KICK vs Bang Bang: Box Office Comparison

Salman Khan’s KICK is the highest grosser of 2014, followed by Singham Returns and Bang Bang. Below, we compare the day wise collections of the two films.

Release circumstances of the two films

  • Kick released during the Eid weekend, which is one of the most lucrative period for film releases. The weekend that Salman Khan created way back with Wanted (2009), has given the industry several blockbusters like Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Chennai Express and Kick. More importantly, it has also given the industry two of its five 200 crore grossers.
  • Apart from the Post-IPL release Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani which grossed 188 crore, no other film released outside the three major festivals Eid, Diwali and Christmas have grossed more than 140 crore. YJHD is the highest non-festive grosser, followed by Singham Returns (139 cr) and Bang Bang (135 cr in 8 days). The reason why festive releases do play a big role is because ticket prices are hiked. For example, tickets will be 10-15% costlier for Happy New Year as compared to Bang Bang.
  • Kick released during ramadan period which is considered to be a dull period for film releases. On the other hand, Bang Bang released with Haider resulting in about 20-25% fewer shows at multiplexes as compared to Kick.
  • Bang Bang had a bigger star cast what with two top stars like Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif coming together. Kick relied almost entirely on Salman Khan to bring audiences to theatres.

DayKICKBang Bang
Day 126.5227.54
Day 227.1524.08
Day 330.18 (Sunday)20.1
Day 414.4122.41 (Sunday)
Day 528.8915.36
Day 621.6610.31
Day 715.48.23
First Week164.21 crores128.03
Day 89.227.42
Day 910.624.9
Day 1014.176.3
Day 115.088.03
Day 124.213.61
Day 133.913.49
Day 143.803.41
Two Week Total215.22165.19
Day 151.972.73
Day 162.931.74
Day 173.912.58
Day 181.692.92
Remaining weeks7.174.14
India Net Collections232.89 crores179.3 crores


  • Less number of screens and clash was more then compensated by 5 holidays even if it wasnt festive release but it became festive due to five holidays the fact is it underperformed in mass circuits where kick scored huge and it wasnot as entertaining as Kick.

  • Independence Day , republic day, Gandhi and Sunday are best holiday for movie business not festival holiday. People (most of the) from perticular cummunity stay busy in celebrating with family and friend but other than festival holiday most of people stays free which reflect into big number on Bo ett record breaker on 15th August. Agneepath record breaker on 26 jan. Sr almost record on 15 th August, last year ce + outimd 31 cr on Independence Day. Ce did better business on Sunday than Eid holiday despite on its third day. Kick did best on Sunday compare to Eid holiday. Fevtival holidays only gives slight boost compare to normal weekdays.

  • @nipun
    bb got the best ever release date of recent times.the last time something like this happened was way back in 2006 when don n janeman clashed during combo of diwali-eid plus a sunday.but since bb is not a movie of the big 4 I.e. khand n ranbir, this was expected.a mediocre actor with mediocre collections…I m happy that hr fans hav now known the truth about mediocre hr and will not overestimate bo collections of his upcoming movies

  • @babaji, at first tell ur star to cross ranbir’s yjhd’s collections then dream about to cross Kick, ce….lol.

  • Kick collected 50 cr and yet some unwise babaji thinks it did not trend well… Clearly the old man has put on his Jaadoo mask slightly wonky hence the eye holes are covered which explains why he could not see the above table properly…

  • I wish Bang Bang could be highest grosser for Hrithik. But trend is not good. So it’s now sure that Bang Bang is not going to be the Hrithik’s highest grosser movie, as it will not cross Krrish3 187 cr (Including All Language) for sure.

  • Our resident agony aunt n honest speaking fact finding truth searching critiK nipun kumar wants us to believe that Bang Bang is not a festive release despite having 1 no 2 no its 3 wait its 4 oh god wheres my non-manipulative calculator- (number crunching going on) ok it has 5 holidays in its first extended weekend- jeez if thats not a Festive release then I will eat my Devil mask and wear a Jaadoo mask at the next kids birthday party…

  • Bang Bang was not a festive release like Eid, Diwali or Christmas bcoz it was a non-stop HOLIDAY release due to its first 5 days all being a holiday…. Its a Holiday Magnet yet such low collections… Even if you add Haiders collections on top its just average despite such record breaking number of non stop holidays… Poor showing

  • Wanted was remake of one of the biggest successful movie from south with highly commercial elements……dil bole hadippa was one of the worst movie from yrf….so dont compare with it. …n wanted opened averagely n sustained on wom……..n according to me his last movie which is worth repeat watch…….

  • Bang Bang extended first week figures 115 cr are the third best of the year after Kick and Singham Returns but it is well short of the top grossers despite the first week being a holiday or part holiday practically every day.

  • Why not inflate the collections by adding 10% hikes in ticket rates and its still be a poor figure- whatever you do still wont make Bang Bang recover its costs let alone put up a decent total… 180 cr will be tough now but I hope it becomes Hrithiks biggest movie ever so 178cr is the target…!

  • @babaji 3:25pm

    That last sentence is classic- yes thats a good question- what did happen to the standards of our critics in recent times…? Things were going well for them- they praised craps like Lootera, Lunchbox, Nasha, SC26 and audiences ignored their reviews- things were good- what critics recommended mass audiences ignored… But then one day some lil kid from Jaaduland wearing his toofan cape and Jaadoo mask decided to review Kick n a miracle happened… That critiK nipun kumar told audiences to avoid Kick n audience who abandoned Bhai during Jai Ho came back in record numbers to watch Kick n subsequently slap the saliva right out of this critics mouth…! All praise Nipun Kumar- he told audiences that if you like Kick n Lungi Express then watch Bang Bang but the audiences have turned their back on this film…! My advise to nipun kumar- use reverse psychology n bash hrithiks next movie n it could become a hit n recover costs…! ;-)

  • Hello everybody?? what kind of propaganda is it? it was fox star studio which claimed (for publicity purpose) that Bang Bang was released on 4,300 but later Trade experts confirmed that Bang Bang was actually released on 3,600 screens. This news of its releasing on 3,600 screens was both confirmed by Indicine and Box office India and other websites as well. Don’t say that it was released on 4,300 screens just because you are mission in life is to prove Hrithik Roshan in negative light!!

  • @nipun, stop crying on festive season, bb got 5 bck to bck holydays. Wht did u want more than this? AB KYA BHARAT BAND DENA THA for 1mnth?

  • Hrithik has 7– 50crs+ movies in his entire carrier whrs Salman Khan has 7 back2back 100crs + movies.. & they compare papa boy HR with SuperMan SalMan!! Lol

  • indicine never post my comment..dont know why?????????

    i know only one thing according to fox bang bang release on 4300 screens and if anyone said bang bang have competition with haider means this is the joke of the year………..with 4300 screens with 5 back to back holidays bang bang should collect at least 130 crore but it didnt , means movie is not better then kick which released without holiday and pre eid but still have better collection then bang bang……………..

  • This super baccha fans gone mad, they are saying this is not a festive season, what festival are they talking about, i think dussera and EID are the festivals thats the reason govt of INDIA declared holidays, arey bhai log yeh toh acha hua ke 6 holidays aagaye agar woh na aate toh abhi tak 50 cr cross nahi hota tha, Kick with 2 holdays in week 1 done the huge business woh THE SALMAN KHAN power hai living SUPER STAR OF INDIA comparison hi nahi hai kisi se, go go and ask AMITABH BACHAN sir jii who is according to you is the super star in INDIA today without waiting a sec he will say hey pagley the one and only SALMAN KHAN.

  • I watched bang bang,it us 1000 times better than illogical movie -kick.many critics and film experts said if you want to go kick premiere you will have to keep you brain in the house.some dumbest people said mick is made for common people.similarly RGV KI AAG BHI common peoples kr life hi banayi gayi this Jo KI kick today jyaada better thi.

  • Bigg Boss 8 is one of Colors’ biggest products. The channel and the producers are banking on this show to be able to pull off a lot of their other expenses. Last weekend Bigg Boss 8 got the rating of 2.2. However, this week the numbers have dropped to 1.8

    We wonder why the show is not working. Well as usual after observation, we have come to a few conclusions.

    #The numbers could have been affected since none of the contestants are exciting or worth watching this season.

    #The makers started off with an airplane crash site, which could have affected the sentiments of people who were affected by the recent three plane crashes. People must have been offended at the casual take on crashes.

    #Salman Khan looks bored and irritable. It’s like the Dabangg Khan has been forced to host the show and hence is doing a bad job. It could also be that Salman is getting monotonous on the show.

    #The content is not spicy or even racy enough for people to sit up and take notice. Besides the constant bickering and fights; there’s nothing fresh about this season.

    Well we certainly hope they are keeping a close watch on the show and are doing everything to up the numbers. Guess we will have to wait to see how well or worse BB8 did this week.

  • A lot of money has been spent in making this one

    So every one from the actors to the producers are screaming from the rooftop saying how big a hit this film is. However a source who worked on the finances of this action adventure drama reveals that they are far from breaking even forget even making profits.

    Apparently the film that went over budget mid way and was delayed due to health concerns of the main lead might even cause losses to the production house which is also producing another much delayed film to release next year.

    However with this particular film the overall budget of the film is Rs 168 crore and it needs to earn Rs 260 crore nett worldwide to break even.

    So the makers are still sweating it out despite the numerous interviews that the actors and director of this project gave recently.

  • Here is a piece of news which might shock you
    Zillions around the nation idolise Aamir Khan not only as great actor but also as a social crusader. With soaring popularity of his talk show Satyamev Jayate, Khan has become the torch bearer of socially backward and unprivileged masses.

    But here’s a flickering truth – Bollywood’s perfectionist, who is trying to bring in a change in the nation doesn’t follow the rules and regulations himself.

    Don’t believe us? Well, so didn’t we until we came across this status update on Facebook by Shyamala Ashok, a resident of Chennai, who brought the PK actor’s other side in the light.

    “As I was in the queue to scan my baggage at the Chennai Airport, Aamir Khan of Satyamev Jayate just breaks the line followed by his escorts and a few others in his name would want to break the line. If these guys do not have a simple concern that many others have been waiting in line and that they should also obey rules why the hell are they associated with programs such as Satamev Jayate etc. – It’s all fake and humbug,” posted Shyamala.

    We completely understand Shyamala’s anger, but when someone is a star as big as he is, everyone will want to take pictures with him thereby disrupting the decorum at the airport. But then as they say, “Laws are equal for all”

  • Hrithik roshan only from 14years actor but now he is king of world

    salman khan from 26years actor in bollywood

    krrish3 244cr
    kick 231cr
    and now bang bang now beat dabang2
    and ek tha tiger very soon

  • Cum on guys. .we r nt blind,we cn see dat evn if we compare both bb and haider collections it won’t beat kick collections. . .al I want to say is dat hrithik is still nt a huge star in india lyk say the khans. . .he need some more years to reach dat spot. .I’m sure he will reach dr,he has d potential. .

  • I could be wrong but my guess is that many loyal srk fans are saving money for hny as some cant afford 2 movies in 1 month.

    this could be the only reason for the underperformance of BB.

    now this if hny weakend collections are record breaking then my guess is right but if hny collection is on par with kick or ce then my guess would be wrong.

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