My Name Is Khan Movie Review

We’ve never really been huge fans of Karan Johar films – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was good, K3G was okay, KANK was terrible. Hence we were slightly cynical about My Name Is Khan.

But the film is special for several reasons; it has one of the biggest stars in the country playing a not-so-perfect character and two, SRK and Kajol return for what could be their last outing together. Do they recreate on-screen magic with MNIK? Read on to find out.

Rizwan Khan (Shahrukh Khan) suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, moves to San Francisco after spending most of his life in Mumbai. Here he comes across Mandira (Kajol), a charming lady who steals his heart away. They get married and start a business together. Everything that’s happy and perfect suddenly turns upside down and turmoil starts creeping into his life after the 9/11 attacks. Muslims, now seen as idols of evil, devastates the life of Rizwan. Confused and upset of loosing his dignity and love, he embarks on a touching journey to win back his love.

What works for My Name Is Khan

  • MNIK is inarguably Karan Johar’s best work to date. Its the simplicity of his narration that works for the film. There are times when certain scenes get over-dramatic, but Karan can be forgiven, simply because he gets it right more often than not.
  • The Asperger’s disorder that Karan’s protagonist suffers from, works big time in favour of the  film as you cheer for Rizwan Khan all through. Its the character’s innocence, charm and niceness that you willingly let your heart go out to him.
  • Aided by the magical chemistry that SRK-Kajol share, the love story works like a dream.
  • The music is good, Tere Naina and Noor-e-Khuda are the best tracks in the album. Karan has sensibly avoided lip synced song and dance routines.
  • The dialogues (Shibani Bathija and Niranjan Iyengar) are effective and funny when its meant to be.
  • Cinematography is excellent. Ravi K Chandran has captured San Fransisco very well.

Scenes to watch out for

  • Almost all scenes involving Rizwan Khan – him selling products, first meets Mandira (Kajol), hospital scene, after the wedding – to name a few, all exceptionally well executed and equally well performed.
  • Scenes following the tragedy.
  • SRK – Kajol romantic portions in the first half are cute.

Some negatives

  • While Karan in MNIK has tried his best to break away from the so-called filmi formula, he does succumb to the temptation on more than one occasion. (More on this later)
  • The climax doesn’t work.
  • The character actors don’t get much scope.


  • Khan is King and he proves just why with a performance comparable to some of his best – Chak De and Swades. In MNIK, SRK the star is hardly visible, its Rizwan Khan all through. We think, its the greatest compliment you could ever give to an actor.
  • Kajol is fantastic. She effortlessly slips into Mandira, her character and stays there through the film. The chemistry she shares with SRK is electrifying, not that we expected anything less anyway.
  • Child Artistes : Both Tanay Chheda (young Rizwan Khan) and Yuvaan Makaar (Sameer) do well.
  • The rest – Jimmy Shergill, Vinay Pathak, Sonya Jehan, Zarina Wahab – don’t get enough scope.

Overall, My Name Is Khan is an entertaining film that makes you laugh and shed a couple of tears. Its a journey that’s worth the price of your ticket and a bit more.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 3 for the film, 1 for SRK and Kajol, they were brilliant!



  • i am a true salman khan fan guys.but in dis film shahruck has done a terific job.hats off. i dont feel that shahruck is in the film.and there is only a khan rizwan khan and his love for mandira which makes this film worth watch.

  • First ever Biggest opening of Karan’s & Srk’s MNIK till today:

    Even at these situation film has made to collect apprx 2.75 cr all over india
    from multiplex is possible to have 2 Cr and rest of 75 lakhs from single screen in one day

    so srk fans time to make party after a huge opening of MNIK
    it is clean to break a record of his last film Dulha Mil Gaya, Billu, ,,,,
    dont worry guys
    badi badi desho me aisi choti choti bathein hoti hai ..

  • After reading so many positive reviews I had to watch this movie in its first day release which was today(thursday)…convinced some friends to come and watch the movie also the ones who are not Bollywood fans but know the name “Shahrukh Khan”

    The movie starts off well where SRK gets checked on airport because a traveller hears SRK repeating Islamic prayers(soora) and thinks he is a terrorist and is planning something big. There SRK explains the officers that he wants to meet the president and tell him he is Khan and he is not a terrorist. He wants to meet the president for sake of his lost love and tries to get his love back at any cost. That is the basic story of the movie.

    Fav scenes

    SRK-Kajol meet up for the first time
    Mosque scene
    SRK explaining son how to pronounce “KHAN”
    Kajol’s outburst in football stadium
    Kajol proposing SRK by saying “Marry me” and the way SRK reacts(shy!)
    SRK out of no where asking Kajol to come have sex immediately hahahahaahahahahahah
    Church scene
    Kajol’s son getting beaten up by gora’s


    I love every song in the movie… personal favorite has to be Noor-e-Khuda. Picturisation of the song was superbbbb.


    KJ has done very good job with this movie, however I feel there were few melodramatic scenes in the movie, but that could probably be forgiven as melodrama has to be there in all of his movies. Comedy scenes are handled extremely well hats off! 4/5


    SRK – His finest performance in a KJ movie and one of his best in his career which I’m sure everybody will agree on….dialogue delivery, body language,facial expressions he was really FANTASTIC! Both comedy and emotional scenes….he rocked in both..proud to be his fan! Strong contender for BEST actor awards for next year! 4.75/5 by the way his laughing scenes were HILARIOUS

    Kajol – As usual she delivers yet again an excellent performance. This lady never disappoints and she looked really pretty. However she does not get much scope in second half. 4.5/5

    Jimmy Shergill is good and so is his wife in the movie…other supporting actors have done fine job.

    Overall – It’s a MUST watch for SRK fans….and neutral viewers may also love it….go for it whenever u are free..

    I would rate it 4/5…..biased rating would be 4.25/5 for SRK

  • Unknown
    becoz of not release in some places it will get 11-12 cr in day first. becoz of bumper response.

    i live in lucknow city in india. i didnt get any ticket of whole wekknd.for any show…so all multiplex r full now till sunday. i got ticket of 3 idiots eve show very easily and veer show ws get show more easily. but this time i faced lots of diffucultiese for movie ticket. but at end i got ticket night show of saturday.
    hope all is well!

  • @adiii my friend first time m giving my collection predition it’s 36 thousand police officer and 36 audience hahaha

  • Vineet
    nice review man looks like indicine official review. keep it up i love this style which indicine and i have and now u,
    simple and short. i hate Taran’s style.
    i prediction for friday was 10 cr but now due to this issue cant say any thing.
    lets see.

  • Adii
    i know y u didnt get get ticket easily but later got for staurday that too night show??
    bcoz film will be releasing on saturday night thats it so simple
    dont mind dude
    hota hai hota hai

  • will not say too much about film.

    exceeded my expectations by mile though many dont like his last venture rnbdj i like it too but tjis is just out of world before going to watch the film i am thinking of comparison between kurbaan newyork and other terr related movies but the movie main plot is basically not the terrorism.

    i will give it 4 and half stars.

    theatre was almost full. and people did have some tears in their eyes. though i dint

  • Movie shud have a first day collection anythin between 7– 9cr…:)

    Single screens- movie will not do much of a business, Major colletions shud come from multiplexes which r shut down today..;)

  • all those guys who are fans of some other actor pls dont things like this i am a sallu fan as well and when veer does avg business i was hurt too.

    but in this case both the critics and wom will be very very good.

    my prediction(after mumbai debacle)

    9cr or at least 8cr. mumbai must have contributed 5-6cr but unfortunately.

    but yes single screens are poor i dont know BOI are claiming good single screens but my friend went to swarna cinema(a single screener) the hall was nearly 80%empty) maybe the ACLASS single screens will be better but not the interior ones.

    and i will be happy infact very very happy if MNIK broke the 3idiots record at multiplexes because at single screens its not possible for MNIK to even come close to 3idiots . no insult to srk and his fans this particular film does not suit the single screen audiencs.

  • indicine team,
    could u please double check that is Depin sen and Tanumoy dutta same guy and originally he is Saju dey.
    same typing style always
    yaar apna typing style to change kar le agar itna hi shok hai baar baar naam change karne ka.

  • We live in a world where muslims are looked with suspicion, whether our name is khan or it may be with the way we dress. Unforunatly hindus and sikhs have also been prejudiced by the actions of BAD muslims. I too have prejudiced my fellow muslims but wow does this film make you THINK.

    This is a very good film for the message it gives, it’s not a masterpiece like swades, but it’s a film that you have to watch whether you are muslim, hindu, sikh, jew, christian etc..

    Karan Johar said he matured with KANK, this is the film that has matured him. His best film to date.

    This is not your typical SRK, but your SRK we saw in swades, chak de india. The guy is fantastic. It was good to see both Kajal and him back on the big screen. As for Kajol she was top stuff too.

    The production, cinematography, music, direction is perfect. There were typical bollywood moments in the film – karan johar being karan johar I guess.

    Er what else, my fav scene is the where riswan khan is at the mosque – that hit me HARD….

    Watch this film for the message it gives and for the performances. Love it love love it.


  • Amish..single screens wont do gd the film is lengthy..n not common masala bolly movie
    One more thing single screen r all without any …

    MNIK is only for multiplex audiences..

  • @Unknown- Yup, it cant beat ghajini`s collections. But if at all tom n day after movie does well it can come close to ghajini`s collections..;)
    Audience reaction appears to be mixed. so if a major crash on monday, no chance..:)

  • Hi guys.. watched the movie and wondering that how anyone cant like this movie..(as few comments in this foum.. but in hall every single person was moved)

    Its even better then his Chak de…

    Great work by srk and kajol..

    There is no stupidity of the hindi films like like.. forcefull songs , dance, forcefull jokes etc…

    Smooth story and clear message.. I think the reviewer need to be a bit more mature and should look beyond the stupid hindi film’s stuff…

    Best movie I have ever seen…

  • Nauman..VEER is below avg..and Gajini was extremely the sense it was masala movie..songs were nice….

    But it’s like a docu interesting twist..except the murder of the portrayed a autistic many common peoples don’t know abt autism…they will be confused..wheather he is normal or wht?no masala..

  • Just happened to watch the movie. Strong message about adverse impact of stereotyping muslims. The narration for most part is documentary. Strit no no for those looking for DLDJ type romance or a typical action/masala movie. This is of different genre. But I felt now audience are maturing and willing to accept these type of films. This is based on my limited observation on people’s reaction in the theatre! Worth a try once and not a bad experiment.

    3 stars

  • 12 EFB 2010, FRIDAY, BollywoodBoxOfficeNews.Com team
    reporting from Fun Republic Cinema Andheri, Mumbai….
    MY NAME IS KHAN OPENS TO PACKED HOUSES IN MUMBAI… Though it had been released in limited 4-5 Cinema Halls for first show due to security issues, NOW AT 4.15 PM Die heart SRK Fans have gathered in big numbers outside Fun Republic Andheri (It’s the first Multiplex which decided to run the movie)… Overwhelming Public response is forcing all cinema halls and multiplexes of Mumbai to start booking for next shows…Even kids and women are seen in long queues and all are willing to wait for 6.30 – 7 PM shows due to Housefull Boards for 3 PM show.. It’s like festival going on here at Outside Fun Republic Cinema in Mumbai Celebrating the Success of MY NAME IS KHAN.

  • B.O. update: ‘M.N.I.K.’ opens to a deafening response!
    – By Taran Adarsh, February 12, 2010 – 16:01 IST
    Humungous — that’s the right word to describe the initial response to MY NAME IS KHAN. The film had a deafening start at practically every centre, with practically every multiplex generating 100% collections, while single screens in mass-dominated centres opened to a 70% – 80% response, which is very, very good.

    At a major theatre in Delhi, the audiences heralded the arrival of the film with band-bajaa and by bursting crackers. Outside a theatre in Patna, a moviegoer distributed roses to cinegoers who had come to watch the film.

    The reviews from critics who matter are already out [every reviewer has praised the film to the skies] and the audience feedback is overwhelming. In fact, at several places, there has been a mad scramble to book the tickets and the film is expected to set theatre, city and district records at most centres.

    In Mumbai, the multiplexes had decided to open shows at one property each. Hence, the multiplexes didn’t perform the morning shows, but commenced screening from 12 noon onwards. The screenings began at Fun Republic [Andheri], Inox [Nariman Point], PVR [Goregaon], Fame [Malad], Big [Wadala] and Cinemax [Kandivali]. The multiplexes have now started screening the film at other properties.

    Despite the Mumbai release getting affected, the film should have a solid, record-breaking Friday, in terms of box-office numbers.

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  • prity
    let me know that are u the same girl who said about London Dreams that in tv promos they are not showing that movie is releasing on 30th october so may be people dont know that it has been released.
    it showed that u were very worry abt london dreams , i never forget those comments.
    so please let me know are u the same girl who said these words ????
    prity where r u from and wht is condition of mnik in ur city ?

  • baap re aaj to indicine bohat gussay main hai mere bhi 2 comments delete kar diye and now they are saying that no chatting, if no chating then wht should we do ??? no one is watching mnik no releasing cinema close down.
    then post some new topics like about mystery of Karthik Calling Karthik
    Teen Patti …. and now kites official trailer has been released so put that trailer again we will discuss on it.
    now indicine will say
    Nauman, don’t need to tell us what we need to do.

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