People are taking credit away from Anubhav Sinha: SRK

Here are some excerpts from an NDTV article, that should hopefully put some assumptions (including some of our own) to rest!

  • An NDTV source says “Shah Rukh wanted this to be top secret because he knew that if anyone caught wind of it, it would appear that Karan had helped with the direction of the entire film, when he had only dropped in for a one-off token shoot.” 
  • Karan Johar was reportedly roped in to help with the shooting of an emotional scene in the film, because Sinha was tied up with the shooting of another scene.
  • An upset SRK said “People are trying to take away credit from Anubhav, claiming it was Karan who directed the film. That is hogwash. Karan directed one scene and Tarun Mansukhani came to the sets to learn about the action.”
  • When Rajnikanth shot for Ra One, SRK stayed away letting Anubhav Sinha take control. Says one more source to NDTV “SRK introduced Anubhav Sinha to Rajinikanth, as the director of the film, and each time the southern star had a doubt about his scene and approached Shah Rukh he was guided to Sinha.”
  • After the scene was shot, SRK also stayed away from the editing room.


  • I think we should leave..Anubhav Sinha’s past..and should not tag him as bad director..I think through all the trailers we can well he has pulled off Ra.One..

  • @Aashkaran ya thats right..srk hav choosen,means he cant be worst dirctor..tumbin from anubhav sinha is a finest movie…so he is gud director.

  • yeah…looking at all the action can say he has done it..with SRK’s mind and experience no film can fail..

  • Ofcourse,if srk can make dumb farah a director with blockbuster than he can made anyone better than her,srk should need to do a film with oscar winning element in it,or can co produce a hollywood film.

  • Oh my God, Well I sure would see how many such commitments made by SRK would be altualcy on the screen because though he is a good star with a load of fan followings still for few bunches of real movie critics as me most interesting thing would be whether in this movie SRK will continue making faces or do some good hollywood serious expressions. Well for the domestic audiences he may be a hero but acting all not just glittering things . and noises on the reel .. Ya it may come off as good as spider man or movies of similar kinds but i liked him more in Swades and serious movies where there are less instances of him making the signature facial expressions which for me are really annoying he just over does though most of the audience like it . and everybody has his/her own taste. just driving the fastest car in the world cant make people happy . because car could be in the studio witha moving background and that has been a father origin of all special effects In rab ne bana di .. also i liked the simple part of SRK . Well God knows whats coming to the stores . Wish everybody would be satisfied by the movie thats coming .. else nobody knows .

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