Krrish 3 will collect Rs 1,000 crore, proud of the film: Rakesh

Rakesh RoshanAt a time when Bollywood potboilers are minting Rs 100 crore, Rs.200 crore and more, filmmaker Rakesh Roshan hopes “Krrish 3” reaches the Rs.1,000 crore milestone at the box office.

The Krrish 3 team – director-producer Rakesh Roshan and the cast of Hrithik Roshan, Vivek Oberoi, Priyanka Chopra and Kangana Ranaut – was here Wednesday to spread the buzz about the movie which releases Nov 1.

When a reporter asked what box office record he would like to create with Krrish 3, senior Roshan said: “Rs.1,000 crore!”

He laughed but the gleam in his eyes expressed his positivity towards his project which stars his son Hrithik as a superhero. The film is the third in the Krrish franchise which began with Koi Mil Gaya.

Hrithik is proud of the project, especially as his father took a decision to use all ‘Hindustani’ artists for the visual effects and action.

“It is great that our cinema has come to a stage where, in one percent of the budget of a Hollywood film, so much can be incorporated,” said Hrithik of Krrish 3 which features mutants.

“It is the first truly home grown superhero film and it is a proud feeling for us. If ‘Krrish 3’ is a success or rather when ‘Krrish 3’ is a success, let me be positive about it, it will be great for the sake of our artists. The scope will be so much for them that we will not just be able to match (international levels) but also go beyond it,” he said.




  • Hope it will be a great movie with great values and wisdom and delights in between the Diwali lights to every one.

  • Befor the release of ra1, makers also told we are proud to be the part of the film n now same thing done by the maker of k3. Now i am 1000% sure k3 will go as ra1 way. 7days left for the all time diwali diastar.

  • Agreed, if the film is a success domestic artistis will be benefited. However Bollywood will never match the standards of Hollywood, going beyond is unthinkable.
    A film like Avatar (2009) can be completed in India by 2050 or more.

  • Don’t know about 1000 cr but 500 cr worldwide is very much possible….in India 300 cr for sure….#Hrithik_Rules_Forever

  • 1000 crores….Ohh My God…!!!!
    if Rakesh sir is expecting this much then I m sure movie
    gonna rock big time…. #Krrish3 will earn like never before…

    • @Arvind, films are bigger than stars. Else Agneepath wouldn’t have collected more than Ra One, Don 2 and Jab Tak Hai Jaan. It’s the genre that makes the difference. If the film turns out to be good, then sky is the limit. If rejected, it might struggle to get to 100.

      Stars can ONLY guarantee a good opening at the box office.

  • We say acting but people say Records
    We say Dance but people say Records
    We say perfection but people say Records
    We say dedication but people say Records
    Soooo # People fu*k yourself with these records…. #Hrithik
    done only 18 films grossing 800 crores…but he always
    thought of entertaining his fans n doing quality films….He
    never follow records….records follow him… #HrithikRocks
    Now again #Krrish3 will fu*k all records…
    Ab dobara mat puchna..don’t ask again for any record…

  • @rakesh, man u should not be over confident. If you expect 3 or 400 cr than its ok. But dont be over confident, God dose’nt like this. U have seen what happened to himmatwala ouatimd and besharam.

  • #Krrish3Fever starts….as only 7 days to go #Krrish3OnNov1 ….history will update its status on 1st november …feeling extremely excited..

  • Can indicine please shed some light on this?? A poster of K3 has been put out in my street that says “250 crore budget and 4 years in the making?”

  • @Indicine but in overseas the case is different….only SRK can pull off a crowd like anything……MY NAME IS KHAN COLLECTED 122cr IN OVERSEAS and CHENNAI EXPRESS(being a masala movie) collected 121cr in OVERSEAS

  • err….. is it me or u guys really didnt get it. Its pun intended response to often asked nagging question dat -how much its gonna gross , 200 or not…
    veterans like him look for appreciation from masses not boxoffice gross dats just a bonus n promotions r d need of d times .realisticaly 150cr nett india n we ll b seeing him do a krrish 4 which might ultimately do 1000 u never know

  • he said that jokingly ,even he knows it cnt collect that was jus sense of humour to undrstand this point..

  • people like him or yash chopra how will it give or take from their respective long careers whether film grosses more or not silsila didnt collect more but is still today memorable n relevant likewise for him if movie is good he’ll b happy whatever he’ll earn he’ll put it into making his next movie more epic. So lets respect him for that.

  • Cine goers r very less in India 70% collections comes frm metro cities n most of the peoples of UP,Bihar n other backward states still watching movies on
    pirated cds n they cant afford the ticket prices of multiplex if we somehow can stop these making of pirated cds n reduce the ticket prices in backward states then target 1000cr. can be acheivable.

  • Misleading title. He never said that ‘Krrish 3 will collect 1000 crore’. He just answered a question with sense of humor, nothing serious. But, I think it’s half is still possible (worldwide gross), should it be accepted universally.

  • Dont Feel Bad @Indicine But I have Never Seen A Quick Response To A Person i.e. @Arvind Who Just Said SRK is Bigger Star Than Hrithik Which Is Actually True, And Iam Not A SRK Fan

    Coming To The Point, With Due Respect To Rakesh ji, I Dont Expect Senior Director Like Him To Say Anything Related To Monetary Issues, He, Yashji, Manmohanji, RameshSippy Sahab,Ghai Sahab, Bhatt Sahab, They Are Role Models And Icons in Their Respective Way. Itz Young Directors That Should Concentrate On Records. I Think He Said These Jokingly…. And Yes Iam Also Waiting For A Bollywood Movie To Gross 1000 CRORE Globally,
    Will Surely Happen By 2015-2016 Season, As Screens Are Increasing Day By Day…8000-10000 Screens Release Wud Do That…. But For That We Have To Wait,,,, Coming To This Movie Hope it Does Record Breaking Business But 1000 Crore Not Possible,, Atleast For Now

  • Agneepath is a multistarer, not solo hritic film, n it col less than jthj officially but more than acc to boi.

  • well i can say safely that if Krrish3 is a well made film and really loved by the an india audience then sky is the limit.. but the limit here is 300cr cuz to see a film doing 1000 cr net u have to wait till 2020 when the market would have a grow of 400%

  • The most loved film in recent times was 3Idiots and it did only 90% appr. more than the previews record holder.. now CE did just 10% appr. more than 3Idiots.. so seing Krrish3 doing 400% more than CE is an unrealistic dream!

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