Arjun Rampal’s Look in Ra One

Finally we have a small glimpse into Arjun Rampal’s look in Ra One! SRK has already said that he ‘scared of the expectations that people have from the character’ but he’s right. Arjun plays the title role and his look has created tremendous curiosity.

We have one more trailer of Ra One (supposedly leaked) and there is a small glimpse of Arjun Rampal. It’s most likely him, although its not very clear (this is the best shot we could get, sorry). Have a look.

Once again, thanks Aashkaran!

Arjun Rampal Look in Ra One

Arjun Rampal Look in Ra One

Do check out the trailer too! It’s hard to understand much since it’s in Tamil! Also, Kareena’s performance in Ra One is very likable. It should be her best after Jab We Met… Cute!




  • I am disappointed that he doesnt have a mask.. Thought he would have a mask.. but that robotic look i like.. movie is looking special

    cant believe i am seeing such scenes in a Bollywood film ..

  • No..Arjun has two is normal without the H.A.R.T..and one is robotic..when he attaches that red H.A.R.T..

    its terrific..

    and indicine..some tamillians told that first line means

    Raavan ko dusshera pe har baar isliye jalaate hai..kyunki sabko pata hai ki woh maara nahi jaa sakta..

    Fantastic line..

  • @Indicine..
    The trailer is 2:30 mins long

    here is the other leaked half. its flying here and their


  • This trailer was inaugrated by Rajni Chennai Conference..

    Dont know why they havent launched for hindi..some sync problem I read

  • ARE,
    Ye to mera photo hai.

    shahrukh apni film k promotion me mera photo estemal kar rha hai.

    Mai aaj hi srk aur uske production house pe F.I.R krne ja rha hu.

    Mai es film ko release nahi hone dunga.

    Bina mujhe inform kiye koi kaise mere photo ka estemal kar skta hai.

  • Aap sabhi se request hai k aap log mera sath dijiye.

    Mere sath dhokha huwa hai, mere photo ka galat estemal ho rha hai.

    Plz stand with me my frnds,
    plz plz plz

  • Hey insecure sallu fan vinay

    Dont u get it arjun has 2 looks ..see the trailer
    And is 10ft tall..

    And as a fan I am not at all dissapointed..ARJUN’S look has made me more curious

  • bloody stupid notices and disappointments .. why should we worry about Arjun” s look . even Shahrukh look if fine but Not very important , if the story and the action is nice then pravo .. and from all the trailers I have seen , I can say it’s very very awesome . the reailty of the action not like other hindi movies such as Ready etc u can see tat the punish dose nt reach the other guy and they fly away … sooooooo plz stop talking about disappointment till u watch the movie

  • Ahmad..Salman fan have said that..
    I feel..Ra.One the villan might well go in the history..he has just matched by sky high expectations..his both the looks are cool..esp ..Robotic one..which is 10ft tall.

    The trailer is marvelous..I cant believe tht we have made this..

  • THe gud thing is that this trailer showed that it is clear ra one will go down in history for its VFX work and people will truly miss something great if they dnt see this film!!!

  • its again an awesome trailor. Everything is near to perfect. This movie is deserved to be called as the best movie ever made in bollywood.

  • i am 100 % condfident for raone to gross 250 to 300 crore in has all the ingrediants like comedy,emotions ,songs,dance and best vfx actions ever in hindi film.and above all the greatest entertainer(not star or actor) srk in it.

  • absolutely…
    The trailer is 2:50 mins long..the half part of trailer ws also shared by indicine has not yet moderated my link..its amazing cars flying here and their..
    seriously epicly awesome film it looks..

  • yeh anubhav ko pehle 6th ko release krna tha then 10th..and its 13th today..when will he officially release it..

    And guyz news news news..
    Don2 trailer is rumoured to launch in 24 hrs..yay……

    Srk srk everywhere

  • 26th october ke baad amir and salwoman dono kahin chup jayenge kyon ki ra one naam ka bum phatega aur dono(2 idiots) ko bollywood se bahar phek dega.

  • hey aashkaran ; can u please post the elongated version of this video pls…godd the trailers are fantastic and itz goin to be the best movie ever..please post the link for the video

  • mark my words..

    most of srk’s greatest performance were the films in which he worked with other directors instead of usual(aditya,karan,chopra,farah).

    baaziger,chak de india,swades,dil se,devdas,pardes,yes boss,kabhi haan kabhi na
    so in my opinioun ra one should be very very …. special has the chance of becoming one of the few landmark film in hindi cinema.

  • srk means super rocking one can touch his feet.he is the mistro of indian cinema.i am fully sure that ra-one grosses over 350 cr.

  • First of all Asalamuallikum
    %-)Today i want to share some thing with you. Which surprise me i think you also surprising with it before but you may not take it seriously i,e if you say to those peoples who are the fans of other than srk who is the king of bollywood they will frequently reply srk and if you say them and know after it if you if you take name of thier fovourite actor and say them are srk better than him or vice versa they will take the name of favourite actor and will say he is better than him .They do not remember just before i have said srk is king then what is left how the other actor’s are better than him.
    Know i will talk about srk’s, king khans, Don of bollywood far ever’s Ra one it will break all the records of all the bollywood so far made the other bollywood good actors inshallah tala it will go above 300 crores
    why we always say this actor’s movie will break the record of that actor, why we not say this about about actreses:-P

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