Mohenjo Daro Release Date postponed, no Hrithik release for 1.5 years

Filmmaker Ashutosh Gowariker has announced that his ambitious magnum-opus ‘Mohenjo Daro’, which was earlier locked for theatrical release during the Republic Day weekend of 2016, has now been pushed to the Independence Day weekend.

Co-produced by Disney India and Ashutosh Gowariker Productions, ‘Mohenjo Daro’ will now release on August 12 2016.

The film, a love story set during the Indus Valley civilisation, stars Hrithik Roshan and Pooja Hedge.

The gap between Hrithik last release (Bang Bang) and his next (Mohenjo Daro) will be 22 months. Hrithik fans will now have to wait for a year and half for his next film.

We have also updated Hrithik Roshan’s Upcoming Movies list in 2015 – 2016

Ashutosh Gowariker and Hrithik Roshan

Ashutosh Gowariker and Hrithik Roshan



  • Somebody please tell Hrithik sir to do some small budget movies as well. At least 3 movies per 2 years.
    Now bollywood would be boring for next 1.5 years. Damnnnn..

  • very very bad news n little bit sad with this news
    personally I didn’t like his first release date which was 22nd Jan 2016
    I feel that 12th Aug 2016 is perfect for release and business too…..
    I must say very good decision by hrithik….
    love u hrithik by fan of sallu n aamir…

  • it was wish that HRITHIK’S MOHENJODARO should release anywhere in summer 2016 specially on independence weakened, it is complete now .
    With great release date , MOHENJODARO is going to be blockbuster or may be blockbuster of the year 2016.

  • after postpone of mohenjo dharo now ajay devgn most expensive shivay will release on 22nd Jan….
    or either raees will bag this date…or may be tamasha…..

  • so no quality release till 1.5 year. its good news cuz i have read enough abou mohan jodaro in social science books. hrithik should work as special appearence in other stars movies.

  • 1.5 Years…
    22 months between two films….
    Thats too long….
    A Sad news for all Hrithikians…

    But Plus point is that it will have an extended weekend… 15th Aug, monday will b Independence day n there is Raksha Bandhan on 18th August too..

    In 2006 He did an action Thriller,
    In 2007 No release..
    In 2008, Did a Period Drama with Ashu…

    History repeats again…

    Commercially I dnt have much xpextations coz Almost all Period films don’t do well at BO But
    It will win Hearts for Sure….

    All the Best for Mohenjodaro…
    Waiting Eagerly..
    Hrithik Rules…

  • Mr Perfectionist will take his time as HR would want to make this project a landmark in hindi cinema just like the directors previous venture Lagaan and Jodha Akbar
    Release date is good with holidays like independence day, rakhi and janmashtmi falling during that time will help the film.
    22 months out of big screen just shows how much dedicated HR is with every project.
    I may sound very optimistic but the news about this project since its announcement, the never told history, and the champion team of Gowariker , I feel apart from the various bollywood awards which the film would be winning this film may well be Hrithik’s first and India’s official entry for oscars in 2016.
    Only hoping no more delays in the project as waiting for HR for more than 2 years would be very testing of his fans patience who want him on screen more frequently.

  • Oh’s too long to wait!!
    Though 12th aug. is a good release date.

    Now srk or ajay can release their raees or shivaay on republic day.

  • SRK will go way ahead of hrithik and ranbir will will be out of news and coverage for 1.5yrs..
    Srk’s 2 films would have released.
    Ranbir’s 5-6
    Akki’s 6-7
    Salman’s 3

    Only Aamir is with him.
    I hope he comes back with a product worthy of this long gap,better than jodha akbar..

  • What happened to hrithik!!! He is not offered movies or he fears of failures???
    Seriously 22month is too much gap. Between this period salman will have three releases, srk will release two movies.

  • All the Khans and Kapoors.
    22 months you have. Set as big records as you can and get those fake awards.
    Hrithik Tsunami will blow it away on independence day 2016.
    All records all awards are coming to HR.

  • The only consolation will be if Hrithik wins the Best Actor award in 2016. I mean, movies that release early in the year get forgotten when the award ceremonies take place.

    I hope Ashutosh directs a good film and Hrithik delivers a outstanding performance.

    22 months is too long a wait though :( One smaller film in between would be nice.

  • aamir takes 4 yr in 2001 for his next even he takes 35 month after 3 idiots… and now aamir next will release in 2016 dec…
    so enjoy other actors upcoming movie….specially sallu movies….
    love u sallu n aamir…

  • Just watched vikram’s I, I have no words to express about that movie…just one word MASSIVE….some proffessional reiview sites gave 2.5, 2 stars only..( they gave 4 stars for CRAP FILMS like Dhoom3, HNY, KICK, K3)…They r degrading south movies…

  • Bollywood is just zero…about content….just see national award category…most of them r south films…Bollywood is just music, dance mindless crapp movies….

  • there should be atleast one film in between this gap, hoping HRITHIK will come with another film in between this gap may be YRFS next or Rakesh’s next as this unconfirmed projects may confirm soon and may come sooner than THE GREATEST EPIC OF THE WORLD “MOHENJODARO”
    hope this should happen real.

  • Well, I feel so disappointed. I was eagerly waiting for “Mohenjodaro”, even more than “Bang Bang” or potential next YRF’s project. It has all the potential to become a timeless movie like “Jodhaa Akbar”. I did know it will take a long time to be made, but the gap of 22 months between “Bang Bang” and “Mohenjodaro” is just way too big. The least Hrithik could do to consolidate his fans is to release 2 movies in 2016, which looks unlikely but we can hope. Best of luck for this project! I hope they will make it even better than their last project together.

  • Will be a worth waiting. Ashutosh is coming back to his forte. This time he has strong actor with him unlike Khele Hum Jee Jaan Se. It’s also a unique story. We haven’t seen much of Mohenjodaro apart from History textbooks. Excited about this film!

  • @Devil…. RIP the so called critics….
    I Saw the film FDFS.. It is Sheer Brilliance…
    The problem with most of the Critics is they were xpecting some social message like Robot, Shivaji, Anniyan…. N they were Disappointed…. Nobody Said it was a film with message… Trailer clearly said its a Love Story…

    No one in the theatre left Till the Final Credit rolled n Vikram was Back as Lee..

    From Direction to Songs to Cinematography Everything Excelled… Most of All Vikram Xcelled… He Proved that He is the Next Kamal Hassan.. I wonder if anyone can do those roles with Such Perfection..

    Only Shankar can Make such a film with a Wafer Thin Plot…

    It is a Film to b Celebrated..

    But at the Same time don’t degrade Bollywood.. Bollywood has some crap films agreed but it also has some awesome films like PK, 3 Idiots, OMG, Queen, Lagaan, Guzaarish, HAHK, Swades etc to name a few…
    The problem is with general Audience which cant b Trusted…

    @Indicine, I am really hoping for a review from you even if it’s a regional film..

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