My Name Is Khan Movie Review

We’ve never really been huge fans of Karan Johar films – Kuch Kuch Hota Hai was good, K3G was okay, KANK was terrible. Hence we were slightly cynical about My Name Is Khan.

But the film is special for several reasons; it has one of the biggest stars in the country playing a not-so-perfect character and two, SRK and Kajol return for what could be their last outing together. Do they recreate on-screen magic with MNIK? Read on to find out.

Rizwan Khan (Shahrukh Khan) suffering from Asperger’s syndrome, moves to San Francisco after spending most of his life in Mumbai. Here he comes across Mandira (Kajol), a charming lady who steals his heart away. They get married and start a business together. Everything that’s happy and perfect suddenly turns upside down and turmoil starts creeping into his life after the 9/11 attacks. Muslims, now seen as idols of evil, devastates the life of Rizwan. Confused and upset of loosing his dignity and love, he embarks on a touching journey to win back his love.

What works for My Name Is Khan

  • MNIK is inarguably Karan Johar’s best work to date. Its the simplicity of his narration that works for the film. There are times when certain scenes get over-dramatic, but Karan can be forgiven, simply because he gets it right more often than not.
  • The Asperger’s disorder that Karan’s protagonist suffers from, works big time in favour of the  film as you cheer for Rizwan Khan all through. Its the character’s innocence, charm and niceness that you willingly let your heart go out to him.
  • Aided by the magical chemistry that SRK-Kajol share, the love story works like a dream.
  • The music is good, Tere Naina and Noor-e-Khuda are the best tracks in the album. Karan has sensibly avoided lip synced song and dance routines.
  • The dialogues (Shibani Bathija and Niranjan Iyengar) are effective and funny when its meant to be.
  • Cinematography is excellent. Ravi K Chandran has captured San Fransisco very well.

Scenes to watch out for

  • Almost all scenes involving Rizwan Khan – him selling products, first meets Mandira (Kajol), hospital scene, after the wedding – to name a few, all exceptionally well executed and equally well performed.
  • Scenes following the tragedy.
  • SRK – Kajol romantic portions in the first half are cute.

Some negatives

  • While Karan in MNIK has tried his best to break away from the so-called filmi formula, he does succumb to the temptation on more than one occasion. (More on this later)
  • The climax doesn’t work.
  • The character actors don’t get much scope.


  • Khan is King and he proves just why with a performance comparable to some of his best – Chak De and Swades. In MNIK, SRK the star is hardly visible, its Rizwan Khan all through. We think, its the greatest compliment you could ever give to an actor.
  • Kajol is fantastic. She effortlessly slips into Mandira, her character and stays there through the film. The chemistry she shares with SRK is electrifying, not that we expected anything less anyway.
  • Child Artistes : Both Tanay Chheda (young Rizwan Khan) and Yuvaan Makaar (Sameer) do well.
  • The rest – Jimmy Shergill, Vinay Pathak, Sonya Jehan, Zarina Wahab – don’t get enough scope.

Overall, My Name Is Khan is an entertaining film that makes you laugh and shed a couple of tears. Its a journey that’s worth the price of your ticket and a bit more.

Rating: ★★★★☆ 3 for the film, 1 for SRK and Kajol, they were brilliant!



  • I love Shahrukh Khan.. and I hope that he’d win the academy award for this movie.. I’m so upset that the movie was postponed in my country till next Thursday due to the subtitle of the movie which was only in English.. people are so eager to watch it.. the manager in our cinema says: how many movies we got and how many new releases but everyone r waiting only 4 this movie, don’t want to watch any other movies except.. My Name is Khan

  • @ Adii nd Arshan
    As we are srk fans and srk fans don’t need to praise srk because the whole world is behind srk. No doubt salman is super star of india but srk is the biggest star of the world. He is the mega star .

  • @ Fathiya
    I agree with u. This is not ur opinion all critics and those who have watched the movie are crazy about srk performance. Inshallah srk will get academy award for this performance. Love u srk.

  • i agree wid u dipen dat whole media is wid sharukh khan defending him.but they have never defended salman.srk ke chamche hain kya karein.

    happy shivratri to all of u

  • Friday 12th February 2010 13.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    My Name Is Khan has opened to a bumper response in India. Multiplexes across the country are recording phenomenal collections with major multiplexes being 100% for the first two shows. Wave Ludhiana, Fun Chandigarh, Wave Noida, Inox Kolkata, PVR Bangalore and Fun Bangalore amongst others have seen full houses in the morning for the first two shows.

    Mumbai which is having a limited release is also extraordinary. Fun had their first show in the city at 12.00 and recorded 100% collections. The business at single screens is lower than multiplexes but still very good. Delhi and Kolkata single screens are super strong. Despite the problems in Mumbai the film will record very high collections on day one.

  • Saw it nothing great . just being hyped . I have seen such acting from SK again and again and similiar rona dhona n number of times. watch it once thats it

  • Wtf they are saying no single screen is screening mnik in mumbai infact gaiety paradise (mahim) plaza(dadar) talkie town(andheri) and many more they r not even screening d movie forget d collection only 2 multiplex inox and fun they r screening d movie that also only in one screen means 4 show and for d first show 12 clk at fun cinemas there was lathi large and advance booking of earlier show have been refunded are bhai had main rakhe pekho paise leo ho to kuch bhi kahoge indicine u can confirm d news

  • latest News
    In south India Shiv sena, Rama sena, Bajrang Dala are strong so its impossible to screen movie MNIK afterall film will be a big disaster of 2010 if north india gets to hold like kolkata, up, bihar, rajasthan, some cities in maharashtra then it will be avrage. lets see what will happen

  • @punter the hunter…i am agree with’s gd not great..i also watched..
    if u watch it at any single screen without any ‘ll be boaring..

    Realistic..but not so convincing..

    Have u watched persuit of happiness?what a movie.realistic plus interesting..

    @Hina..there r many faults..

  • i just saw the MNK movie but i found its very boring movie, worst climax, shahrukh khan charecter look like a mentally retarded person. i did not like at all that charecter. kajol charecter was good.

    on the whole boring movie. it should be 3 star

  • Hi guys
    MNIK is also banned in GOA where 25 senas have been arrested but manager from multiplex told as he is not intersted to damage his property eventhough there might be a police protections. And will decide later of screening MNIK

    so overall its too far to get a hit status but If srk succeed to give bribe to BOI then it will be surely BB

  • Bristi
    i saw persuit of happiness …whta a movie!!! i like smith’s performance. really this movie one of the best movie made in hollywood but i feel bad when this movie was not nominated for academy awards . but smith got nominations.

    and any news about mnik.!!!
    is this flop???

  • Raipur, Feb 12: Amid the ongoing war between Shiv Sena and Bollywood star Shahrukh Khan, Yoga guru Baba Ramdev has stepped in to provide some clarity on the whole issue.

    Buzz up!Commenting on the raging controversy, Baba Ramdev said that both the political party as well as the actor, are fighting for their own interests.

    “Both are fighting for their own interests, Shah Rukh has economic interests while the Shiv Sena (is doing so) for political gains,” Ramdev said at a press conference here on Thursday, Feb 11.

    “People are fighting over regionalism, Maoism and other issues but no one is talking about the country’s core problem – corruption,” Ramdev added.

  • sumair
    if movie is boring then why you give 3 star???
    i think ,your mind says 1 star and your heart says 5 star. and you choose the middle one a nd which is 3 star.
    thx for rating.

  • @Mn n dutta,i said ‘1st day will be’.i was talking about 1st(24 hours) day collection what could be.Atfirst,learn to read properly than answer me.he he he…..:)

  • Adii…then u can understand….really realistic and interesting?

    Have u watched..Dustin Hoffman’s performance in the movie Rain Man?

    Or woody Allen in Scoop..

    I want to relate those with MNIK performance..if u want to say abt acting then..u have to compare with international films also..

    And..MNIK wont be flopped any’sgd effort but not so gd..or either presentation is interesting..


  • Hina..I liked’s a gd effort..compared to other bolly movies..but faults r there..not so realistic or convincing..

    Others enjoyed..but did not meet the expectation..Little bit lenghty could be better//

  • Pls dont criticise hard work of srk . He is best romantic actor .celebrate ur valantine with ur beloved and wath movie once.

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