Masala films will die, everybody has overdone it: Salman

Salman Khan is well aware that the trend of masala films will soon die a slow death, as the genre has been overdone by filmmakers in the Hindi film industry. While Chennai Express created history at the box office both in India and the overseas markets, quite a few masala mass-entertainers like Himmatwala, Ramaiya Vastavaiya and Phata Poster Nikhla Hero have failed to excite the audience.

“This space (masala films) will die totally. I think this was a beautiful format where we had films like ‘Wanted’, Dabangg etc. Now everybody has overdone it so much that it might die away. These kinds of films are popular but the creativity is becoming less… It seems the same stuff is happening. I don’t know which genre will click now. The whole thing where one person beating up 50 people and them flying around will remain as this is part of our cinema. But there is a reason why and how he is beating. Now, the way action is done will change” Salman told PTI.

Khan also spoke about his upcoming films, promising the audience a different experience with each outing. While Jai Ho is a social drama, Kick is expected to be an out-an-out action film. The other much-awaited film on family values and romance will reunite the Hum Aapke Hain Kaun actor-director duo of Salman and Sooraj Barjatya.

“Jai Ho will be different kind of film altogether it has all the ingredients — drama, emotion etc. Kick is also a very different film. Again, Sooraj asked me to do a film for them, he gave me the idea and I loved it. It was a great script I had not worked with him since long” Salman added.




  • salam khan mentioned 3 films here and 2 of them are telugu film remakes and he is talking about creativity alas !!! @indicine #indicine … really sad salman not even trying to do fresh films atlest when he will b stop doing remakes !! really salman scared of failuer !!

  • Why he is telling it after ce’s success? ?
    Don’t be fool salman.
    Ce is an okayish movie,but far better than your south crappy remakes . .
    This guy also abused guzaarish once upon a much ego.

  • However the jai ho and kick may be,noone can change the fact the “it’s a south remake”.
    Some students secured good marks by talent and hard work.but some by copying others’ paper.same thing’s happening in bollywood also.

  • Yes it will happen as the future of this genre is not looking good right now.
    There are examples of masala movies which are not working like himmatwala, pnph, and more recently Besharam!
    while the verdict of besharam is still have to come out but it is clear that it is not accepted at that level.
    Hoping positively for these kind of genre to change in near future…………………

  • Now crying alallaallu!!!
    Evn he has understood now dat SRK is greatest in all genres…. i m fool to challenge him!!

  • well, then what will happen to u bhai??
    bt 1 thing, it wasnt overdone till bhai did it ovet & over again, bt when his dushman did it for 1ce, its overdone. bhai rox!!

  • lol. lol. lines of looser.
    does masala movies everytime and puts the blame on others. wah. thought your fans are only double standard by supporting some times u sometimes AMIR and even AKSHAY.
    but in double standards u have become their parmatma. star like his fans.
    kya baath kahi sallu miyan
    king KHAN SRK rocks in every genre.

  • He is feeling jealous..
    He knows that he is going to loose bcoz he is a looser actor,.
    He can do only copy. Like a thief u thiefs script from south
    He cannot make a original script.

  • anything u do in life but never underestimate salman khan.. n plz srk fans, dont u talk about remakes.. what were devdas n don?

  • @dxt: I don’t really like to bad mouth about any actor or actress. But how can you compare, giving a contemporary touch to an old classic, to frame to frame copy of a recently released masala film.

  • I have never seen bloody loosers like SRK fans. Most disgusting people on the earth.. Filled with hate, smell like s**t..

  • @nipun you on every article bad mouthing salman and same you were doing to srk till ce success but after that that you changed and started praising srk. I want to tell you no matter what do or hate salman how much you can, your krrish will fall flat and I promise for that

  • moronic srk fans talking abt remakes?not even one of srk is original one all his yrf&dharma ffilms lifted from hollywood films…..chennai express is 3rd class film copied of 2-3 telugu films…..wat is masala film even dhoom-2 is not masala film? rab ne and oso are not masala flicks? darr/bazzigar r originals creativity is there? same for hollywood style krrish why need dancing numbers in it?isnt masala?lame excuse sayin creativity is tampered by srk fans wat kind creativity in dtph,kkhh,chalte chalte?

  • remake is better original craps jthj,dtph,kank,chota don!movie will in the interest of audience and not in interest dumb srk fans!chennai is big hit becoz taste of audience today which rohit shetty srk only know yrf and!he said many times he dont read scripts offered yrf initial days….srk depends on good directors&banners who knw pulse of audience….in the case of salman,aamir even thy choose better songs,better technicians show thy hav knowledge cinema…recently akki bought 35 songs show he knw pulse of audience….in the history of hindi cinema srk only actor dont knw anything technical aspects filmmaking compard other big stars! Remake is better becoz by original rights which ethical better thn shamelessly copy others films

  • another discussion which is useless…..srk dont know anything abt filmakin examples are asoka,phir be dil hai hindu&Ra.1 even srk make remake it wil flop….yrf& are god father for Srk…

  • Some people are dum and will remain same what’s wrong what he said? there should be limit of anything, by the way who started the trend Salman only from Wanted.

  • Nice “Kick” indirectly on “CE” by Salman khan and some above comments shows that the “Kick” was really hard.”Jai Ho” Salman

  • @Noam so supporting other stars and their movies along with our favourite star is double standard for u.This is the reason your favourite star and his fans like u r known as selfish peoples.

  • @nipun Salman khan never abused “Guzaarish”.He just said that even a dog did not came in the theatres to watch that movie and unfortunately that was true.

  • @beingsalluhater don’t worry about Salman khan.His last 5 movies r blockbusters and he is not someone who gives single blockbuster in 5 years like Elections which also happens once in a 5

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