NDTV’s Top 5 Stars 2011 – Actor and Actress

NDTV recently invited it’s viewers from all over the country to vote for the most popular stars of 2011. Below are the results and the video

Top 5 Actors

  • 5. Ranbir Kapoor (Rockstar)
  • 4. John Abraham (Force, Desi Boyz)
  • 3. Hrithik Roshan (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara)
  • 2. Salman Khan (Bodyguard, Ready)
  • 1. Shahrukh Khan (Ra One, Don 2)

Top 5 Actress

  • 5. Vidya Balan (The Dirty Picture)
  • 4. Deepika Padukone (Desi Boyz, Aarakshan)
  • 3. Priyanka Chopra (Saat Khoon Maaf, Don 2)
  • 2. Kareena Kapoor (Bodyguard, Ra One)
  • 1. Katrina Kaif (Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Mere Brother Ki Dulhan)

While we agree with the Top 5 actresses (although Deepika Padukone ahead of Vidya Balan is debatable), it’s quite surprising that John Abraham is featured ahead of Ranbir Kapoor and Akshay Kumar – who until recently was topping all such polls – doesn’t even find a mention.

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  • SRK Rulz.. Always in No-1 The King..Badshah of bollywood..
    The Legend..Best Actor in The India..
    SHAHRUK KHAN ..No-1..Always..love you..

  • Xcellent report by ndtv Srk is the King n he is back with a bang….
    Happy to see Srk at no.1
    but media(ndtv) should judge stars on acting skills n film content.,..no doubt Srk must be on top….
    Thats why I believe Ranbir Kapoor should be at no.3 after Sallu…..
    In actress kareena kapur should be at no.1 instead kat
    even vidya balan deserve no.2 on her mind blowing per4mance in TDP…..

  • For me it is…..
    Top 5 actors:
    1) Shahid Kapoor-Mausam
    2) Ranveer Singh-Ladies vs Ricky Bahl
    3) Shahrukh Khan-Don 2/Ra.One
    4) Ranbir Kapoor-Rockstar
    5) Salman Khan-Ready/Bodygaurd, Akshay Kumar-Desi Boyz/Thak You/Patiala House

    Top 5 actresses:
    1) Kareena Kapoor-Bodyguard/Ra.One
    2) Anushka Sharma-Ladies vs Ricky Bahl/Patiala House
    3) Priyanka Chopra-Don 2
    4) Sonam Kapoor-Mausam/Thank You, Katrina Kaif-Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara/Mere Brother Ki Dulhan
    5) Deepika Padukone-Desi Boyz/Aarakshan, Kangana Ranaut-Rascals/Double Dhamaal/Tau Weds Manu, Asin Thottumkal-Ready
    I havent seen The Dirty Picture yet so i dont know where Vidya Balan would go. Some people would be equal for me so i put them together.

  • Lord Of The 2011: The Return of the King

    should be the title. Back from injuries. reinventing himself as the most successful action star after being the world’s best romantic hero ever. SRK is back with the Bang.

    That overrated Aamir Khan has shot himself in the foot. doing 1 movie every 2-3 years is self destruction of superstardom. particularly for the superstars who are 45+

  • @ Indicine

    You got it right. Well done.

    SRK is # 1 despite Ra.One controversies. It brought new technology to India. It was first of its kind & It crossed 120 crores.

    Salman made tamil mallu remakes after remakes after remakes to make it to 100 crores. Its the easy way out. playing it safe. only quantity & cheap quantity too.

    SRK in 2011 gave both. Quality & Quantity thus no. 1.

  • akki should have been no 3 and hritik should have been no.4 and five ranbir not john and no.1 should be salman khan and srk no.2 because raone was just a hit

  • My choice-
    best actor-
    5)Imran hasmi

    best actress-
    2)Vidya balan

    obviously srk is no. 1……

  • N y dat deepika is there??..she has only 1 blockbuster om shanti om n dat too way back in 2007..haha..her every film after dat wer av n below avg except housefull..dis year she was just in item no..n desi boys wich is average..instead parineeta chopra was better in ladies vs ricky bahl..

  • Without a doubt vidya balan is top actress this year… My top 5 : 1.vidya balan 2.Kareena kapoor 3.Sonam kapoor 4.priyanka chopra 5.katrina kaif actors : 1.Shahrukh khan 2.Ranbeer kapoor 3.Salman khan 4.Shahid kapoor 5. Akshay kumar

  • Bollywood best actor award 2011.
    SRK for Don2.
    Ajay devgun for Singham.
    Ranbir for Rockstar.
    Salman for bodyguard.
    Hrithik for ZMND.

    ‘Winner’ A award gose to ShahRukh khan for Don2.

  • Bollywood top 5 actor and actrees 2011.
    1 Shahrukh khan.
    2 Salman khan.
    3 Ajay devgun.
    4 Hrithik roshan.
    5 Ranbir kapoor.
    1 Kareena kapoor.
    2 Katrina kaif.
    3 Vidya balan.
    4 Priyanka chopra.
    5 Anushka and Deepika.

  • Agar Salman ki bodyguard ziyada kiya ho tho kya fayda lekin Acting ke mamle Srk ke hi No.1 hay.
    Salman tho film hit karne liye hi Remake film karta hai, Aur uski acting bi utni achchi nahi hai,
    agar dekha jayetho SRK Don2 ke performance ke samne Salman kuch bi nahi.
    SRK rocks

  • Salman ki remake movie blockbuster hote hai par srk ka remake movie hit v nhi hota hai. Like don2. don. kal ho na ho. devdash. kbhi alveda na khana. Baadsha. And ra.one copy of rodot.ETC

  • Ra.one ke jaysa suqer flop flim me paisa karach karne se ‘BODYGUARD’ jaysa blockboster me paisa karach karna samajdari ka kam he.

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