Aditya Chopra – Karan Johar rejected Ra One: SRK

It what was probably a blessing in disguise, Aditya Chopra and Karan Johar rejected Ra One when Shahrukh Khan was keen on them directing the film. He later asked Anubhav Sinha, who had written the script, to also direct India’s third commercial Superhero film.

Talking to Preity Zinta on her talk-show ‘Up Close and Personal with PZ’, the superstar says “I went to all directors to make this film and even my own friends like Karan (Johar) or Aditya (Chopra). They all are ‘lallu’ I say. I wanted to do something more than a romantic comedy.”

Frankly, like Karan has himself said on Twitter, both the director’s are simple incapable of handling a film like Ra One.

Incidentally, SRK did ask Karan to direct some of the romantic portions in Ra One and the director obliged. Once again proves what we all know – SRK simply loves working with his friends!



  • i think srk haters need to wake up bcz ra is destined to be a super hit or blockbuster. So stop dreaming abt ra 1.

  • So now it is clear that will be a Super-Duper all time Blockbuster hit And
    It’s for one & only SRK “The King Khan”

  • it will not only break all records but i m sure that in the future time no one can never make such movie again n wont replace it except the himself…KING KHAN

  • with respect to aditya and karanra one would surface more romancelike than action like superhero movie
    sorry for both good for lucky anubav

  • Biggest flop of the decade !!! I along with my friends wants our money back from SRK and the government who has imposed 50% entertainment tax. There was no entertainment at all , so why we have to pay tax. And also, the SRK team of Ra One cheated us by showing the excited promo. They need to pay ten times of the total amt of ticket bcoz we had spent our valuable 3 hour for seeing the shit. There was not anything like 3D effect. This was for promotional strategy only. Those who have not seen any hollywood movie in his/her entire life will enjoy this shit. Nowadays even shit type of film can business 200 to 300 cr. But this doesnt means that film is average and good. The billion of people can get to be fool for once and the movie can collect huge amt of collection. But it is cheating of their belief on someone. We have spent 300 rs each for buying ticket and all we want our money back from SRK as well as govt. There should be a provision that if one doesnt like the movie one will get his/her money back.

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