NDTV’s Top 5 Stars 2011 – Actor and Actress

NDTV recently invited it’s viewers from all over the country to vote for the most popular stars of 2011. Below are the results and the video

Top 5 Actors

  • 5. Ranbir Kapoor (Rockstar)
  • 4. John Abraham (Force, Desi Boyz)
  • 3. Hrithik Roshan (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)
  • 2. Salman Khan (Bodyguard, Ready)
  • 1. Shahrukh Khan (Ra One, Don 2)

Top 5 Actress

  • 5. Vidya Balan (The Dirty Picture)
  • 4. Deepika Padukone (Desi Boyz, Aarakshan)
  • 3. Priyanka Chopra (Saat Khoon Maaf, Don 2)
  • 2. Kareena Kapoor (Bodyguard, Ra One)
  • 1. Katrina Kaif (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan)

While we agree with the Top 5 actresses (although Deepika Padukone ahead of Vidya Balan is debatable), it’s quite surprising that John Abraham is featured ahead of Ranbir Kapoor and Akshay Kumar – who until recently was topping all such polls – doesn’t even find a mention.

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  • yeh ndtv waale ki sabse badi drawaback hain as media always promoting there state people huh ,,, i respect them as one of the best media but jab state level ki baat aati hain they lacking n doing all fake results they should be concern about these issue soon

  • jab mercedes benz bandra yaa mumbai k suburb corner par kharaab hoti hain these rickshwala chiwala log hee kaam aate ,,, inki well decorated suits ki iron maintain karne ko ,,, :P aur waise yeh rickshwala chaiwala ki mehmat ki kamaayi se hee ticket invest par salman bhai ki move crores kama jaati hain @ srk k fan ski fake publicity se nahi :P

  • indicine soon create urs best poll i will promote n b part of these through fb ,tweet ,,, n willget true result of these poll :)

  • Target audience are loving the movie…. Word of mouth is excellent that means it succeded in wht it targeted…………

    If we discourage this , the big actors will not make this kind of good movie, they ll hesitate to take risk by doing movie which don’t have universal appeal. Because even if u make gr8 movie like Don 2 u end up listening bad things…..
    So there should be different parameters to compare different movies.

  • rishvath khilaya srk ,ndtv valo ku……………sallu rockzzzzzz……….sallu top 1 …..koi bolnay ki need hi nai hai

  • Abe kahe ka king. Srk is d real king. Jakar google pe king khan search kar pata chal jaega!!
    pata hai salu ulu ne kya kaha tha- i dont do good films, i do hit films. hit hone se film achi nai hojati. Or sab ko pata hai bodyguard or ready kitni ghatiya movie thi. Acting sikha apne king ko pahle. Bad me bat karna!!!

  • Ndtv and aajtak are reliable news chanel. Star news 3rd clas ghatiya news chanel.

    n srk wil prove k movie hit karane k lie acting chaie..muni or sila nai :)

  • 1- the king of bollywood the king of romance the king of hearts the king of action the king khan the srk 2-sallu 3-ajay 4-ranbir 5-farhan..

  • Salman is number one,he doesn’t need any award for it.all channnels,critics are pets of srk.if he is real king,then why couldn’t he break records of bodyguard,self acclaimed king

  • Ra one film is ok But srk acting is the best becous he is the god of acting and ra one breaks all previous records in 2011

  • It is very easy to give rank for us to someone by watching them 3 hrs. but it is very hard to perform a whole year for only 3 hrs and one film…….hats of to them who work for 12 months only to bring 12 minutes happiness to our face……..here are some super stars who deserves rank by their hardwork……
    1.Salman khan(ready,bodyguard)
    2. Shahrukh khan(Ra.one,Don 2)
    3.Ranbeer kapoor(rockstar)
    4.Ajay dewgan(singham)
    5.Imran hashmi(murder 2)

  • Lol, I am daily visiter of NDTV but never heard of it, not agree wid the list u guys present here, now am in Amir n Salman team, don’t believe in awards n media, bye guys….

  • NDTV ka faisla galat hai
    my choice:
    top 5 actors
    5)imran hashmi
    top 5 actress:
    1)kareena kapoor
    2)katrina kaif
    4)priyanka chopra
    5)vidya balan

  • Although I love Priyanka & loved Vidya’s performance in The Dirty Picture, I can’t deny the fact that Kareena & Katrina are much more popular. But why is Deepika in this list? She’s popular? Since when

    “PERFORMANCE” wise the list should be as follows (In my opinion)
    1. Vidya Balan (None Killed Jessica/The Dirty Picture)
    2. Priyanka Chopra (7 Khoon Maaf/Don 2)
    3. Kareena Kapoor (Bodyguard/Ra.One)
    4. Katrina Kaif (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara/Mere Borther Ki Dulhan)
    5. Kangana Ranaut (Tanu Weds Manu)

    1. Ranbir Kapoor (Rockstar)
    2. Hrithik Roshan (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)
    3. Shahrukh Khan (Ra.One/Don 2)
    4. Salman Khan (Ready/Bodyguard)
    5. Imran Khan (Delly Belly/Mere Brother Ki Dulhan) OR Emraan Hashmi (Murder 2/The Dirty Picture)

    AND IN
    3 Vidya balan.
    4 Priyanka chopra.
    5 Anushka and Deepika.

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