Arjun Rampal’s Ra One Trailer

Finally we have a clearer glimpse into Arjun Rampal’s look in Ra One. Must say – The film is looking better and better with each trailer that is released. Safe to predict now; come October 26th, Ra One will smash every box-office record in sight.

The first line goes like – Tum har saal Raavan ko isiliye jalate ho, kyunki tum jaante ho, woh kabhi nahi martha! Brilliant!

Check out the action-packed Ra One trailer and tell us what you think of Arjun Rampal’s look!




  • Hey aashkaran and SRK Fans here we go…… This is just mindbogling…………… Speechless……….

    Bravo SRK……….

  • Head to toe…east to west..north to south…Brilliant..

    Their is 2 new trailer..for tamil. They’ll be coming in hindi.

    This diwali will not only smash records..but also destroy and slam them..

  • Trailer is terrific………… I dont care whether he lifted the story or he is copying it from Hollywood movies….. What matters is that the movie is made in india with Red chillies VFX so that we can match up with their technology………..

    We need to match up with their technology. We all know indian directors can make better movie thn slumdog millionare but still we cant make tht much money the reason is technology, reach. We r not present globallly we have to lift our technology so tht we have to be at par with west…

    Thnks SRk for bringing us nearer…………………….

  • Good comment Gaurav. Totally agree. For the budget that the film has been made at, the visual effects are outstanding. Avatar and most other Hollywood films probably cost 100 times more!

    Hats off to SRK and his Red Chillies VFX department!

  • friends i am sorry because when i saw the last trailer of then i think business collection total 300 crore….but now i see this trailer now i am definitely sure business collection not less then 500 crore

  • its jst fab trailer i thnk vfx is at par wit hollywud and indicine cn u plz tel hw chance is der of beating 3 idiot and enthiran record plz reply.

  • Ra one is a avatara in bollywood i think ra one business collection total 350 carore. @indicine is that not possible?

  • @Indicine Team I have noticed many times that you are totally anti SRK.But its a great pleasure for all SRK fant that even you also like SRK product…..

  • now from this trailor i m dying to watch…who the will dislike hav no quality to watch movie…I can give guarrnty that it will break 3 idiot easily…in oversees collection is going uncountable…what in visual effect in 150 crore movie…

  • shahrukh is jst prving y is king of bollywud and im proud to be a shahrukh khan fan because he is taking such a huge risk and bringing a movie which wil set a benchmark for vfx hope groses more than 300 crores in india and he may be able to make a sequel.plz god bles ths mvie.

  • Srk is taking bollywood to another level. Its more than great. Srk dilon ka badshah is coming i jst can’t wait to watch ra 1 movie. Again it is destined to be a blockbuster.

  • 100plus crore weekend for sure……Something xtraordinary:):):)…….waiting anxiously…..Ra one look is superb

  • oh its sad to look srk haters r getting mad. But its their fate nd that can’t be changed. Again feel sorry for srk haters.
    But i m very happy for ra 1. I m lucky to be srk fan.

  • Yeah..U cant it feels..
    SRK salman ko ab dikhaayega ki salman ki asli aukaat bodyguard jitni hi hai..

  • i am tired of arguing the same thing with brainwashed fans,i just hope by mid november allah will give indicine team the courage and grace to post
    RA.ONE-FLOP,bcos i know it will be dificult for you guys to post.Thats all see u again when raone is confirmed flop.Believe me it wont be long

  • why am i not suprised,well for the low level and mentality of srk fans,this cheap wannebe hollywood trailer will be epic and awesome for them,dont blame them but pity them,no wonder india is still a 3rd world country and going by the comments here will still remain there.see you when this cheap copied effect flops.

  • Ra.One is not the hollywood type action film. It has surpassed it. From the trailers, one can infer how good the action will be. You wont see this type of action in Xmen, Ironman or Batman, you name it. Arjun’s role looks as promising as ever. No doubt he weill win the Best Villian at every award function this year. I believe this movie will break every boxoffice record possible since it has two open weeks until Rockstar releases and it will also sweep all the major awards like Best Music, Best Actor, Best Actress and many more. A sur shot 200 crore plus inshallah. Go Shahrukh!!!

  • Just Salman is king. Shahrukh is big dog but i like for arjun rampl and kareena no for shahrukh. RA.ONE will be biggest hit

  • Supervvvvvv……..
    Now I am sure that “” will “Super-Duper & all time block-buster hit” movi in the bollywood . It must earn
    500 & more…….

  • simply superbbbbbbbbbb will break all records what a trailer Oh Goddddddd.And Guys Newsssssss is that shahrukh khan will make Its sequel also which can be a or a 2

  • Sorry guyz..DOn2 ka ek chota promo aaya hai..not trailer..Trailer would be in 3D when u watch Ra.One 3D

    and @Morani..Dude welcome back

    tum saale saare sallu fans khidar chuppe hue ho..bahaar aao na..darpoko..

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