Krrish 3 will collect Rs 1,000 crore, proud of the film: Rakesh

Rakesh RoshanAt a time when Bollywood potboilers are minting Rs 100 crore, Rs.200 crore and more, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan hopes “Krrish 3” reaches the Rs.1,000 crore milestone at the box office.

The Krrish 3 team – director-producer Rakesh Roshan and the cast of Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut – was here Wednesday to spread the buzz about the movie which releases Nov 1.

When a reporter asked what box office record he would like to create with Krrish 3, senior Roshan said: “Rs.1,000 crore!”

He laughed but the gleam in his eyes expressed his positivity towards his project which stars his son Hrithik as a superhero. The film is the third in the Krrish franchise which began with Koi Mil Gaya.

Hrithik is proud of the project, especially as his father took a decision to use all ‘Hindustani’ artists for the visual effects and action.

“It is great that our cinema has come to a stage where, in one percent of the budget of a Hollywood film, so much can be incorporated,” said Hrithik of Krrish 3 which features mutants.

“It is the first truly home grown superhero film and it is a proud feeling for us. If ‘Krrish 3’ is a success or rather when ‘Krrish 3’ is a success, let me be positive about it, it will be great for the sake of our artists. The scope will be so much for them that we will not just be able to match (international levels) but also go beyond it,” he said.




  • srk started his career one decade before hrithik. still people are comparing them so we can easily say,hrithik achieved much more than srk. On 1st nov, you all will get to know, who is bigger star. Krrish 3 will definitely break this CE record. Even Salman and Aamir are bigger stars than over-rated srk. Rakesh sir said it in just good manner.

  • @indicine there is no difference betn agneepath and jthj collection plus agneepath was solo release and 3 open week unlike jthj. Similarly with ra1 where diff is hardly 3 cr if we considers regional collection of ra1 and there was huge negativity unlike agneepath. Here proved that srk is bigger than genre it is not necessary srks all movie should be record breaker. This genre kind of thing is ony applicable for salman, ranbeer, ajay, akshay not srk and some extent Amir

  • Kya hrithik hrithik laga ki rakha hai,hrithik is nothing instead of his father he have 5bb yeah but do you know why he have only 2clean hits which show his star powers others are due to multistarer,franchises and his father
    1.knph_it was his first movie so no star power only worked due to content&directore(after bb debut he give 2flops&1average which shows that knph become bb due to content&director not him)
    2.k3g_this movie was multistarer whick become big hit due to srk,bigb,karan johar&kajol(After this movie he give back to back 4 flops which shows that he didn,t have any contribution k3g )
    3.kmg_After bb he didn,t leave his habit give flops in a row and then iska baap jiska yeah paap hai isi phir bachane agaya and give him his 3rd bb due to content&director(after bb kmg he give average grosser)
    4.krish_after bb he give average grosser and once again his father came for his saviour and give him another bb due to sequel,director,content&first super hero movie of bolleywood
    5.dhoom2_after bb he didn,t take any risk and work in bb movie,s sequel&good content and multistarrer
    after(after this he give 2flops,1average,1hit&super hit which shows that he is nothing instead of multistarrers,good content,franchises )and some fools were saying that ce is the worst movie the year and at same time they were saying that if aamir and hrithik was in ce then it would have easily made 250,275crores what a joke you guys should remmember that aamir&hrithik movies worked due to content and they both are very overrated and now hrithik,s father came this diwali to give his son another bb realy hrithik par 1 film bani chaheyi jis ka naam hoga hrithik roshan apni baap ka beta aamir have only 9 clean hits in his carear where salman have 9bb&for me hrithik have only 2 clean hits and his 18 movies agneepath&znmd.

  • those dumb people who think rakesh roshan is over confident when he said about 1000 cr, they must read the whole article, he said it in a sense of humour, 1000 cr is not possible in even 5000 screens in india right now, but it can be achievable in next 3-4 years if we expand our market.

    @indicine, articles like this misguide people, rakesh roshan said such figure because he doesn’t consider collection bigger than appreciation of people. all media and people talk about records, its getting tiring now.

    stupid people must know that the biggest grossers of all time like avengers,avatar,tdk etc didn’t have any of the top superstars like tom cruise or brad pitt or will smith. its the film which matters most , not the stars.

    @srk fans, please get the hell out of here , these jealous srk fans have gone insane, they have decided to create negativity against all films because ce record is very vulnerable to krrish 3, dhoom 3 and jai ho. if film touches heart, then nobod can stop it, no matter however negativity you make.
    romance disaster,danish,am srk you all are selfish morons, only want the success of srk.

  • Morons!!! Rakesh jokingly said this (1000 cr). Neither he was serious nor being over-confident. Misleading title….

  • I think there is no need of any discussion about Rakesh ji comment because this is said in funny way because mr. Roshan is not fool who can say anything in overconfidence. How can he say when there is only 2 movies who passed 200cr domestic so its said in humour. But this shows this man loved his creativity in k3 that’s why he thinks it is 1000cr worth movie for him irrespective of whatever performance of the movie. I am not a fan of his direction and his movies and liked only his 3 directional venture khoon bhari maang, karan arjun and kmg. But still respect his vision and innovation he bring to bollywood and the best part of his vision is Jaadu of kmg.

  • @Romance whatever, what will be the performance of k3 one thing is sure movie will we 1000 nos of times better than crappy ra1. And tell me by which way a movie of budgeted 125cr declared hit by trades when its collected only 115cr or 120cr including regional collection final verdict should be flop or below average. In that sense movie like talaash which grossed 90 cr should declared blockbuster as it collected 180% over its cost. And you are talking about srk’s 10 hits. It only happen with srk when we have manipulating collection and wrong verdict and other example is don2 cost about 80cr and collected 106cr and declared hit with no reason. I think even indicine don’t have any perfect answer if they give than its only be diplomatic not practical. @dil look at your language hr is a “paap of his baap”. What is this mean if you don’t like some1 its ok but just look at your thoughts and by these kind of comments you are showing your so called high mentality, still you are nothing infront of hr

  • @dil…..hritik is overratted????…then i must say u r full of shit…..
    1..knph hit only for content nd directer….hritik is only one who won debut and best actor for dis film in many award ceremony
    2..k3g is multistarren…right….though hritik make hisspace in dis film..
    3..koi moil gaya…again u said content and director… can u forget hririks acting as a childish personality acting….no one can act better than him in dis movi….most of awards goes to him….
    4..krish..u said dat it is hit for sequel,director and first superhero film….without good acting content and directer failed most times,u should realize dat.there are many film u can see if u open ur eyes….and he is only superhero who succed….ur lovely srks ra one was a crap…its ur choice who is better as superhero
    5..dhoom 2 is multistarrer..but hritik is soul of d movie….u cut hritik…..dhoom is a crap…no one without ash in dis movie who can gave a solo hit…
    and now u said hritik is hit ony for content,director and multistarrer…..his multistarre hit is only k3g…dhoom 2,aghneepath,znmd are his solo hit….no other actor in this movies can give solo big hit…..his father knows him best and know where is hritik is best… there combo is always click…..

    u talk about salmans 9 bb..he has record of 7 flops in arow…no superstars can break it until now….he is nothibh without masla movie…..masla movie lyk besharam,boss,himmotwalla are i think his tym will over soon…ur bhai cant beat overatted amirs 3idots 202core moileston…so shame wit 9bb….

    for u hritik is overratted…hritik has far better acticg skill dan ur bhai….several awards of best actror award from critic and popular category talks about it

    for only two clean hits?????wit clean hit people say his movie collect around 250-300…is not it a great credit for u…he is d next ruler of bollywood….dont worry he must..

  • compare hritik with ranbir.first it has to break yjhd record. why all morons comparing each and every star with srk… srk is a global super star he can only compared with tom cruise, brad pit, and in india to the some extent rajani and amitabh……not with garbage stars like salman or aamir

  • People are making stupid comment without fully reading the post. In fact, the interview which I saw on youtube, he said this jokingly and then he said that whether a film works at the box office depends upon audience. He just made sure that he did his best this time. So why people are taking his joke very seriously and why it is going down bad to the throat to the people.

    People also should not forget that 80% people live in India are almost ignorant and cheap minded so if these 80% ignorant cheap minded people watch a film and make it blockbuster doesn’t mean that the hit film is really a good one. Look at Chennai Express, a total cheap entertainment for people living in village and mostly for those who live in South India. See how SRK is sucking the feet of Rajnakath so his fans joins with SRK and make his film a bigger hit. Ra.One and Chenneai Express are very good example. In both films, he sucked up Rajnikanths feet. This is how SRK is that is how he is popular. In fact, most indian cheap labors working hard in abroad are his real fans and people think that SRK has got international appeal when I only can see cheapness written all over his personality. It may not be accepted by SRK fans easily but this is the real fact.

  • @aks don2 budget 75cr n col 110cr in india n 75cr in overseas, where satelite rites sold 45cr. D2 is a profitable venture. Plz, don’t talk about roi, otherwise every small budget film will be blockbuster. Talash budget 60cr, col 90cr india, 35cr oversease. Trade expect much from talash thats why it decleare semi hit, n don2 made more profit than talash mind it.

  • @nil hahaha i am just laughing, you forget agneepath is a masala film, multistarer n remake. Ready for kites3

  • @Aks don’t underestimate the power of king khan. His week script film easiliy cross 200cr worldwide n average script film cross 420cr worldwide, so just imagine what happen if a good script film of srk comes, if hny comes near to mai hoo na than it easily cross 300cr, mark my words.

  • @ Nil i thnk u forgt abt Jodha Akbar…no one can mak a epic flm hit even global gay star shahrukh bt H.R make it…

  • @ Ghost CE becomes all time blockbuster. its not because of rajani it becaz of king khan.if they used rajani song becaz they respect rajani and given the tribute to him.and one of the marketing statergy. even srk name has been used in so many south Indian films.its better to ask salman bcaz he knows it better. (copy master of south films).and even hes name used in Bollywood films also example salman comeback film need srk name to become hit. in wanted prakash raj used the name of living legends amitabh and srk .so that time salman is suking srk feet to become hit ryt .

  • @romance disaster, if sanjay dutt and rishi kapoor are so big, why policegiri,besharam,zilla ghaziabaad,d day were disasters ??? you moron fool stupid idiot, if you say so then kuch kuch hota hai was also multistarrer, don was also multistarrer, was also multistarrer, if you say anything bad about hrithik , i am gonna rip you off

  • @romance:srks weak script does 114 cr ,avg.script does 114 cr but dont understand good scripts like mnik,don2 does only 105 cr .roflmao..sureshot we can say that if,don2,jthj wer non-holiday release then they wud have collected 95cr,90cr,85cr..not ever rupee more than that..srk is nothing without good festive release dates..oso,rnbj,don2,,jthj,c.e all wer holiday release thats y dey collectd 100cr nd bt mnik did not y??bcoz it ws non holiday release..hrithiks onli holiday release was agneepath nd it did better than all srk movies..but just wait fr d storm dis diwali ..he is gonna rip u off ur srk s records..

  • chetan: I am the fan of Hrithik, why are you attacking on Salman? LOL!! What is the relationship between Chennai Express and tribute to Rajnikanth?? kis baat pe tribute ye bar bar karta hai? yeh Rajnikanth mark gaya keya?? we understand very well why he is doing this. This is the only way he can grab the fans of rajnikanth who can make his film a big hit like CE. This time Rajnikanth fan didn’t disappoint him as they did in Ra.One since SRK is constantly licking Rajnikanth’s feet. Look at his old movies too. He used to bring whole bollywood and made them dance in one song or have them acted in one movie as guest appearance. Without this kind of cheap strategy, he can’t make his film hit. This is how his movies like Om SHanti Om, Rabne Bana De Jodi were superhit too. He can’t make a film hit by his own. He needs other Indian actors and actress to help him collect more money. CE is the cheapest movie ever and the cheapest audience from those who worship Rajnikanth and also those who live in village or small city made this movie hit. Any film can be as big hit as CE if the makers of the movie can become as cheap as the makers of the CE. If SRK is not good well shaped movie, it will be terribley flop movie since he wouldn’t any support from cheap people anymore either from India and from abroad who are blue collar labors selling labor in abroad. He is the king of cheap people who don’t have any class. Don’t bring his face when you discuss about movies of Hrithik who has the guts to experiment with his character and his movies. You have been lucky to watch flop Ra.One only because hrithik introduce super hero movie first time in Bollywood and made it successful which is why SRK and his papa Rajnikanth took step to taste the genre introduced by Hrithik. Be grateful to Hrithik for what he did in Bollywood. He introduced those genres which have not been experimented by anyone else. He also gave chance to new film directors like Farhan Akter, Joya Akter and Karan Malhotra to introduce their talents in bollywood which SRK would never dare to do. he can only lick the ass of Yash Raj films and of banners which are very experienced and have good records. Tell you SRK to do those things to do like what Hrithik do and see if he can survive in bollywood after that.

  • @Swarup day
    SRK also made a epic hit called “DEVDAS”.
    3.ALSO INDIA”s official entry to OSCARS THAT YEAR.

  • @speedo HAVE YOU LOST YOUR SENSES???……….MNIK is the highest grossing film in the month of February……….MNIK COLLECTED 200cr worldwide…….It collected 125cr in overseas only…..stop doing rubbish… people are deliberately bad mouthing SRK for no reason here….SRK and Hritk are good friends ,even their wives too…they hang out together…..SRK haters like you come here and start bad mouthing him with hatred comments ….no one is comparing with anyone here

  • @sakhi:i accpt srk is no.1 in overseas but in india he is no.4 after salman hr aamir..
    luck nd release date favoured him to cross 200cr..dats it.

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