Masala films will die, everybody has overdone it: Salman

Salman Khan is well aware that the trend of masala films will soon die a slow death, as the genre has been overdone by filmmakers in the Hindi film industry. While Chennai Express created history at the box office both in India and the overseas markets, quite a few masala mass-entertainers like Himmatwala, Ramaiya Vastavaiya and Phata Poster Nikhla Hero have failed to excite the audience.

“This space (masala films) will die totally. I think this was a beautiful format where we had films like ‘Wanted’, Dabangg etc. Now everybody has overdone it so much that it might die away. These kinds of films are popular but the creativity is becoming less… It seems the same stuff is happening. I don’t know which genre will click now. The whole thing where one person beating up 50 people and them flying around will remain as this is part of our cinema. But there is a reason why and how he is beating. Now, the way action is done will change” Salman told PTI.

Khan also spoke about his upcoming films, promising the audience a different experience with each outing. While Jai Ho is a social drama, Kick is expected to be an out-an-out action film. The other much-awaited film on family values and romance will reunite the Hum Aapke Hain Kaun actor-director duo of Salman and Sooraj Barjatya.

“Jai Ho will be different kind of film altogether it has all the ingredients — drama, emotion etc. Kick is also a very different film. Again, Sooraj asked me to do a film for them, he gave me the idea and I loved it. It was a great script I had not worked with him since long” Salman added.




  • in masala movies Rowdy Rathore was awesome movie and better than singham dabangg wanted policegiri chennai express
    Akki rockssssssssssssssss…………

  • @dxt damnn DON was completly a different plot unlike scene to scene copy paste of Sallu bhai….only inspired from the old DON……..first go and watch that film dude…you ignorant fool……

  • Look who is talking..!!! The person who doesn’t even know the ‘a’ of “acting”..!! Who makes totally disgusting movies..!!

  • before dabangg nobody did masala film even a crapstar doesn’t know salman started the masala trend and everyone is following and so called your crapstar with a crapiest film ever. srkians says salman is making remakes I agreed but it is 100% OFFICIAL REMAKES but your crapstar always makes 200% ‘UNOFFICIAL REMAKES’. he is fooling you by copying scenes from different movies in a single film but what to do you people are fools. for salman everyone knows it is remake but official not like your crapstar’s unofficial. crapstar made official remakes devdas, don, billu but didn’t work that is why srkians feels jealous. your crapstar knows he cannot make an official remakes now he tried but failed. he wants to copy scenes from different movies to make a new film.

  • There are 33 film of SRK which are remakes. If anyone doubt then go on google and check it yourself. It shows SRK is remake king. Salman take official rights of those film which he want to do remake but SRK is unofficial remake King. (33 Unofficial Remake + 3 Official Remake = 36 Remakes)

  • Salman is intelligent because he has shifted from masala movies to sensible and stylish cinema which can be expected with jai ho,kick etc…i am eagerly waiting for these movies to arrive because he has promised something different and we all hope he delivers the same

  • Srk Fullfilled His Promise:
    During the promotion of Chennai
    Express some Haryanvi Fans
    complaned to srk
    Tht there is no facility of Good
    Threatres in Haryana..
    And Srk promised them tht he will
    built a Threatre for His fans in
    Haryana so tht they can Enjoy each
    and Every movie with full facility and
    less price.
    The Threatre is in Building stage and
    will be Ready till December and
    Sources says tht first movie which will
    be screened in tht Threatre will be
    Salman Khan’s Jai Ho.

    Hats off To U Sir u r True KING with Brave & Big Heart

  • Biggest Joke of Century. Double Standard & Jelous Khan.

    And one thing which is very important when Masala Craze will over the Actor who will be effect from that will be only Salman. Then he will be back on track of series of Flops & Disasters. Yuvraj, London Dreams, Hello, Keunkay, Main Aur Mrs Khanna and many many more.

    Akki can taste success like OMG & Special Chabies 26 kinda movies.
    Ranbir can taste success like YJHD, Rockstar & Barfi kind of movies.
    Aamir will taste success like 3-idiots & Tare Zamen Par kinda movies.
    Hrithik can taste success like ZNMGD & Jodha Akbar Kinda movies.

    But Big Question what Salman will do? Yuvraj? London Dreams? Jaaneman? Keunkay? MAMK?
    He has only hope Suraj Bharjatias Next

  • he is right thats why he choose jai ho and kick both good story i know the plot and then he is doing family drama which right as far srk concern all his romantic crap r remake of each other and doing hi tech flim like ra one and don is not diffrent he made ra one just to enter 100cr club haaaaaaah

  • Salman next all movie different type not masala type ‘jai ho’ social darama salman 1year gap release jai ho and jai ho trailer relese 1nov-2013 &jai ho relese 24th jan 2014 and 4200screen in india cnfm and 750screen in overses and created a new history in box office jai ho 40-41cr in first day 97-99% ocCupencY or may be 100% earth stattring oppning 42-43cr jai ho

  • @dinda11
    inspite of those 5 blockbuster, he has total bb of 9 as compared to srk’s 8. tht goes to show hw pathetic our sallu bhai was b4 dabang. & in india the competition is neck to neck & i knw very well tht u wont to talk abt overseas where hrithik has defeated him by light years. bhai rox!!

  • Movie Hollyday record salman-screen
    1.dabangg-14cr 1600scr
    2.bodyguard-21cr 2100…
    3.ETT. 32.92cr-3300screen
    4.kick. 45cr -4300screen
    Salman non hollyday record
    1.ready- 13cr .1650screen
    2.dabangg2-21cr 3450screen
    3.Jai ho- 37-40cr .4000screen
    4.parbhu deva next-27cr.3700screen entry main entry-27-30cr.4000screen
    All salman movie in blockbuster an all time blockbuster .jai ho..kick,..Suraj barjatya next..parbhu deva entry main entry

  • @ek hai amitabh you are proving that you are dumb again….yrf became todays yrf because of SRKthere was a time before Darr that yrf films where giving back to back flops…and about Kjo ,how many of them knew KJO before Kuch Kuch Hota Hai???….dont post lame comments…..SRK not had any God fathers…….WORLD KNOWS……SRK was from a poor family in Delhi unlike other so called stars who born with a silevrspoon…..SRK is a self made superstar who made it large without any filmy connections or background….he came to this industry step by step with his talent….first he acted in ram leela in streets…dramas and plays in streets..then he acted in serial…then because of his acting talent he became the No.1 superstar in bollywood….SRK made bollywood globally famous

  • Completely agree with salman, too much masala movies releasing in present time and after sos on big masala movies worked at boxoffice barring ce, whether its himmatwala,ppnh or besharam. In coming time we have r.rajkumar and boss who are hardcore action masala flicks lets see what happen to them. But if salman saying this we have to see that his upcoming films jai ho and kick will be masala flicks or not. As per the titles of both movies i think jai ho won’t be masala can’t say about kick but as per name it must be total action movies. But if both resulting masala that salman this statement can’t be justified.

  • @salman haters i think you fool are so eager to bashing salman that you haven’t read the statement clearly, he was saying for masala flicks who having a hero larger than life which we had seen in wanted, dabangg,bodyguard, singham, rowdy rathore,himmatwala and son of sardar etc. Srk’s ce not came into this category because ce was a romantic comedy with little scope of action and srk wasn’t shown in that movie larger than life hero image, ok just chill srkians.he has every reason and right to say like this because he was the one who start this trend and has equal right to end. And talking about remake every superstar did remake aamir-ghajini, akshay-rr,bhoolbhulaiya,boss,thupaki remake, hro-agneepath, ajay-sos,singham and srk-don,devdas and i think most of his fans not aware that srk first want to do a bollywood classic angoor remake with rohit but them rohit-srk agreed for ce, that was confirmed by rohit shetty in his interview with komal nahta, so except ranbir each superstar done the remakes.

  • So 3 more blockbusters confirmed. Total nos. of consecutive blockbusters now 8.

    @ Samrat: SK is not asking other actors not to do Masala, he is speaking about himself and has all the right to speak about himself.

  • Some poor haters saying that salman is a thief who stole someone creation, i think they are not aware what is a thief, salman officialy buy remake right from original movie makers. And i think his haters don’t know that dabangg,dabangg2 and ett were not remakes but his highest grosser too and more successful than remakes ready and bodyguard. Though wanted revive salman career but still no one can take credit away from salman supersuccess and haters saying salman doesn’t know a of acting, i am not aware whether he knows or not but one thing is sure that he knows audience and cinema more than his haters that’s why he is undisputed king at the boxoffice right now, and please haters don’t say he become star only due to remake, he was a superstar with his first film, he is and will remain superstar. Doesnot matter he doing remake more or less, as every big star doing so, if someone think remaking is crime than everyone is criminal, bus salman ne khoon thode jyada kiye h auro se but khooni sabhi h.

  • @ Sahir: Do u know the biggest diasater : Yeh Lamhe Judai Ke – All india collections 43 Lacs.

    Besides, see Maya Memsaab on you tube you will know what I am telling? Is that acting?

  • I was yesterday watching the song from the new movie of Ranveer Singh, and the way he dances etc., with all due to respect to him, is as if he is a superstar.

    I mean, sorry, but Ranveer don’t ape Salman or Srk. First you should reach that superstar level and then your style or action will be liked by public, not now.

    I guess it is the fault of the Director to potray and new chap as some kind of superstar, because if the movie flops and is not accepted, the guy will be devasted.

    The same thing happened to PPNH, and though Besharam will surely get good money in return, it won’t be comparable to what Salman, srk did, which establishes that Ranbir is still on his way to stardom.

    It happened in the 70s, when Big B was getting all the hits, and people like Shatru, Rajesh Khanna, Vinod Khanna and all others did all kind of silly movies and killed the genre.

    Salman did not say a word about srk or ce here, so i guess, with the seniority in the industry and so much experience, his view should be respected, rather than just be blindfolded and trash whatever a person says, just because you don’t like him. Grow up guys.

  • @Nilesh YLHJK was a delayed release after 10 years and the voice of that film is dubbed by somebody else not SRK…….that’s a flop…SRK have not had any single disaster in his entire career…search anywhere..most of the actors don’t let the films to release as delayed…… you know how many films of salman khan and akshay kumar are in the box only not came out to the light….don’t make me say about the biggest disasters of lallu bhai like Marigold and many more here…..

  • hahaha.. salman started the trend.. omg.. where have u been bro?? are you not aware about old indian masala movie.. in 60’s to 2000, 80% movies were made only by following masala-movie rules. hero-heroine-prem-kahani-maa-ka-emotion-vilan ko pitna. now salman tried a lot to recover his career by doing Veer,Mr and Mrs khanna like worst movie. but he failed. finaly Pravu came with a CD of wanted (south indian movie) and he push his leg into the same boot. and as a effect movie went block buster hit and then come ETT Bodygaurd etc. Now this kind comment mean is that he is now felling insecure. otherwise no one will never give statement like this.

  • At least salman made remakes and SRK in his whole life copied BIG B and DILIP KUMAR want proof from srk own words i can give no issue.

  • Hahahaha
    jeleous man bhai! :-p
    Srk beats bhai in all genre movie like masala, romance, action, drama
    now bhai wants some new genre to show his fan his fake kingship
    but srk will again beat bhai

  • No matter what the genre of the movie is, it will be a success as long as the content is good, and people like it.

  • @imam abey dhakkan fir aah gaya? salman jealous? who give bread and butter to srk in struggling days….attitude instead of graditude?? srk paid small bhikari critics spread negativity against salman??krk is god to srk fans becoz he krissh-3,dhoom-3,boss or jai ho wont beat chennai exp?? records are new to bollywood???rajesh khanna,amitji,dilipji so many did dhamapaji blockbuster at age of 57…can srk do it without lead herione and big herione or big banner???no way…

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