Now, Govinda acquires six pack abs for Happy Ending

Actor Govinda will be seen in his newly acquired six pack abs for his upcoming film Happy Ending which releases in theatres tomorrow. A scene in the film will feature the actor taking off his shirt, much like Salman Khan does in most of his films.

A source close to the actor said that Govinda has been training hard and maintaining a strict diet to retain his toned physique.

Govinda's six pack abs for Happy Ending

Govinda’s six pack abs for Happy Ending



  • @Sani D : I was not talking about any particular movie where he acted with Big B or Khans but I was talking about overall scenario that he didn’t get that respect and position what Big B and the Khan trio got , despite of he , having so much of talent.
    But if we look into 90’s , no khans/deols/kapoors gave that much revenue to industry what Govinda gave. Almost all of his movies were successful irrespective of the genre . All, what I want to convey is, he deserved a lot better comeback than appearing into these crappies like Kill Dil etc.
    And his comeback also happened in various segments. We saw him in partner and Bhagam Bhag then he disappeared . Again he took a break and appeared in 2-3 movies. Now he is active again. Let’s hope this time he will sustain here for a long period of time.

  • govinda got his six pack abs in just six days after kill dill release? amazing. srk u changed whole body building with ur tinny abs.

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