Now, Govinda acquires six pack abs for Happy Ending

Actor Govinda will be seen in his newly acquired six pack abs for his upcoming film Happy Ending which releases in theatres tomorrow. A scene in the film will feature the actor taking off his shirt, much like Salman Khan does in most of his films.

A source close to the actor said that Govinda has been training hard and maintaining a strict diet to retain his toned physique.

Govinda's six pack abs for Happy Ending

Govinda’s six pack abs for Happy Ending



  • Flop movie happy ending.
    I m upset with govinda bcoz he kill dil flopped. Govinda should have made kill dil hit like deepika made yjhd,ram leela hit.

  • If our king can attain 12 Packs Abs in three or two months, why can’t Govinda achieve 6 packs abs??? Actually, to develop good abs it takes one years: E.g, Salman, Hrithik, John and even Aamir worked very hard for years.

  • Ohh no….. I am not a khan fan now..! During hny time i was khan fan to support flop kill dil.. But now not a khan fan..
    I will becum a khan fan again during pk to support disastrous crappy tevar…!
    Hence i m a chameleon!
    @arjun kapur

  • Such a good movie. Enjoyed with my friends!! Hny was not a telegu remake with a overshadowed actor . It did not have senseless action scenes n crass dialogues like the one recent himmatwaala2 trailer!

  • A spoof —
    chameleon is thinking what do comment on pk article. Okk,, i should comment — pk is better than hny. I give pk 9.5 stars out of 10.
    Ohh no,, srk fans will bcum angry then !!
    Okk,, srk n aamir are 2 legends !!
    Fixed! This comment will give me more likes to support flop youngistan.

  • ha ha ha.I think in d ‘do chaar kissing scene dal do’ promo itself it is revealed dat d six pack abs of govinda is a vfx created.
    I think happy ending will b a gd film and a clean hit

  • Its awsm but as we all know that its all vfx (with all due respect)
    I think this is a funny scenes in the movie.
    Lol salman too much fun…….. :-D

  • Aila, arrey Prem ab tera kya hoga re, Govinda bhi 8 packs?

    Prem: Abey mere toh 10 packs hain.

    Aila, toh apna romantic rahul raj ko kitna tha re?

    Prem: Abey usko toh sirf 2 packs the, baaki 6 packs toh red chilli ke graphic designer ne kiya hain….

    Aila, yeh toh kamaal hogaya. Arrey Prem, kya mera 12 packs ho sakta hain kya re?

    Prem: Kyon nahin, abey 12 kya 24 kar sakta hoon. 12 aagey aur 12 peechey…hehehehe… Abhi rahul raj ko phone karke uske graphic designer ko bulaata hoon. Chal tu bhi kya yaad rakhega.

    Aila, prem tu toh mahaan hain, super hero hain, ultimate hero hain….balki main toh kehta hoon ki tu purush hi nahin….

    Prem: Abbey…..

    Aila, maha purush hain, maha purush…… :)

  • A complete superstar of Indian cinema who didn’t get that respect and appreciation what he deserved. He was always under shadowed by Bachchan, Khans and Kapoors, but if someone asks me, I’ll always keep him above the aforementioned superstars if at all an all time Bollywood superstars list would be prepared.
    He had everything – From dance to emotions, anger to romance, comedy to action and he was simply superb in everything. I hope someone will offer him a role what suits his personality.
    Take a bow Govinda Sir !!!

  • @ Indicine Can you please tell me where i can find the teaser of Baby ? Please give info about official video because there are lot of fan made and fake videos . Reply ASAP . Thank You .

  • Vfx work but irrespective he looks better today than he did in Kshitij Stivastavas favourite movie Hitch uff Partner back in the day…

    Govinda looking better than Skeleton Man

  • @goutam yeah u right. He is still one of d versatile actors of Bollywood. He represented a typical common indian man esp on his late 80s and early 90s. So much talent! 4 me his standout movies I can’t forget…Hatya. Love 86 aankhen hum coolie no.1 hassena maan jayegi etc! I don’t know bout being shadowed by amitabh cos they were not mates but in bade miya chote miyaa he did so well with AB same wit hum. With d kapoors…I think in awaargee ( anvil meenakshi) he came out so strong in d movie! Don’t know if he acted with aamir khan or Salman or even srk during d 90s but yeah even acting with Salman in partner and Salem e ishq he stood out well. But no doubts Anil and sunny deol movies back them as solo actors were more successful cos they were great actors too! But overall he made solid impact in our industry! Be it his loud voice! Constant bashing with shakti kapoor! Street break dances! Emotional movies that could bring tears out of your eyes! Always laughing moments with kader khan and San Jay dutt and more laughter with johnny lever and paresh rawal/satish kauk!
    Always b loved and respected….

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