Krrish 3 will collect Rs 1,000 crore, proud of the film: Rakesh

Rakesh RoshanAt a time when Bollywood potboilers are minting Rs 100 crore, Rs.200 crore and more, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan hopes “Krrish 3” reaches the Rs.1,000 crore milestone at the box office.

The Krrish 3 team – director-producer Rakesh Roshan and the cast of Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut – was here Wednesday to spread the buzz about the movie which releases Nov 1.

When a reporter asked what box office record he would like to create with Krrish 3, senior Roshan said: “Rs.1,000 crore!”

He laughed but the gleam in his eyes expressed his positivity towards his project which stars his son Hrithik as a superhero. The film is the third in the Krrish franchise which began with Koi Mil Gaya.

Hrithik is proud of the project, especially as his father took a decision to use all ‘Hindustani’ artists for the visual effects and action.

“It is great that our cinema has come to a stage where, in one percent of the budget of a Hollywood film, so much can be incorporated,” said Hrithik of Krrish 3 which features mutants.

“It is the first truly home grown superhero film and it is a proud feeling for us. If ‘Krrish 3’ is a success or rather when ‘Krrish 3’ is a success, let me be positive about it, it will be great for the sake of our artists. The scope will be so much for them that we will not just be able to match (international levels) but also go beyond it,” he said.




  • @ghost if that is the case everybody have used name of rajani and become hit.. if somebody gives a guest appearance if somebodies name used that is not guarantee of success. example ur so called Greek dog made guest appearance in don2 but he didn’t make it a huge in terms of collection. now u don’t say he helped srk to give hit.he is friend of farhan so he did it. now the Greek dog wat he experimented he did nothing to the industry he is all becaz of his father. srk achieved all this by an outsider. ur Greek dogs films works becaz of the merits not with the star power. if krish3 don’t have good script then god will save that not ur Greek dog. in dhoom2 he outshines Abhishek why not he did with srk in k3. in that its totally wise versa.. hritik does not have all time block buster. ark has 4. and ur Greek dog worked with good directors only me a sorry with his father and in jodha Akbar he worked with ashitosh gawarikar who made lagan and Swadesh before. srk has worked with so many new comers when he worked with aditya chopra hes new to direction that time and made history.same with Karen johar with that only Karan malhotra is assistant director who now directed agnipath.that karan johar given him chance to direct a film in nothing great of hritik .all are driven from king khan only for one or other way. and king khan worked with simith amin in cdi as a coach kabir khan . his a new comer. and nikhil advani in kale ho na ho his also new comer there. Abbas mustan in with bazigar and in that wat a performance …in dream also Greek dog can’t do permance like that.not only grek dog his whole family together can’t do that kind of performance. and farha khan in mai hona. and so many..hritik is just bachha infrant of srk. there are only 3 superstars who ruled the film industry and they all are outsiders came from non filmy background and ruled the industry never before..and those are dilip Kumar ,amitabh nd srk …………

  • @ghost CE is a south based film so there people treat rajani as a god so that’s why they given tribute to him. and its one of the marketing strategy.. aamir also used srks stardom. to made ghajani hit.

  • Krrish 3 will be an epic disaster, it is beyond me as to how they are expecting a cartoon movie with such poor vfx, lame music, corny dialogues and copied characters to be such a big hit. Honestly whoever is considering seeing this movie please see man of steel or x men or avengers instead

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