Boss vs Himmatwala: First Week Box Office

Comparison between two masala films, both remakes, that didn’t fare too well at the box office. The business generated by the two films is closer than you’d think, because Boss benefitted from a holiday, while Himmatwala released on a normal Friday just before the Indian Premiere League.

The response to Himmatwala was negative, but the film sustained well at single-screens. On the other hand, Boss opened very well at single-screens but couldn’t sustain in the long run.

Himmatwala finished with lifetime business of around 48 crore, while Boss could go on to collect around 55 crore net. Day-wise comparison below.

Himmatwala vs Boss

Himmatwala vs Boss

Day 111.18 crore12.85 crore
Day 27.05 crore7.84 crore
Day 38.6 crore (Sunday)5.93 crore
Day 43.9 crore6.2 crore
Day 53.3 crore7.6 crore (Sunday)
Day 62.6 crore2.75 crore
Day 71.8 crore2.3 crore
Total38.43 crore45.47 cr




  • this is a perfect comparison of two crap movies ..mindless jokes…..”apne ko toh sirf pani nikalana hai”…

  • boss is a big flop and akki is a flop master. now where are these pathetic akki fans are hiding now @rowdyboss. @real fan of akki @praveen @Aarush they said boss will break chennai express record lol boss lifetime collections will be less than 2days boxoffice collections of ce.

  • @srk fan…heeeheeeee..thanks for remembering me.LOL….still srk is a pig nosed useless, overrated star who’s arrogant from the time he’s there. no change for that, everybody knows it too. For CE , srk is waiting for the worst actor nominations( kela awards)..just wait.
    by the way, indicine..please dont compare Boss with a disaster called himmatwala. atleast boss got profits to the producer & investors equally. its universal truth, that every akshay movie has got profits tremendously( except joker&action replayy) for last 8 years, and thats why producers are lined up for his dates. he has got 9 movie releases till date upto 2015. the producers are not mindless fools like some who have commented over here on top, to spend their hard earned money on a star who dont deliver.
    and finally still there is another 8-day free run for boss till the children’s movie called krish releases. so a 55 crore can be easily reached to an 80 crore, atleast a tag of superhit will be got. thats more than enough, from the unpredictable indian audience, who made a sex movie called grand masti a hit!!!

  • before the release akki fans were saying make way for the boss…. now i say make way for the flop…. these akki fans think that akki can compete with the khans…. pata chal gayi na aukaat….

  • Those Akshay Fans Who Were Raising Fingers Upon SRK Despite SRK Crossing Continuous 100cr In India & 200cr Worldwide Should Feel Ashamed off Themselve As Akshay’s Last 5 Films Have Not Yet Crossed 75crs In India & 150crs Worldwide. Akshay Fans First Support Your Idol’s Films , later Raise Your Fingers Upon SRK

  • @srkfan wen srk wil break his safegame of doing romantic craps? where r u ra.1,don-2&jthj bombed at box office dont tell boi declared it as hits…everyone know reason behind…

  • @srk fan Boss could not break ce record…But boss is not a flop…Boss is an average movie..So don’t say flop…I respect both srk and akki

  • @srkfan akkians was not said that boss will break CE records they said that boss will be in 100cr club but unfortunately once again luck by chance movie not worked well but its not flop its a general hit…….
    aur akkians kabhi bhi tum srkians ke tarah cheekhtey nahi nahi chali movie its fine humara akki 1 saal mai 5 5 super hits de sakta hai is year nai toh next year

  • @praveen. reached????????!!!!!!. what’s that??dude WY do u want to shame Urself on this site???. grow up. so called super star isn’t able to give even 100 CRORE. can’t laugh more.
    Chennai express trolled and kicked OUTIMD out of theatres during its theatrical run
    Chennai express trolled and kicked BOSS out of theatres during its television premier.
    but still Akki fans in denial mode. keep rocking. good for u

  • @rowdy boss. if collecting 107 CRORES , 116 CRORES and 122 CRORES at the boxoffice is called as bombed at the box office. then plz tel me what should I say for movies which never cross 60 CRORES collections.
    oh sorry I should call them ALL TIME DISASTERS. u Ur self got trolled by Ur own statement.

  • Akshay is little bit good but Ajay (the worst Actor), each film he does will have the following, rape, violent, beating, senseless dialogues, begging, his sisters will be rape’d, will be born illegally…CHI Ajay shame to bollywood.

  • Akshay fans are funny and jokers, they lov to download his new movies on torrent LOL…how the hell his movies will make profits hahahaha

  • 2011 is the bad year of aki after that he is back with bang in 2012. Forgot unlucky 13, 2014 back to back blockbuster waiting for aki
    1 holiday
    2 its entertainment
    3 gablar
    4 ghutka

  • Ha ha.. A fool is saying that boss will reach to 80 crs and become a superhit.. Lol. 80 crs me superhit ka tag chahiye. 80 crs me superhit toh tushar kapoor, imran khan, emran hashmi aur other newcomer actors ki ho sakti hain, but ek superstar(atleast for his fans) ki movie 80 crs me superhit kab se hone lagi? It means akki is in the same league of the other newcomer actors.. Akki ke fans hi uski izzat utarne me lage hue hain.

  • @praveen you idiot,once told that chennai express’s record under threat,boss would surely collect 200+cr,if n’t you would not visit this site nd would shave,you rascal,tune kyo is site mai aya re tu sale besharam hai kya,f*ck you gandu

  • @ all the srk fans, I admit that boss is a failure, and as an akshay fan I think that he is himself responsible for the failure of his recent movies be it ouatimd, boss, joker, khiladi786. I am SRK fan also as these are the only stars in Bollywood that came from humble backgrounds and went out to carve out their own place and attained superstardom. In my opinion Akshay should do at most 2 movies in a year that too like SRK, hritik, salman. His movies are becoming repetitive. He should be selective and should not do mindless action comedies. If he does a sleek action movie with genuine action stunts and drama, I have no doubt that it will be a blockbuster like Rowdy Rathore.

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