Mohenjo Daro Release Date postponed, no Hrithik release for 1.5 years

Filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker has announced that his ambitious magnum-opus ‘Mohenjo Daro’, which was earlier locked for theatrical release during the Republic Day weekend of 2016, has now been pushed to the Independence Day weekend.

Co-produced by Disney India and Ashutosh Gowariker Productions, ‘Mohenjo Daro’ will now release on August 12 2016.

The film, a love story set during the Indus Valley civilisation, stars Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hedge.

The gap between Hrithik last release (Bang Bang) and his next (Mohenjo Daro) will be 22 months. Hrithik fans will now have to wait for a year and half for his next film.

We have also updated Hrithik Roshan’s Upcoming Movies list in 2015 – 2016

Ashutosh Gowariker and Hrithik Roshan

Ashutosh Gowariker and Hrithik Roshan



  • wtf! The only way to remain optimistic is hope that he will do yrf’s mega action film. Or rakesh sir’s nxt before the rles of mohenjodaro.

  • Hritik should stop being over perfectionist. He is one of the best actor today. But I think people will forget him. He should do more movies.

  • @Indicine

    Is it confirmed that he wont have any release between Bang Bang and Mohen-jo-daro? Because 22 months is a really long gap. He can actually shoot and release a commercial entertainer within this gap.

  • Well! I will miss Hrithik for 1.5 years. But I feel 12th Aug is a better release date. Biggest disappointment was when he opted out from Shuddhi and Paani!
    People like @Navina Tandon Should be kicked on their face for talking rubbish.

  • @devil y r u saying bad things about Bollywood?u loved I,very good.u love tamil films more than Bollywood,excellent.but wats the need to say bad things about Bollywood that too by saying mostly baseless things???

    and v know how ur south stars had failed attempts in Bollywood.from nagarjuna to chiranjeevi,surya to vikram and many more all hv floppedmiserably in Bollywood while only kamal hassan and rajnikanth hv got some moderate success.

    I m not trying to degrade south stars but if u r going to tok rubbish about Bollywood then u r going to get more such stuff from our side

  • @raveena apply ice on burned area.

    Well, Hrithik Roshan isn’t a miser or hs fear for failures & he Believes in Perfection. So. F**k d person who said that. It will absolutely turn out b an amazing muv setting standards of Indian Cinema High when it rlses.

    A gd rls date, a 2Hr muv & nw when it rlses a gd wom will mk it successful !

    All awards will be swept by Mohenjodaro in 2017 and offcourse HRITHIK ROSHAN – Best Actor at every award fnc.

  • I heard this news in morning . To be honest i have mixed feelings . I am sad that we will have to wait for more 7 months to see Hrithik on screen . Mohenjo Daro was expected to release on Jan 2016 now it is releasing on August so we have to show patience for more Seven Months . At the same time i am happy because the movie has got a better release date as compared to Republic Day . Also no i don’t think there will be any clash with Mohenjo Daro . In first 4 days the movie gets Sunday and Independence Day on Monday . The movie will have a huge budget . I am proud of Hrithik because despite being a Superstar he is a Actor first . The amount of hardwork he puts in each movie is commendable . He can also do masala movies and he can also do commercial movies but he always tries to reinvent himself and tries to do something different . It is a long wait for your fans and also for sensible cinema lovers but you do not fear when your fans are here . We will always support you from our heart . This guy is a risk taker . KNPH was his first movie which was loved by youth and families . Still this man has the guts to play a terrorist in his 2nd movie and also in the 3rd movie . Hats Off !!!!
    After KMG this man had the guts to do a movie like Lakshya which was not a Box Office Success but still touched many hearts and is a really inspiring movie . In 2006 after giving two commercial Blockbusters he had the guts to do a movie like Jodhaa Akbar despite knowing that Period Movies are not successful . Ex. Ashoka, Mangal Pandey and Veer . But JA broke that myth . Then in 2010 the much anticipated movie Kites was a flop . Although the movie was average you had the guts to do something different . Guzaarish also proves that you are the biggest risktaker in Bollywood . And now after giving 4 back to back successful movies and 2 back to back commercial movies you are taking a 22 month break to give us a movie called Mohenjo Daro . A salute to you and a big hug ! I will always support you n matter what happens whether you win or whether you lose we will always be there for you . !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Saksham Duggal – A TRUE HRITHIKIAN .

  • beleive or not hritik has fear of failure thatswhy he dnt take risk with newcomers and low profile team and also he works in few movies cuz he knows if he work more result what he got in past amall, yaadein, mpkdh, fiza, mdk ha ha ha fattu actor.

  • @nipun kumar

    Chameleons of your ilk need a good public bashing but thats never gonna happen as Indicine persist with protecting you for some absurd reason- you nothing but an infant who when he doesnt get his way starts using his 3 favourite words excessively in his comments- lootera, jaadoo and FCUK ending with ‘ing’…

    Believe me if you stood infront of me you wouldnt be able to kick me as you would start to do a houdini no sorry first you will do a hrithik n that is shiver uncontrollably before doing an arjun which is look for fanny sorry jaadoo before doing a farhan n bhaag outta here…! I always believe if you cant back up the dung coming out of your mouth then shut up n dont pretend to me some keyboard warrior when you’re holed up all ALONE in your hostel in Jaaduland with just your baby doll n jaadoo toy to comfort you at night…!

  • Heres a story about nipun kumar that will make him think twice about kicking himself in the groin area ever again….!

    Nipun is in his hostel listening to baby doll on his phone and watching the song video pink lips on youtube…. As you can imagine by now nipun is super excited, the kind of excitement that he only experiences when watching Sona maam in Lootera… Our excited nipun wants to experience that phenomenon which also happens to be one of his 3 favourite words (lootera, jaadoo and FCUK ending with ‘ing’) and he wants to do this in unisom with all 3 words… Watch Lootera whilst making sweet music with kshitij whilst Jaadoo supervises the bong bong action…! But sadly theres no kShitij in sight as hes leading a sermon in ManipulationPur so nipun cant wait for babujis returnn then bingo he sees his Jaadoo toy in the corner of his bed and..,,, x

    Ah sorry I cant go on with the story as its pretty disgusting to be honest but lets just say Jaadoo wishes he too could do an ET and get outta here never to return….

  • If you ask me then its not a good decision at all. Though he looks dashing and handsome still no one can deny this fact that he is 40+ and now every coming year will be challenging for him as he will have to restrict himself into certain genres. And in such a crucial phase he is taking almost two years of break?? It’s unbelievable and at same time, it’s an utter foolishness too. He is disappointing his fans who wait insanely for every new release of Hrithik, but most importantly, he is giving a sudden and unwanted break to his glorious carrier which was not at all required.

  • @Navina Tandon: Keep your stories within yourself. People like you should be admitted in hospital for Mental check up as you are the oldest uncle around here,but still you behave like you’re a kid of 8 years! Hahahaha. . Uncleji grow up.

  • My prediction for Mohenjo daro
    10cr- world wide lifetime collection, 100 percent sure.
    Cuz 22 months is too long and hritik will forgotten by all people.
    Today he is almost forgetten. Thank god people will be free to see overacting of bong bong actor atleast for 22 month.

  • Very very disappointing. Hell lot of gap…this is really disgusting. This is very bad news. We (fans) want to watch at least 2 movies of his every year…but he seems to be doing it the other way..i.e. 1 film in 2 years. I really want to sue him for not making 2 movies in year (just kidding)…

    I just feel like my Girl Friend is not going to see me for 1.5 years now…

    The only reason why he stills ranks 4th in Bollywood is due to number of movies he makes in a year…

    Somebody, Anybody, ..Every body please tell him to make two movies in year….

  • As per my knowledge this Navin guy is married n have kids also. Still he comes here for bullshitting. Aunty marti nahi jhaadu se uncle ko??

  • @Yuvraj, fear of failure? Go watch or read at least one of his interviews, he doesn’t care about fear. It’s called perfection, same as Aamir Khan. They don’t do movies just for box office or to remain in news or some kind of ranking. They do 1 movie at a time so they can fully concentrate on their character, which is different in all of their movies, unlike those actors who stick to “masala” films. If he really had fear of failure, then he wouldn’t be doing a non commercial movie like “Mohenjodaro” (and Guzaarish to name a few), he would have selected an entertainer instead.

  • Even the project didn’t started yet.insecurity started.look at the comments of @devil,@sachin1495 like crapiest south remake watchers.I watched I ,but don’t why such illogical ideas are coming into the mind of south directors.the only thing left for south directors that I earlier predicted they will did it in future—-they will show south heroes as THE GOD in the movie.which sites that gave 2-2.5 stars to I ,which deserves hardly 1 star.the most illogical movies Like robot,shivaji,eega,magadheera all are big craps.overrated,overrated and overrated at it’s peak.I mean they don’t know how to make a movie in real life situations they should watch MNIK,HAIDER,TZP,SWADES 100 times to make a logical movie at least.WE want class not c grade entertainment they are showing one man changing the whole world.they are thinking Bollywood directors/actors are dumb and they don’t know to invest money in a don’t feel insecure of mahenjodaro at least don’t compare your crapiest actor/directors with Ashutosh/hrithik.

    I am really respect and so much obsessed with kamal sir’s acting talent.someone did a joke that crap horrible actor vikram will replace kamal hasan,lol.viswaroopam is the only south film I liked and few more films of kamalji and rest all are biggest craps.

  • @sss

    Dear lunatic, you have no idea how good Vikram is. Watch Aparichit. His act is riveting. And dont watch South movies if you have issues with them, but dont divide Indian industry into “I am Bollywood Fan, you’re crap South fans.”

    Srk himself respects Rajnikant, show some respect to them. By repeatedly calling them crap you’re doing no good!

  • good decision and hrithik will sign yrf movie also. Most importantly srk and salman unable to break 244cr record of hr in next 22 months.

  • @gj007,I already watched aparichit you loon.his act was almost good with bit overrated.and he can’t match up his emotions that already made by acting gems like kamalji. BTW I’m not a divider.many of south Indians are believing Bollywood is crap and south industry is good.kindly show us a logical’re so much obsessed with air fights that your best films like aparichit also have such illogical fights.after seen those movies instead of getting emotional at some emotional scenes I laughed a lot.

    I’m not against anyone.I really praised those movies which are least don’t try to put down Bollywood if they can’t make films like JTHJ/SWADES/CDI/MNIK/HAIDER/TZP.if I forget logic,then raju hirani is the best director.I’m watching their films due to those fans who is saying bollywood is crap in.order to check their greatness.using world class visuals that doesn’t mean u’re making a epic class movie.even I also didn’t like HNY due to the overrated sonu’s of India in 2014 is —-HAIDER watched, still wants to watch shahid.also I respect rajnikanth,also not hates vikram as a personality he is good.but of some of my illogical south friends made me to ante them unnecessarily.otherwise I’m completely ok with them.BTW I never compare a movie based upon completion.due to those crap south remakes Bollywood degraded even more.

  • @sss,
    what made u to praise kamal sir now! while a few days ago u said that kamal hasan is not comparable even srk’s foot in terms of acting and versatile roles.

  • Seriously hrithik, no doubt that a project like MohenJo daro takes time and release in Aug is definitely better than in Jan as film can perform way better.But I have a serious problem with him because after znmd he did two remakes agneepath and bang bang,and a sequal k3 so already he killed his uniqueness for some extent which he did by doing krishh,dhoom 2,JA. After than he left shudhdhi and Paani and concentrate totally on Mohan Jo dark.At least he can take other project to complete within these time. He us already 41 and he had hardly 20 films done in his career why to be so choosy despite having great fan following and great box office run backing you.
    @rohit he seriously playing safe after gujaarish failure you can’t deny that but he is doing mohen Jo daro a never seen film is appreciable.
    @sss pagal h kya? Robot is crap in which way.Tujhe Kuch pata h nahi unnecessary write longer comments.
    You complan kid grow up.

  • I watched sivaji 4 time i like it but some loyal srkfans found jthj is classic. Lol hat off your opinion.

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