Masala films will die, everybody has overdone it: Salman

Salman Khan is well aware that the trend of masala films will soon die a slow death, as the genre has been overdone by filmmakers in the Hindi film industry. While Chennai Express created history at the box office both in India and the overseas markets, quite a few masala mass-entertainers like Himmatwala, Ramaiya Vastavaiya and Phata Poster Nikhla Hero have failed to excite the audience.

“This space (masala films) will die totally. I think this was a beautiful format where we had films like ‘Wanted’, Dabangg etc. Now everybody has overdone it so much that it might die away. These kinds of films are popular but the creativity is becoming less… It seems the same stuff is happening. I don’t know which genre will click now. The whole thing where one person beating up 50 people and them flying around will remain as this is part of our cinema. But there is a reason why and how he is beating. Now, the way action is done will change” Salman told PTI.

Khan also spoke about his upcoming films, promising the audience a different experience with each outing. While Jai Ho is a social drama, Kick is expected to be an out-an-out action film. The other much-awaited film on family values and romance will reunite the Hum Aapke Hain Kaun actor-director duo of Salman and Sooraj Barjatya.

“Jai Ho will be different kind of film altogether it has all the ingredients — drama, emotion etc. Kick is also a very different film. Again, Sooraj asked me to do a film for them, he gave me the idea and I loved it. It was a great script I had not worked with him since long” Salman added.




  • its quite funny to see some idiots posting about the big banners SRK acted in…..hahahahahaha
    these idiotic people don’t have the sense to know how these banners become big…
    1)YRF after the continous back to back flops like Sawaal,Mashaal,Faasla,Vijay,Lamhe
    Aaina,Parampara etc got humoungous hits thorough SRK starrer Darr & DDLJ …after the release of those SRK films nly yrf films exended.
    2)how many of them here knew Karan Johar & Dharma productions before Kuch Kuch Hota Hai??…..the answer is no one

  • @nipun : i am a hrithik fan too. but sad to say you are the worst hrithik fan i have seen. You know salman taunted about Guzaarish? its not against Hrithik but he was saying fot his two back stabbers Sanjay Bansali n Aishwarya. btw If Salman had not helped or motivated hrithik (at the begining of his career) about body building you can imagine hrithik wud have not been praised for his psyche guys like you n srk fans are one who forgot people who helped them during struggling days. Salman will continue to do what he has been doing irrespective of whoever back stabs him coz he is least bothered about morons like you n some idiots srk (bakri) fans.

  • BBC News Announce The Most Popular Movie Stars On Earth

    1) Shahrukha Khan

    2) Angelina Jolie

    3) Tom Cruise

    4) Brad Pitt

    5) John Andrew

    6) Aishwarya Rai Bachchan

    17) Amitabh Bachchan

    Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar and Hrithik Roshan not in even in top 50 !!!

    Sources: BBC World Radio and TV

  • @hrithik:
    dude,i am a big fan of aish too.whenever someone abuses her,i get hurted.and guzaarish is a combo of my two favs hro and aish.and that movie is one of my fav movies of all time.
    And why should i hate salman? ?i don’t hate him at all.
    What i don’t like is making crappy movies and south copies.even in most of the salman’s article,i have given many positive comments.but when it comes to abusing others’ movies,i dont like.

  • @nipun so you remember he abused guzaarish which he never did, but you are also abusing him and you are nobody compared to salman. your are just frustrated hrithik fan, who cant bear salman’s success and I have seen you on other salman’s pages too. what a frustrated loser

  • @ahmed:lol. .i comment positively too in most of the salman’s article .go and check. .but i don’t like crappy remakes and his talks sometime.

  • @sakshi yrf already big banner flops come to everyone how many flops after ddlg?so many flops…haha..did rohit shetty debuted with srk…he is already star director…deepika oso got flops saif gave her cocktail,love aaj kal,race-2…deepika star is raising srk knw tht why deepika comes infront in titles…..after ddlg srk stuck with same image thn farah khan saved with crap masala mhn and oso…srk did acting in devdas is the joke of millennium did you ever watched devdas of dilip saab srk did cheap imitation of dilip saab…devdas is made in other languages also some telugu actor akkineni nageswara did it which second best after dilip saab….media superstar never becom a people superstar….

  • salman has set his eyes on movie “Attarintiki Daredi” a sure shot ATBB his team may have already brought the rights of the movie by now!

  • @Shaji well said…..Salman loser is always eyeing any telugu blockbuster movies is happening,……now “Attarintiki Daredi” beacame a blockbuster,he is visiting the corridors of the producer of the movie shamelessly

  • @remote control : atleast he is not begging for screens n asking favors from others during his movie release. you jealous retard !!!!

  • @hritik………what would have happened to outima if it released along with CE…..haha…it would hava a disaster tag not even collecting 30cr to become a disaster……balaji films should thank SRK for not letting their film to become a disaster….atleast outima got flop tag …hahaha…..

  • @SAKSHI it is better buy rights thn shamelessly lifting or stealing from hollywood films….srk is master of stealing from hollywood…remember ra.1 dildahra song hospital scene is directly lifted from German AD..thts why srk is so big Germany? hahaha

  • @queen salman’s all movies copy…..from scene 1 to last scene….ditto copy paste……lallu bhai is going to be in jail…what will he be copy there??

  • masala gentre not but sure south copycat sure die..DARR gaya DABBANG BAZZIGAR se & what a idiotic cmnt by so called TIGER

  • @Sakhi : Be logical n dont be a blind n fool fan of srk. If OUATIMA had released along CE it wud have collected atleast 60-70 crores in worst case due to clash n hype n CE wud have failed to break 3 Idiots record. This is irrespective of content, remember SOS &JTHJ clash? OUATIMA is a better movie than SOS anytime. If a movie like SOS can reach 90+ crores then it is not a big deal for OUATIMA !!

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