KICK vs Bang Bang: Box Office Comparison

Salman Khan’s KICK is the highest grosser of 2014, followed by Singham Returns and Bang Bang. Below, we compare the day wise collections of the two films.

Release circumstances of the two films

  • Kick released during the Eid weekend, which is one of the most lucrative period for film releases. The weekend that Salman Khan created way back with Wanted (2009), has given the industry several blockbusters like Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Chennai Express and Kick. More importantly, it has also given the industry two of its five 200 crore grossers.
  • Apart from the Post-IPL release Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani which grossed 188 crore, no other film released outside the three major festivals Eid, Diwali and Christmas have grossed more than 140 crore. YJHD is the highest non-festive grosser, followed by Singham Returns (139 cr) and Bang Bang (135 cr in 8 days). The reason why festive releases do play a big role is because ticket prices are hiked. For example, tickets will be 10-15% costlier for Happy New Year as compared to Bang Bang.
  • Kick released during ramadan period which is considered to be a dull period for film releases. On the other hand, Bang Bang released with Haider resulting in about 20-25% fewer shows at multiplexes as compared to Kick.
  • Bang Bang had a bigger star cast what with two top stars like Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif coming together. Kick relied almost entirely on Salman Khan to bring audiences to theatres.

DayKICKBang Bang
Day 126.5227.54
Day 227.1524.08
Day 330.18 (Sunday)20.1
Day 414.4122.41 (Sunday)
Day 528.8915.36
Day 621.6610.31
Day 715.48.23
First Week164.21 crores128.03
Day 89.227.42
Day 910.624.9
Day 1014.176.3
Day 115.088.03
Day 124.213.61
Day 133.913.49
Day 143.803.41
Two Week Total215.22165.19
Day 151.972.73
Day 162.931.74
Day 173.912.58
Day 181.692.92
Remaining weeks7.174.14
India Net Collections232.89 crores179.3 crores


  • I’m happy to have been proven wrong. So wom for BB is decent. Happy to see my fav star hrithik becoming a success

  • Had it got a solo release i am 100% sure it would have surpassed KICK…
    KICK did’nt trended that well either,u can see..

  • Kick was a festive release just like d3,k3,ce,ett,dabbang 2 etc. BANG BANG WILL BE THE BIGGEST GROSSER AMONG ALL NON-FESTIVE/NON-POST IPL RELEASE.

  • @nipun so its alright when u still continue to call yjhd,ce,kick overrated but u hv problem when others call bang bang overrated

  • Salman’s Eid Festive Week had just two holidays
    Bang Bang Non-Festive Week had five Holidays
    Why don’t u say that?
    Fox Star Officially has said Bang Bang was releases in 4300 Screens. You take BO figures from them, while you don’t trust then when it cones to the numbers of screens.

    @Babaji Ka Thullu, no doubt you are losing your wits and your brain cells are damaging due to old age!
    Don’t worry in the end, BO verdict matters! Even yet, since you nuts start crying due to clash with a small film Haider, we will add its final collections to Bang Bang! Aab Khush???

  • @nipun Seriously? Bang Bang had one of the best weekends, of modern times with so many holidays. I am a Hrithik fan too.. But it’s surprising how some people can be so blind..

  • @hrithik fans Kick did not enjoy a 5 continuous holiday weekend like Bang Bang. If Kick released in place of Bang Bang, then it would cross 250 crores easily.
    Kickk was a much more entertaining film than Bang Bang, and has a better cast and better dialogues and script. And it received much better reviews than Bang Bang.
    Bang Bang: 2.5/5
    (I know both were meant to be commercial entertainers, but Kick succeeded in many ways that Bang Bang failed to do)

  • it is proved once salman is box office king he is one man army even whole industry can,t beat salman then who is hrithik or katrina he alone can break all records.

  • Bang Bang is no less a film than KICK,D3,CE,ETT in terms of content…

    Only God knows what happened to critics!

  • @indicine your last sentence is quite poor, in bollywood male stars draw audiences to theaters, not heroines or others(except probably hirani in current scenario). else movies like OSO,RNBDJ, Dabangg would not have been these big hits.

  • kick’s dvdsr print out that evening it was released and ramadan period also affect its business. bang band dnt have competition haider is entire different movie than bang bang. kick worked becuz it had more massy touch. wo movie hi kya paglo jisme kick nahi. best movie of the year for common people is kick.

  • Around all corners of the world Bang Bang has surpassed KICK except in india bcoz the clash was more effective here…

  • Salman’s Wanted clashed with Shahid & Rani’s Dil 2009. The results you can see. Both Shahid & Rani were on top of their games. Besides, it was a YRF movie..

  • @nipun: I guess duseharra is considered as a festival in India.. and all listed movies by u had festive releases but none had 5 back to back holidays

  • nipun u r a big hypocrite.when yjhd,kick,ce became big hits u gv credit to star power,hype,holiday release etc simply bcz u didn’t like those film.but learn from me and others.I thought bb wom is negative but after looking at its trending even I m giving the credit to wom.its wom is surely decent and if it scores a gd 2nd week then I hv to call wom as gd

  • @anand:Looks like u losing it now…Shahid and rani were on top of their games…lol
    Agreed Shahid still had a decent outing in Kaminey but Rani??

    Dil bole hadippa is one of the worst films ever produced by YRF…
    Despite that Wanted did’nt got huge opening…it was the strong WOM due to which it became superhit,so stop your bullshit now!

  • morons don’t even have brains. It’s very simple that KICK got a solo release while BANG BANG didn’t. Thats why the holiday weekend Bang Bang got means nothing as it clashed against Haider. I bet the same thing would have happened to KICK had it got released along with Haider.

  • @ arjun kapoor and you are satywaadi raja harishchandra who always speak truth. why r u comments bullshit against massy heroes like salman, ajay, akshay. i feel u r bina pende ka lota becuz u add ur youngistan always with a superstar who trends well to get more likes on your comment but unfortunately u remembered as a most haterd reader in indicine. sudhar ja mere bhai.

  • @@@ Babaji Now dont give excuses like clash and xyz reason…Accept tha fact movie is just average..If we give excuse for CE..If OUTIM not realiesed then another 40cr could have final total…HR dont have khan power he is same categary where Ranbir kapoor stand….

  • @arjun kapoor: did I even use that word “overrated” in any of my comments in the article? Are you blind? Oh by adding ce and kick in ur comments, you are inviting salmanfans and srkfans to bash me!

  • @anand is comparing wanted with dil bole hadippa hahahaha, salman’s movies deserve comparison with movies like hadippa only.

  • @samar: did I say that bang bang didn’t have any good time of release? Check my comment first. I said it wasn’t a festive release like diwali,eid or christmas. What’s wrong?

  • @babuji. Dude don’t worry. Anand duplicate s comments never make any sense neither ll they ever be.
    @Indicine. U got to also consider this Wednesday as a holiday as well. So the only which had about 6 holidays. Yes 6 holidays in its first week. And a release of 4300 screens. Man what else is needed. Even with clash or no clash it had every thing. Clash becomes a problem when u don’t get the desired number of screens. Lol. Guess hro and his fans should stop giving excuses and Indicine u as well should not give any excuses

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