PK Box Office Collections: Creates history on Sunday

PK has recorded the highest collections on Sunday at the box office. The film has collected Rs 38.24 crore on Sunday, which is higher than the Hindi collections of Dhoom 3 on the same day.

PK has shown extraordinary trending over the weekend, possibly the best ever in the history of Indian Cinema, as the Sunday collections were about 8 crore more than Saturday.

What has also come as a pleasant surprise for the trade is the phenomenal growth at mass centres. Rajasthan circuit picked up tremendously after a slow start: Friday – 1.35 cr, Saturday – 1.53 cr, Sunday 1.9 cr. In C.P Berar, the story was similar as Sunday picked up by 25%.

At a multiplex in Gujarat, the footfalls increased significantly with each passing day. On 15 shows with a capacity of 6785 seats – 1234 people watched the film on Friday (which was a poor start), that number rose to 2126 on Saturday and further increased to 3876 footfalls on Sunday. In a multiplex in Mangalore, the occupancy rose tremendously too, even though the opening on Friday was very good – Friday 1836, Saturday 2379, Sunday 2951.

Moving on to the weekdays, Monday will be crucial for the film. If the film has to be the biggest grosser of all time, the weekday business has to be around the same level as Dhoom 3, which collected Rs 21.71 cr on Monday and more than 81 crore from Monday to Thursday. PK also has one more national holiday for Christmas on Thursday.

PK First Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 26.63 crore
  • Saturday – 30.34 crore (14% growth)
  • Sunday – 38.24 cr (26% growth) (2nd highest Hindi collections on a single day)
  • Total Weekend Collections – 95.21 crore




  • @arjuna rawat omg has targeted hindu religion more than pk targeted and you said omg is better than pk bt if you genuinely think so that you will find that both the movies have showed the true mirror to every one. pk and omg best films ever made guys plz just take some lesson from both the movies and forget the blind bliefs

  • @late lateef records or not..Bhai rocks!!! Not like some leap year blockbuster star who is jealous of others success!!!

    @immi why only D3?? Add HNY and CE in your list too..

    @sweet_heart what you call as hiding is nothing but mutual admiration. I have supported SRK also in some articles. The day you and your fellow SRKians start admiring other actors..we too will respond with love and admiration..Period

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