KICK vs Bang Bang: Box Office Comparison

Salman Khan’s KICK is the highest grosser of 2014, followed by Singham Returns and Bang Bang. Below, we compare the day wise collections of the two films.

Release circumstances of the two films

  • Kick released during the Eid weekend, which is one of the most lucrative period for film releases. The weekend that Salman Khan created way back with Wanted (2009), has given the industry several blockbusters like Dabangg, Bodyguard, Ek Tha Tiger, Chennai Express and Kick. More importantly, it has also given the industry two of its five 200 crore grossers.
  • Apart from the Post-IPL release Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani which grossed 188 crore, no other film released outside the three major festivals Eid, Diwali and Christmas have grossed more than 140 crore. YJHD is the highest non-festive grosser, followed by Singham Returns (139 cr) and Bang Bang (135 cr in 8 days). The reason why festive releases do play a big role is because ticket prices are hiked. For example, tickets will be 10-15% costlier for Happy New Year as compared to Bang Bang.
  • Kick released during ramadan period which is considered to be a dull period for film releases. On the other hand, Bang Bang released with Haider resulting in about 20-25% fewer shows at multiplexes as compared to Kick.
  • Bang Bang had a bigger star cast what with two top stars like Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif coming together. Kick relied almost entirely on Salman Khan to bring audiences to theatres.

DayKICKBang Bang
Day 126.5227.54
Day 227.1524.08
Day 330.18 (Sunday)20.1
Day 414.4122.41 (Sunday)
Day 528.8915.36
Day 621.6610.31
Day 715.48.23
First Week164.21 crores128.03
Day 89.227.42
Day 910.624.9
Day 1014.176.3
Day 115.088.03
Day 124.213.61
Day 133.913.49
Day 143.803.41
Two Week Total215.22165.19
Day 151.972.73
Day 162.931.74
Day 173.912.58
Day 181.692.92
Remaining weeks7.174.14
India Net Collections232.89 crores179.3 crores


  • xquizez-
    1. Bang Bang was not a solo release like kick.
    2. Bang Bang was not a festive release like kick
    3. BB did not have depeeka like ce.
    4. BB did not have shetty or nadiadwala.
    5. BB did not have chetan bhagat as screenwriter.
    6. BB did not have Super Bike like Dhoom 3.
    7. BB did not have double superstar like Kick and Dhoom 3, had it HR in double role, it would earn double. simple.
    8. BB did not have Uday Chopra.
    9. BB was not filmed in the usa or poland.
    10. BB did not have a train scene like ce, kick, d3.
    11. BB did not have that bokwaas dicktionary from ce.
    12. There was no Thangabali in BB.
    13. Hrithik did not wear Kick mask.
    14. critics bashed this wonderful epic.
    15. anti-indian people wached Haider instead of BB.
    16. BB did not release big in manipulationpur this time lile K3.
    17. BB producers forgot to use K3 calculator.
    18. BB had KK who cant act.
    19. BB got huge negativity upon release as whoever have wached the said bad about the film. such hypocritics should die.
    20. over all, the film was outstandingly entertaining, but people did not watch it because of Ch.League cricket.

    for this reasons, BB could not gross more. if it had everything in its favour, it would cross Dhoom 3 definitely. fingure crossed.

  • So bang bang is failure or success? Still comfusion coz bang bang budget is 140cr and the money earned by film is 135 it jst has recovered its budget now the real collections will add ki the film is succ or fail.

  • I havent watched bang bang or haider, bang bang coz of negative reviews and i hadnt interest in haider bt now i change my mind will b watching both very soon.

  • Kick is better than Bang Bang so it is deservingly ahead of BB at the box office. I really enjoyed Watching Kick again yesterday when it was premiered at Star Plus. It certainly has repeat value which I am afraid Bang Bang doesn’t.

  • hahaha they calling kick fig. 233cr, 228 ce, but k3 is 184~177~190~188 aur kuch no. Ho to bol do :D insecure haterszzz…. Kick didnt sirpass 244cr k3 trade + ol main trade fig.. Well bang bang not collecting upto the expectations its really nice movie not meanless like ce, kick, ra1, for me its nice+ etc. movie 10 time btr than kick, ce, 5 time btr than d3, from me 3.25/5 rating to bang bang, 2/5 to kick nd ce, 2.5/5 to d3….

  • it clearly shows kick’s word of mouth was better as compared to bang bang.
    I follow both indicine n boi… n today read an article on it which clearly states bang bang fell 80% n wil fall short of 150 crs.. though stil I guess it wil b a hit.

  • Maximum 210crs (India)
    Minimum 175cr (india)
    Maximum 420crs (worldwide)
    Minimum 360crs (worldwide)
    Maximum verdict blockbuster (India)
    Minimum verdict hit (India)
    Maximum verdict atbb ( worldwide
    Minimum verdict blockbuster (worldwide)
    Maximum rank in 2014 4th (India)
    Minimum rank in 2014 5th (India)
    Maximum rank in 2014 3rd worldwide)
    Minimum rank in 2014 6th (worldwide)

  • Maximum 238crs (India)
    Minimum 210crs (India)
    Maximum 385crs (worldwide)
    Minimum 350crs(worldwide)
    Maximum verdict atbb (India)
    Minimum verdict blockbuster (india )
    Maximum verdict blockbuster ( worldwide)
    Maximum verdictsuperhit (worldwide)
    Maximum rank in 2014 4th ( india)
    Minimum rank in 2014 5th (India)
    Maximum rank in 2014 4th (worldwide)
    Minimum rank in 2014 7th (worldwide)

  • @Sahir-Lungiwale : Stop copying & pasting from Srk PR sites !!!!!!! Remember, Zor ka jhatkaa : Total wipeout before bashing BB & SMJ !!!!!!!!!!

  • Saw Bang bang again with family and enjoyed.
    Kick got favoritism by media with barely average movie getting 4 start ratings. Clearly media can be influenced and purchased hence so much negativism about bang bang which is more popular for word of mouth

  • i know truth hurts but the truth is salman stardom is way above everybody in bollywood hrithik cannot match his craze, hrithik cant break salman’s records in his lifetime, i know it hurts but its true

  • Wondering why these stupidest idiotic films do hundred of crores at the box office!!! Kick is the biggest disaster film of Salman Khan ( Singham would never watch it) is it the star power or the audience’s bad taste for movies?!!!!

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