Mixed reports to PK poster, but nudity was not for publicity: Aamir Khan

The response to the first look poster of Aamir Khan’s PK has been mixed. While many have been left intrigued, a section of the audience has been ridiculing him over his nude look in the poster. However, the superstar has denied reports that he stripped for publicity. He added that the poster depicts the story of the film.

“When you will watch the film then only you will be able to understand the idea behind (the nude act on the PK poster). But I would just like to say that the kind of filmmaker, the kind of writer Rajkumar (Hirani) is, he always tries to present the things, his thinking, in a unique way and that’s why I am his huge fan.” Aamir said.

Aamir spoke to reporters on the sidelines of a special screening of Marathi film ‘Saturday Sunday’, where Aamir was invited as the chief guest on Wednesday.

“In the poster of Taare Zameen Par, the child (actor Darsheel Safary) is sitting in the front on the school bench and I am sitting behind him. So it is a kind of key art…the image that tells you much about the story and so is the poster of PK.

“This is not for publicity, not for us at least. In fact, this poster imbibes all the elements of the film.” Aamir added.

However, the actor was aware of the extreme reactions the poster has got.

“We are getting a mixed response from the people. But I feel that when they will watch the film, their doubts will get cleared,”

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani of Munnabhai and 3 Idiots fame, PK also stars Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Check out photos from the screening of Saturday Sunday on Wednesday.

Aamir Khan at the premiere of Marathi movie Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan at the premiere of Marathi movie Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan, Makrand Deshpande at the special screening of Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan, Makrand Deshpande at the special screening of Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, Makrand Deshpande at the screening of Marathi film Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan, Makrand Deshpande at the screening of Marathi film Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan at the screening of Marathi movie Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan at the screening of Marathi movie Saturday Sunday



  • @sujan,yeah….India auddience can’t accept nudity ….what can be done !all can’t be so perfect like u and amir….their,social and religious value don’t let them to be so….

  • Navin,you were one of the guy who unnecessarily used to bash srk for mayameemsaab. …but what happened to u ?you are liking pk. ..poster !!! Impressive…. Now I understand you use to bring up that always… Well. …I understand a 26 year old guy did mayameemsaab,well,he had no money than,he was new,bad choice….but how can a social responsible 49 years old guy can do this?? At least I don’t get it….oh…script demanded… OK…understand…then why should put it on poster….! Oh…need no publicity… So..Amir thinks that now let his fans to see new things so dropped his cloths….OK…than you don’t worry. ….next time he won’t hide that part either…I

  • @rAJ SINGH sALMAN KICKED OSO out from overseas collections???…hahaha…..don’t you have shame posting this comment??? do you know when OSO released????….SALMAN’s 2014 released KICK has just beaten SRK’s 2007 released OSO which is the ninth highest grosser….AFTER 7 years also criminal salman just managed to beat the 9th highest overseas grosser???….hahaha….I think Salman khan can only dream of beating SRK’s CHENNAI EXPRESS ….MAY BE HE CAN BEAT AFTER 20 YEARS…LOLZ

  • @sachin 11,why you s like to write about a 23 years old movie more than 23000000 times per month….?!!!!!:-D…don’t you get bored ..?now …you got your own mayasaab staring with amir …:-D….now at least leave….that old thing….

  • i know this is 100% for publicity. it shows even in his words. now even the haters of aamir will watch the film just to see the motive behind the nude poster. job well done aamir!!

  • aamir shd nt have done this… if it was in the script then it shd hv been kept in d movie.. not in d posters.. most people go to theatres by watchin posters… it ll make huge impact on people’s mind.. specially teenagers… aamir is a superstar and a role model.. yeah many people follow him… the poster may increase the raging of students in college… it may give rise to sexual harassment.. hope aamir n raju hirani realize it n tell d people not to try such things in the opening credit of the film n durin promotions too… i ll watch d film… if it wud released in european countries it would nt hv matterd much bt this is india… n crimes are at high now..

  • @ all the aamir khan fans, you were talking about the originality and perfection of aamir and rajkumar hirani, the poster itself is exact copy of an old foreign film where the actor has musical instrument instead of radio. So please do not bark again about being original, if poster is copy then what can we expect from the movie. Salman and akshay do south remakes and openly admit that, aamir khan has double standards and does not admit

  • @yuvraj

    Seriously man, who told you I’m an Aamir hater? Read my comment again. And I’m a big fan of Rajkumar hirani. I would have watched pk even if Srk, hr, Ajay would have played Aamir’s part.

    No offense. But pk will work more because of the content than star power. The difference between pk and dhoom 3 is same as ghajini and 3 idiots

  • @Maa of all Khans, the poster is inspired from a Portuguese album, not any movie..even our Washing Machine New Year poster is inspired from Cash..so please stop speaking senseless stuff -_-

  • @sachin11, @Sid_Original, @Navin, @bulli, @Anand and many more. Dears just one question answer sincerely.

    Q: Will u guys ready to watch P.K with u families? Just Yes or No

  • Aamir is double standard guy no doubt about it. He is also jealous and selfish no two ways about it. Accept or reject its reality.

    Before the release of Dhoom-3 he said in interview with Fredon that Dhoom-3 ticket price will not hick. But we all know what was ticket price. He said i m not playing Double Role in the movie in same interview. But we all know the truth. If he hide the truth for surprise then he must used some other tricks for creating excitement, Lie is bad thing in any case.

  • Srk fans will celebrate fake HNY in Diwali! And Aamir fans will celebrate real Happy New Year at 1st jan with superduper success of PK! :D

  • @baap of all lungis OMG- that poster you mentioned was from a musical album but it was like 40 yrs ago and also it was of a portuguese artist- dont be do smart here by suggesting you are well into your portuguese musical history and you know of this artist who went nude etc etc…

    You lungiwalas are something else- your Bollywood history dates bact to 1992 only and now you want us to believe that your musical history goes as far back as the early 70’s and it includes musical hotbeds like US, UK and Portugal too… Please pull another one…. Your buffoonery knows no boundary…!

  • @Laila O Laila Laila aisi tu Laila, har koi chashe tujhse milne akela….-

    Great song but totally wasted on you my not so sweet Laila….

    Sweetheart difference here is that Sarkars buttcheeks in Maya Memsaab where comparable to a Freddy Kruger horrow flick- totally scary and an eye sore whereas Aamirs nude act was without being vain beautiful to look at….! That physique of a 49 yr old man puts most blokes half his age to shame hence they bark like ENTERTAINMENT rejects coz they dont want their potential future boyfriends or girlfriends to use Aamirs body as a template to compare n contrast their limp mojos sorry bodys with…!
    Me on otherhand as a modern bloke I know what is the better image to look at and PK poster was aesthetically beautifully shot- the radio was necessary to cover up Aamirs mojo while if Sarkar did a similar image then he may just need a radios AA battery to cover up his mojo with ample space to cover a grape or two also…! No vanity here or hypocrisy- when Sarkar goes nude you get Maya Memsaab- an All Time Erotica FlopBuster, when Aamir goes Nude you get an ATBB guaranteed… Wait n watch…!

  • @Sahir..mine is a family who are broad minded and have watched movies like Satyam Shivam Sundaram, Khoon Bhari Maang, Kya Kool Hai Hum, Dhool Ka Phool(another Yash Chopra classic which was controversial in its times), Silsila, Jism, Kya Kehna and Salaam Namaste..so they won’t be having any issues watching PK.

  • @Sahir regarding double standards, our King is not too far behind as well..there have been lot of examples like these..the infamous SRK vs SLB thing during OSO release, CE-OUTIMD and MNIK fiasco..doosro ke pathar marne se pehle khud ki haalat dekhlo!!!!

  • @Navin …I am not interested in none of them’s butt….. Both are too elder than me…you observe which one best…..and I know you liked Amir’s one….you have great imagination skills …keep it within yourself …and I am not like you who can continuously speak same thing …so I don’t want to write those things either… And you have a complement for me …thanks for that. …though I agree with u….songs from your mouth come out as abuse…..

  • @Sid Original good to hear. My intention was to hear about background. Thanks to reply.

    Can u tell me how much population India is broadminded. Who can watch nude stuff together (with family, like Father, Mother, Son, Daughter etc etc etc) on big screen?

  • @ aamir haters- may be family audience nt interested but adult and young people will def watch this movie dnt forget dehli belli.
    if srk will do that pose i dnt think even bitches intrested in that film. loser srk and his fans. srk has no choice when he is new to do maya memsaab lol. deewana was superhit. and if really he had no chice then i dnt knw how many things happened with him m like casting couch etc. bechara srk.

  • all this is cheap publicity to drag attention.this is polluting India.this type of nude scene actually I required for novel stories like MAYA MEMSAAB.not for this alien film,amir is always known for his clever polluting wicked publicity that he had done always.he is an actor of good stories not a good actor of all stories basically a business man rather than an actor.all the work he had done to support salman to drag his fan towards his film.because SRKIANS never interested in this type of actors.after all what could a fanless actor could do besides working with SRK’S MADE YRF OR GOOD DIRECTOR’S MULTIACTOR FILMS IR SOUTH REMAKE.there is no other way exist for this kind of cheap attention seekers who awaited audience to prove themselves perfaketionist,these type actors are called losers.

  • @laila o laila laila

    Sorry to disappoint you my not so sweet sweetheart but I left you no compliment and I didnt want to ruin a classic song by associating it with you but guess the sarcasm flew over your beehive eh….

    Yes I would prefer staring at Aamirs behind as opposed to Sarkars but not just me as there are people who pay a small fortune to stare at Portraits of nude people sitting around drawn by great artists across museums the globe over for several centuries so theres clearly an audience out there who like such portrayals of nudity…. Guess you arent sophisticated enough or liberal /broad minded to bear such images so best get back to watching family dramas on tele then…!

  • @sari wearing Sahir

    Its partial nudity and broad minded people with liberal tendencies wouldnt have a problem watching that particular image and if they did then they most likely will look away- abit like the old days where parents would cover their childrens eyes when our hero would kiss the heroine on the big screen- funny but it happened…! Its hardly end of the world stuff- but for your peace of mind take mummy n daddy along with you so both can lend you a hand to cover up your eyes when Aamir goes nude…. Big Baby

  • @sid great to know that and its sad that they are grown men in India today like our sari wearing friend ‘sahit’ who still struggle to come to terms with images of partial nudity…. Such people would have been lost- hiding in bushes during times of the Greek civilisation some 3 millenniums ago- those guys were liberal and definitely not afraid of their masculinity…!

  • i am a srk fan but acknowledge the poster because it don’t offer any negative impact except the “Allian Factor”, poster tries to reveal that Amir khan is an Allian in “Pk” but he ‘ii be human being that’s the suspense of the film in wjole plot.

  • Yeah. I am happy to see movies which I can see with my family.. For your information I am Muslim .those words which you used may be that is your thought…but you know I am grown up in a family where we got Muslim values and tries hard to maintain as much as I can…:-D and for my upbringing I can’t look at somebody’s butt to find which one is great… I feel awkward. May be that’s my problem…and

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