Highest Single Day Collections: Happy New Year continues to top

PK has recorded the highest third day and highest Sunday collections in the history of Indian Cinema, surpassing the incredible collections of Dhoom 3 last year.

Aamir Khan dominates the Top 15 list, what with his films recording more than 35 crore on a single day on 3 occasions. He also has the highest number of non-holiday 30 crore plus days.

Happy New Year continues to top the list with Rs 44.97 crore on its opening day. It will be the film to beat in 2015.

Highest Single Day Collections in Bollywood

  • Happy New Year – 44.97 (first day)
  • PK – 38.24 crore (third day)
  • Dhoom 3 - 38.03 (third day)
  • Dhoom 3 - 36.22 (first day, non-holiday)
  • Krrish 3 - 35.91 (fourth day)
  • Dhoom 3 - 33.36 (second day, non-holiday)
  • Chennai Express - 33.12 crore (first day)
  • Ek Tha Tiger - 32.92 crores (first day)
  • Chennai Express - 32.5 crore (third day)
  • Happy New Year - 32.29 crore (third day)
  • Singham Returns - 32.09 crore (first day)
  • Happy New Year – 31.6 crore (second day, non-holiday)
  • PK – 30.34 crore (second day, non-holiday)
  • Kick - 30.18 crore (third day)
  • Kick - 28.89 crore (fifth day)


  • Now PK has still got good chance to become 1st 300 crores movie of bollywood bcoz of historic Sunday and superb wom.

  • PK – Ticket rates double,less running time but still #PK is miles below,HNY 45 crs,PK 24 crs.. with 5000+ screens..

  • PK 50% Ticket Price more than hny… 24cr on sigle day..with no 1 director,after releasing nude posters, and Hny 45cr First day with TMK director…

  • Average Ticket Price is 20% more than HNY KICK still struggling to reach 24cr in single day. With Blockbuster talk, no.1 director Aamir thu

  • Thank you for posting the collections. This will surely bring happiness to my fans if there are any. Tomorrow I gonna post 25 cr+ Monday & then decrease it daily by 1 cr & on Christmas 35cr+. It will surely bring the asses out of others. Poor Salman can’t even come close to me even if he used to break records. & SRK .. lolzz this time I spared u, next time I gonna post 60cr+ collection in 1 day. Akshay is out of it.

    Please tell me how much do you want for rest of the week so that I can give it.

  • SK Lacks Class
    AK Lacks Stardom
    Akki Lacks Coll
    Irrfan,Nawaz Don’t Impress Masses
    Then There Is SRK
    Class + Mass + Record Coll + STARDOM..

    Respect _/\_

  • BOI has again proved that they are Anti SRk site , They never accept the records of SRK . During HNY, they posted first day collection as 39.5 cr for hindi version. Now they are showing it as 36.5 cr. This shows that they have no clue about the box office collections or they are completely against SRK. Similar cases happened when CE broke the lifetime of 3 idiots..They didnt even published an article for that but when D3 crossed CE, then they celebrated like anything. I was a follower of BOI, but now there is no point in following that site as the collections are not real.

  • Conclusion : Aamir Khan is a smaller star than other two khans who is helped by great scripts!
    3I; D3 and PK are way better films than CE; HNY; and Kick!

  • @mnik
    yeah then there is srk who lacks class,stardom and collectns only festival time release and year long promotions

  • #Sachin11 Hny First day was like non holiday too.. it was not holiday in many places in india.. btw 2nd day non holidays of CE (28.5) ,HNY(31.5) Were still more than Pk 1st day (24cr)… tell Chotu to work with Abhishek to give openening or take SRK’s name several times before release to give opening..

  • Hahaha.. indicine trying to appease SRK fans.. everybody knws HNY released on the biggest national holiday in the year with months of promotion and pk with half its budget and on its 3rd day is challenging the same.. y not comoare the life time collections of the films which is the real test.. soon SRK wont have a highest earner in top 3 neither in india or in overseas.

  • I don’t believe this great collection….
    is that enough to prove power of aamir khan….
    pk is one of best movie so far…
    love u aamir…

  • @Bollyfan, I also noticed same thing. At first, Boi told that HNY hindi 40cr+, than they reduced 50 lakhs, to 39.50cr. Now they say HNY did 36.50cr!
    They should erase their previous data, otherwise people will lose faith in them. lol

  • For those who are saying its holiday on 24 th oct…its a partial holiday as there is no holiday in south and eastern region….don’t no about the other regions.

  • This collection only because PK didn’t performed well in opening day and there was ample scope of increase in collection….Its mainly multiplex which performed gret…film is trending just like HAIDER…lets see wether it can collect awesome in mass areas.

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