Oh My God vs PK: The better film?

Comparisons between Rajkumar Hirani’s PK and Umesh Shukla’s OMG! Oh My God is inevitable. Both films are based on the theme of god and both discuss the issue of fake godmen and those who create fear in the society in the name of god.

Due to Aamir Khan’s presence, the reach of PK is tremendous. The footfalls (number of ticket sold) of PK in 4 days was more than the entire run of OMG! Oh My God.

But which, according to you, is the better film? PK or OMG! Oh My God? Vote!

The better film?

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  • Acting wise amir khan is way ahead but the content of PK fall short against OMG.omy god had better scenes in the arguments between the hero paresh rawal and tgje godmen also saurbh shukla was not powerful in pk as compare to mithun and other villians in omg

  • OMG was very good, but PK is excellent.

    Reason – Aamir’s extraordinary performance, better music, better dialogues

  • PK hands down, though OMG was good too. But PK is something else man. Aamir’s acting, Hirani’s direction, the screenplay and dialogues are unmatchable.

  • I liked both films.

    PK Positives

    – Alien concept
    – Aamir’s terrific performance
    – Raju’s direction
    – Superb first half
    – Emotions
    – Dialogues

    PK Negatives

    – Boring and unnecessary love angle
    – Comparatively poorer, although still better than most other films, second half
    – Comparisons with OMH

    Oh My Mod Positives

    – Novelty factor worked big time. If it had released after PK it wouldn’t have worked
    – Paresh Rawal’s performance
    – Strong script without flaws

    Oh My God Negatives

    – Not much, except maybe music.

  • And also raju’s direction was simply magical. Umesh was also good but somehow disappointed me with the ending of his OMG. Overall both very good, but raju is the best

  • ofcourse OMG, PK -> Vulgarity + Nude/Sex scenes, unrealistic Omg Script + Overrated Actor + Overrated Director + Mr.Bean Copy + bad songs + Condom explanation + anti hindu/muslim + insulted religion etc…PK sirf un chu ko achi lagi jinone OMG,K-PAX Starman,E.T The Extra-Terrestril, Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth sab nai dekhi hai…

  • ofcourse OMG, PK -> Vulgarity + Nude/Sex scenes, unrealistic Omg Script + Overrated Actor + Overrated Director + Mr.Bean Copy + bad songs + Condom explanation + anti hindu/muslim + insulted religion etc… PK sirf un chu ko achi lagi jinone OMG, K-PAX Starman, E.T The Extra-Terrestril, Jerome Bixby’s The Man From Earth sub nahi dekhi hai….

  • OMG was realistic, OMG -> PK any time… btw Aamir, Hirani,Vidhu offered Rs 8cr to Umesh to stop shooting of OMG due to similarties with PK before release…. how much they offered to OMG’s director mesh to stop shouting on stealing OMG script after release?

  • cant compare business…..presence of aamir makes the comparison impossible…….most of the votes that have gone to OMG undoubtedly are fans of other actors….nothing taking away from OMG…..it was a very good film!

  • OMG was a brilliant film,it made me laugh and emotional too..performances by both Paresh rawal and akki were top notch!!

    I have’nt watched PK yet,so can’t comment about it…

  • content wise both are good but 2nd half of pk dipped while in omg paresh rawal had terrific scenes with fake godmen nd that made that film memorable.
    i m going with omg.
    only due to dull 2nd half of pk.

    because it is fresh and tight till d end.
    but after a awesome first half PK is badly crashed in the second hour and its lost the momentum .
    maybe as a viewer i m looking for more in PK because of the deadly combo of amir and raju hirani.

  • plz don’t compare omg with pk….
    both r great movie…
    don’t waste u r time comparing with these movie..
    both r awesome..

  • @imAKN, how much you were paid to post these fake comments? 50 paise? or one piece of bone to chew?
    Umesh Shukla brushed off all fake rumours spread by morons like you about him being paid by PK team.
    Check out @umeshkshukla’s Tweet: https://twitter.com/umeshkshukla/status/547251942506778624?s=01
    No doubt why films like HNY, Humshakals and Himmatwala do good busuness in India, it’s because of audience like you who deserve these shits rather than a sensible movie like PK.

  • Though both the movies are a blend of humour, drama and a convey the same strong social message, I would anytime go with PK. All in all its a better product that explores emotions in a much better manner.

  • @iamAKN all your efforts gone in vain and PK will cross HNY lifetime in under 10 days.Unfortunately people r not listening u and going in theatres everyday in large numbers.lol

  • OMG and PK are both great films. Here’s my critical analysis.

    I saw PK for the second time today morning and believe me, this couldn’t have got better. The bomb blast scene and the talk show felt so much good this time.

    OMG and Pk start from the same line. Both are essentially feel-good. They start out as a hard hitting satire, but the ending is where I feel the difference. OMG, tried to please the religious audience and defeated it’s own purpose and ended up as an escapist comedy. While PK, despite it’s hiccups and harebrained love story always remained firm to its roots.

    It heavily opposed the existence of so many self-proclaimed Godmen and supported ‘one God for all.’

    OMG relied on it’s extremely novel concept and sharp performances. While PK also had brilliant performances and extremely sharp dialogues.

    Both films, I believe have tremendous repeat value. And it wouldn’t be right to judge them. But when I look back at OMG, I feel they shouldn’t have tamed down the sharpness in the climax, just to please the viewers.

  • Pk is copy or mixing of OMG and Koi Mil gaya it is old wine in new bottle nothing more ya but there is no any dought Amir sir is best …

    but OMG > Pk

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