Riders
    7—Shah Rukh Khan, the king of awards
    8—Shah Rukh Khan, The ‘KING’ of bollywood ,the “KING KHAN”..

  • Hello everyone I m from China
    I watched hny when it released here–man it was torturous! Don’t know who that oldie lead actor was he was overacting like anything.Script was such crap,over the top and loud.Heard that this crap film collected 200cr in India .Indians u have to reconsider your choices!

    I watched pk and 3 idiots and loved it.Aamir you are a rock star here .China loves you.

  • @babaji agreed 3i is the movie which is able to touch sentiments of people of various kind in worldwide, Aamir was a known face in overseas just like other stars like akki,hrithik had, srk was way higher that time in popularity but with 3i Aamir change the equation in global market.
    I think 3i and Aamir both are fortunate that they are part of that movie and we got a gem of a movie.
    Dangal will be huge in overseas too specially in China and USA.

  • @BAJRANGI BHUSHAN, you r ri8 indicine is like Democratic govt…you have to make some noise for it only then they deliver what people demands…but if u r party member (srk fans) u just have to wait for srk next move..n magic!!! indicine will post it faster than light…

  • Bollywood is alive only because of Khans.
    My prediction
    Bajrangi bhaijaan- 250+
    Dilwale- 200+
    Dangal- 200+
    Brothers- zero crore

  • Top Biggest Superstars of Bollywood ever

    1.Amitabh Bachan

    2.Dilip Kumar

    3.Aamir Khan

    4.Salman Khan

    5.Rajesh Khanna

  • @ priya- thts the example of lady with sm brain….
    i hope megha aunty watch it… n cmnt sensiblly.,

  • When Aamir acts,its’ d character which we see on d screen,we forget he is Aamir,unlike other actors who act as if they r playing themselves.
    Aamir Khan Alwaz Comes with A STORY. ..while others come with BIG SHITSSSS only.

  • shaheer

    i hate aamir’s dual nature he says same day bt changes bloody chameleon nature
    bt accept the fact Aamir with his marketing strategy became biggest staar worldwide
    he knws wat to serve
    truly a legend nobody can do this (Y)

  • PK did 21.8 cr in just 2 days.
    Highly promoted with ‘SLAM tour’, HNY did 1.68 crore lifetime. lol
    As @Neeraj said correctly, PK 1st show business was higher than HNY lifetime. lol. Keep crying @sheheer.

  • @ Sheheer: SRK National Shame

    Reference:Maya Mem Saab,

    extra-marital affair with PC,


    Wankhde fiasco,

    under-world link,


    SRK married before his sister lalrukh which made her mentally ill. ?


  • @Tsu Ku si hello fake man from China… the oldie actor you were referring to was Amir khan who is known to have double standards and has no fan following

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