PK Box Office Collections: Creates history on Sunday

PK has recorded the highest collections on Sunday at the box office. The film has collected Rs 38.24 crore on Sunday, which is higher than the Hindi collections of Dhoom 3 on the same day.

PK has shown extraordinary trending over the weekend, possibly the best ever in the history of Indian Cinema, as the Sunday collections were about 8 crore more than Saturday.

What has also come as a pleasant surprise for the trade is the phenomenal growth at mass centres. Rajasthan circuit picked up tremendously after a slow start: Friday – 1.35 cr, Saturday – 1.53 cr, Sunday 1.9 cr. In C.P Berar, the story was similar as Sunday picked up by 25%.

At a multiplex in Gujarat, the footfalls increased significantly with each passing day. On 15 shows with a capacity of 6785 seats – 1234 people watched the film on Friday (which was a poor start), that number rose to 2126 on Saturday and further increased to 3876 footfalls on Sunday. In a multiplex in Mangalore, the occupancy rose tremendously too, even though the opening on Friday was very good – Friday 1836, Saturday 2379, Sunday 2951.

Moving on to the weekdays, Monday will be crucial for the film. If the film has to be the biggest grosser of all time, the weekday business has to be around the same level as Dhoom 3, which collected Rs 21.71 cr on Monday and more than 81 crore from Monday to Thursday. PK also has one more national holiday for Christmas on Thursday.

PK First Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 26.63 crore
  • Saturday – 30.34 crore (14% growth)
  • Sunday – 38.24 cr (26% growth) (2nd highest Hindi collections on a single day)
  • Total Weekend Collections – 95.21 crore




  • Salman/aamir rule as always. Fellings sad for lol srk fans. Every year they start with new hope that their so cold king can best film of the year bttttttt.,
    better luck nxt time lols

  • so yet again I predicted wom correct.I gave 9.5 to d movie to which many laughed but now wom of d film also seems to b of 9.5/10 level.@thullu I also hd predicted pk will cross kick lifetime on 2nd Saturday.

  • Ab Koi nahi rok Sakta iss movie to 300 cr banane se

    Dhoom 3 record will be history worldwide.

    Congrates “Perfectionist” and keep it up.

    SRK and Sallu bhai must accept such kind of movie only instead of Masala

  • This is a film which is really needed in todays culture.
    SUPERB !!! A class movie and performance of Aamir Khan is A+ Level.
    This movie are one of the Best Movie in this Decade (Must count in TOP 3)
    Is Film mein kitne aise scene hai to aapke romte khade kar deta hai… Excellent Movie
    Rating: 4.5 out of 5 (Film of the Year).



  • For mass centres, pk is still a very unique concept. OMG was an out and out multiplex movie. Akshay wasn’t even playing the lead role, so I doubt how many people have actually seen OMG. That is working big time for pk.

    But I am not feeling the response this time around. Lage Raho and 3I had become immensely popular throughout the country. Let see if Wrong NO. becomes as famous as Gandhigiri/All izz Well!

  • This collection is highest for Hindi version in trade figure
    pk (Sunday ) – 37 cr
    hny (friday) – 36.50 cr
    d3 (sunday) – 34 cr
    these are trade figures for hindi versions only
    aamir was mr. perfectionist bt after pk he is mr. ultra perfectionist

  • Best collection of this year.
    But on issue with the film. I noticed that pk is targetting mainly hindu religion.
    If you have this king of story then you should target all religion, not one.
    Otherwise don’t make this kind of movie that targetting any religion.
    In coming days Pk will be a downward collection.
    Pk is not better than OMG

  • Awesome! great going PK! BB status is more or less guaranteed! it remains to be seen whether it can be another ATBB for aamir & hirani.

  • Thank you for posting the collections. This will surely bring happiness to my fans if there are any. Tomorrow I gonna post 25 cr+ Monday & then decrease it daily by 1 cr & on Christmas 35cr+. It will surely bring the asses out of others. Poor Salman can’t even come close to me even if he used to break records. & SRK .. lolzz this time I spared u, next time I gonna post 60cr+ collection in 1 day. Akshay is out of it.

    Please tell me how much do you want for rest of the week so that I can give it.

  • @gauraav bro,yes u r wrong.response to pk is similar to 38 and lrmb.its a 9.5/10 deserving nt 7.5/10 which u hd miserly rated


    For bollywood, I can only think of ANAND,which deserves 10/10

    Rest, are lying mostly in the gap of 8 to 9. PK’s second half was really slow, which is why, I marginally rated it to 7.5 For OMG, I’d give an 8. Still it is one of best to come out this year.

  • @AHS
    Its nice to see salman fans hiding behind amir fans,and often amir fans behind salman fans..By the way does salman holds a single collection record be it overseas,india ,worldwide,opening,weeks,weekends,even single day or more generously monday,tuesday,wednesday,thursday any record???

  • what can I say phenomenal…..
    pk will now creating a history…. excellent…..
    aamir u prove that u r king of Bollywood…

  • Thats an unbelievable number but it deserved it and more…. We could be looking at 175cr plus first week if the next weekdays plus Christmas Day average 20cr…. Top form by Aamir and same consistency as last yr- pk roxXxxXx

  • The collections are not so phenomenal.
    It’s Hirani effect. Not Amir effect. with a large number of sreens , 30% hiked ticket price and most of all THE GOOD critic Review,and WORD of mouth helped the film to touch 38 crore.

    IN the case of an SRK or SK film, 90% of occupancy in first weekend will be from their fan base. But for an Amir film if the film have a good content, directer or brand , all fan base will watch the movie with in the first weekend. That’s happend in this case.

    The fact is, the stardom of Amir is lesser than that of SRK and Sallu.

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