Bang Bang vs Singham Returns: Daywise Box Office Collections

Box office comparison between Bang Bang and Singham Returns is interesting because both films took extraordinary opening at the box office, but failed to sustain well enough to be huge grossers.

Having said that, the weekday collections of Bang Bang are much higher than Singham Returns, which suggests that the film will go on to be a much bigger grosser at the box office. In fact, Bang Bang is just 4 cr short of the lifetime business of the Ajay Devgn starrer.

Some points:

  • Both films released on a holiday, Singham Returns on Independence Day considered to be one of the best days for business and Bang Bang on Gandhi Jayanti. The Hrithik starrer had plenty of holidays in its first extended weekend.
  • Singham Returns got a solo release, while Bang Bang was released with Shahid Kapoor’s Haider.
  • Singham Returns has tremendous brand recall value as the first film ‘Singham’ not only did well at the box office but was also a massive hit on television.
  • The budget of Singham Returns was much lower than Bang Bang.
DaySingham ReturnsBang Bang
Day 132.0927.54
Day 221.0524.08
Day 324.5520.1
Day 414.7822.41
Day 58.2115.36
Day 66.4410.31
Day 75.478.23
First Week112.59128.03
Day 83.427.42
Day 95.034.9
Day 107.046.3
Remaining Weeks11.624.84
Lifetime Collections139.68 cr165.19 cr (in 14 days)







  • WOM is not that negative for Bang Bang…should collect 170-180crs
    and has performed very well overseas…

  • Hrithik is the only star after the khans to have made mixed WOM films a hit.

    sallu – bodyguard
    srk – raone
    aamir – taalash
    hro – bang bang

    Other stats need good to very good wom to gain hit status but these 4 can make even mixed wom film a success. true superstars

  • @Arjun kapur…. your comments make no sense. Ek Villain? Singham Returns? Ram Leela? If you said big grossers, then it makes sense.

  • 170 Crores life time for Bang Bang. And we will add 50 Crores business of Hiader to the business of Bang Bang because are making a lot of noises for a so-called clashes. Still 220 Crores! Could not beat Kick or CE.

    So, when we add Haider collections to Bang Bang, we have yo say Bang Bang was a solo release and had everything in its favor over kick and CE.
    Besides, there are some people that have watched both Bang Bang and haider. So, we have to substract half of the businesses of haider when we add its business to Bang Bang to make bang bang like a solo release…
    So, final business of bang bang will be around 200 crores. Still it can’t beat CE and kick that have less advantages..

  • @Anand….. if thats the case.. also subtract 20% higher ticket prices of Kick. Collections will be same as business of Bang Bang. We dont even need Haider LOL.

  • @HRFan, we don’t know if Bang Bang ticket prices or not but we have a ticket price as same as the ticket price of kick here…
    But why need to substract anything coz of ticket price. You say ticket prices were not hiked. If tickets were hiked, there is a chance that less people would have watched Bang Bang because of hiked ticket price??

  • Interesting comparison between Singham Returns and Bang Bang . Both of them feature my Favourite Actors Hrithik and Ajay . Singham Returns was a Superhit . Let us see what will be the verdict of BB . Both movies have underperformed but in thing is common in both the movies there performances were appreciated . Ajay was brilliant in Singham Returns and so was Hrithik in Bang Bang . @ Indicine Please post the news that Bang Bang will be released in Iraq and Lebanon .

  • babaji SR had positive wom. u cant judge wom based on imdb ratings.most indicine users and public in real life hv given thumbs up to sr and nw the same is happening with bb.I got my predictions horribly wrong for both this filmsw

  • @ARJUN KAPOOR:I am not judging WOM by IMDB ratings but by the trend at the b.o..
    SR continued to fall after monday…WOM was’nt good

  • SR was the better movie but it had nothing new to entice audiences back like most sequels so its amazing it did what it did in first weekend. Bang Bang also was a good film but truth be told it was no better than K&D but its doing well irrespective of this point.

  • first of all the comparison is not fair because @indicine, guys you are giving Bang Bang collection all India while Singham Returns you are just giving Hindi collection…..Singham Returns first week all versions collection is 150 cr.

  • So end of the day bang bang is hit / super hit. Last year I said k3 was best bet on Bo still could not match figure actual) of ordinary movies like ce, ett or kick. Bang bang was out of question.

  • well, I saw some other websites saying that it get released temil/telugu but anyway thanks @indicine for the correction.

  • Babuji if Raone which made 115 crs and 125 cts from all versions and 235crs world wide then all the films of Akshay are disasters even his highest collected film Rawdy Rathore 120crs is also a flop

  • Hrithik has 7– 50crs+ movies in his entire carrier whrs Salman Khan has 7 back2back 100crs + movies.. & they compare papa boy HR with SuperMan SalMan!! Lol

  • @Anand_Original: You lallu’s movie Kick was not slapped by critics as much as Bang Bang. Critics have tried their best to do demarketing for Bang Bang to reduce its business. Recall your lallu’s movie “Jai Ho” it became flop, had solo release so what went wrong with your God in Jai Ho??

    You know yourself that if Bang Bang could receive praise at least half of Haider’s, then it would have broken your Sallu’s butt. You should also be ashamed to see how Salman Khan copied the whole Dhoom 2 in kick. chori ka style, chor ko pakadne ka plan aur chor ko challange karneka andaz sab kuch Dhoom 2 se copy karke paste kar diya. Kuch to aukat dekhate!!

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