Mixed reports to PK poster, but nudity was not for publicity: Aamir Khan

The response to the first look poster of Aamir Khan’s PK has been mixed. While many have been left intrigued, a section of the audience has been ridiculing him over his nude look in the poster. However, the superstar has denied reports that he stripped for publicity. He added that the poster depicts the story of the film.

“When you will watch the film then only you will be able to understand the idea behind (the nude act on the PK poster). But I would just like to say that the kind of filmmaker, the kind of writer Rajkumar (Hirani) is, he always tries to present the things, his thinking, in a unique way and that’s why I am his huge fan.” Aamir said.

Aamir spoke to reporters on the sidelines of a special screening of Marathi film ‘Saturday Sunday’, where Aamir was invited as the chief guest on Wednesday.

“In the poster of Taare Zameen Par, the child (actor Darsheel Safary) is sitting in the front on the school bench and I am sitting behind him. So it is a kind of key art…the image that tells you much about the story and so is the poster of PK.

“This is not for publicity, not for us at least. In fact, this poster imbibes all the elements of the film.” Aamir added.

However, the actor was aware of the extreme reactions the poster has got.

“We are getting a mixed response from the people. But I feel that when they will watch the film, their doubts will get cleared,”

Directed by Rajkumar Hirani of Munnabhai and 3 Idiots fame, PK also stars Anushka Sharma, Sanjay Dutt and Sushant Singh Rajput.

Check out photos from the screening of Saturday Sunday on Wednesday.

Aamir Khan at the premiere of Marathi movie Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan at the premiere of Marathi movie Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan, Makrand Deshpande at the special screening of Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan, Makrand Deshpande at the special screening of Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan, Makrand Deshpande at the screening of Marathi film Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan, Makrand Deshpande at the screening of Marathi film Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan at the screening of Marathi movie Saturday Sunday

Aamir Khan at the screening of Marathi movie Saturday Sunday



  • my favourite actors list of all times-
    1. guru dutt
    2.Raj kapoor
    3. Manoj kumar/Bharat kumar
    4. Dilip kumar
    5. Amitabh
    6. Ajay devgan
    7.Aamir khan
    8. Sunil dutt
    9.Rajesh khanna
    10. Salman khan.
    my list based on lead actors my favourite hero is Salman and will be always but this list of a matured Yuvraj.

  • Like the saying goes, don’t judge the book by it’s cover, there must be a story behind that poster, why he’s nude, you guys don’t even see the trailer yet..watch the movie first before you react and throw those nonsense comment…don’t you all know the word Respect & Aprreciate..

  • Sir Aamir..Respect!!! _/\_

    This poster has indeed received mixed reaction, but the movie will indeed be mindblowing.. :)

    SRK fans, don’t be jealous, hopefully our King will remake Maya Memsaab and show us his assets which leave you guys craving for more!!! :P

  • Movie is going to be good, I have no doubt about Raju’s mind. But, I don’t think a half nude poster was really “needed”. Sure, he might be nude in a scene because of script’s demand. But, I feel it wasn’t really necessary to choose that particular act for its official poster. I don’t know about people’s mindset, but what I do know is, they did manage to raise many eyebrows and get extra publicity, it was a great marketing decision and a clever one. But, I don’t buy the fact that they had no other choice, showing such act on its poster was must etc. There won’t be anything vulgar in the film, Aamir is a marketing expert.

  • My hrithik would hv nvr used such cheap posters to promote his film.shame on u aamir!instead of posing nude u should hv released a motion poster where u r continuosly shivering.p.k. teaser will also b complete third class like the poster.only my hrithik knows how to make world class trailers.go and watch bang trailer and try to learn the art of creating world class teaser!

  • Oh no this is disappointing for us to see pk poster getting mixed response,now we want our tingu to release the same poster from rear angle with chennai express in background to get the positive response.

  • Seriously? Why would a super hit director spend 5 years making a bad film? If any hater uses his common sense then they will realize that Hirani and Aamir are making a new masterpiece after 3 idiots!

  • Personally i feel we indians have the habit of making mess over such a trivial issue…PK is the alien so he has been shown without clothes..whats the big point in it!!!
    Why will an A list actor and top director seek publicity???

  • this is India, blah blah blah, culture blah blah…

    All these so called culture preaching vultures see sunny leone videos chupke chupke.


    some sadak chaap groups who need publicity have gone out and filed a case too, pathetic.

    Aamir you are awesome. Awaiting for PK.

  • 3 idiots was a stupid film with a ridiculous climax where aamir was shown to b a Chinese scientist and in one scene chid delivery happens through vaccum cleaner!albert Einstein,newton,j.c.bose would hv surely died of heaet attack if they had seen science being insulted in such a way!shane on u aamir.u should hv watched koi mil gayaa series to understand how scientific theories cn b shown in a logical yet entertaining way.I felt like hiding my face under plex seat during 3 idiots when such ridiculous scenes were played out.

  • When amir does then script requires it when others do then BLAH BLAH by amir fans……I think now you people will forget Maya Mamsyab they will discuss the new one now….
    May be Amir and Raju dont need publicity but film definitely need publicity,If publicity of film is not important then why people promote movie…………Man accept it it was with an intention to rise curiosity among audience .

  • Each Shahrukh fan has 100 fakes minimum. At least 50% are paid fans. Add to that many female fake fans. Some Germans who can speak Bengali.

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