Bang Bang Day 8 Collections and Second week update

Bang BangBang Bang is holding up better than expected at the box office, as the film has dropped by around 10% on its second Thursday –  a normal drop on weekdays. The Hrithik Roshan starrer has also been allotted plenty of shows at multiplexes this week too, so it remains to be seen if the film manages to pick up over the weekend.

Bang Bang also went past Akshay Kumar’s highest grosser Rowdy Rathore on Thursday and should surpass the business of Dabangg today. The film is currently ranked at No 12 in the all time list of highest grossers.

Bang Bang Collections in 8 days

  • Thursday (Day 1) – 27.54 cr
  • Friday (Day 2) – 24.08 cr
  • Saturday (Day 3) – 20.1 cr
  • Sunday (Day 4) – 22.41 cr
  • Monday (Day 5) – 15.36 cr
  • Tuesday (Day 6) – 10.31 cr
  • Wednesday (Day 7) – 8.23 cr
  • Thursday (Day 8) – 7.42 cr
  • First Extended Week Total collections – 135.45 cr


  • Great Going!!!
    Lets hope it becomes a HIT and gives a big slap on face of chameleons like @Arjun Kapoor

  • hrithik rocks.v hrithikians r now going to celebrate the bang bang success in indicine for next three days.@babaji @nipun @ankan cm lets party

  • Even though Bang Bang is an okaytype movie in terms of content( like kick and CE),it has really raised the bar of action in bollywood. Hrithik’s performance is the best superstar performance of the year so far.

  • Will finish around 170 crs…verdict-average
    as per boi around 150 crs…verdict-flop to below average
    hr fans predicted-300 crs+…lolol😂😂

  • Biggest grosser WRT stars
    1.Amir khan: dhoom 3(284 crores)
    2.Hrithik Roshan: Krrish 3(244 crores)
    3.Salman Khan: kick(231 crores)
    4.SRK: ce(227 crores)
    5.Ranbir Kapoor:( YJHD(189 crores)

  • @babaji I m also very happy with its success.after all I m also a hrithikian.I was only predicting it won’t work based on my own and my frnds experience.but I m happy to b proven wrong

  • nipun u hv again started ur nonsense.ce and kick hd gd content especially has worked only bcz of hrithik’s charisma

  • I have been continously observing a moron named @saky who is always speaking craps about Hrithik.
    Hey loser, hrithikfans didn’t predict 300 crores for BangBang except a few illogical ones. But I have seen salmanfans saying kick will do 300-320 crores and some were predicting high about jai ho too. Now many srkfans are also saying that HNY will do 300 crores. @sakhi had said that HNY would do 400 crores in india and over 600 crores 2-3 senseless fans belong to all fan base. Still, i feel HRfans are the most sensible fans because we love Hrithik for his personality,talent,acting,dance,looks,body,quality,n’t for records like khanfans even though HR also breaks record.
    Agreed,BangBang is underperforming. But there is no need to bash Hrithik for that. Jai ho,JTHJ,Don 2,ra one etc also underperformed.

  • I can 100% guarantee that this @haider also hit is none other than @ARJUN KAPOOR…
    Such a hypocrite he is…even chameleons will be embarrassed by his nature!!

  • That is really a great news for me and also for fellow Hrithikians . It means that it can do very
    Well in 2nd Weekend . I just want it do the most it can . A good news for all Hrithik fans Bang Bang has become the Highest grossing film in Overseas for Hrithik beating the record of Krrish 3 . It has crossed 250 CR worldwide . I expect it do atleast 320 CR . # Victory .

  • Poor Kat had been on an unprecedented glorious run that no heroine of the past could have rivalled but sadly this film will be a semi hit halting her progress…. Better luck next time Kat

  • #indicine you should published an article for your readers in title of either “comment of the day” or “comment of the week” in everyday or in every week.
    It will be interesting for all your readers. With this we can see positive change of your readers.
    I am happy for hrithik Roshan that BANG BANG ! doing well in B.O.

  • @arjun kapoor: so when i call ce,kick average in content( where i am right actually),it became non-sense. But when you rate yjhd 9/10, it’s your brilliance. Open your eyes.

  • bang bang is holding well on weekdays. the film has still 14 days to run on the theater till HNy release. today and 2nd weekend=30 cr total 165cr so lifetime time will be 190-200cr for sure.

  • It could go past 180 crore despite so much negativity and clash. Still, around 20 crore less than my expectations. I also expected a 140 crore 1st week which was 12 crore short.

  • @nipun so when I call bang bang avg(which I am right actually)it became nonsense.but when u call kick,ce,holiday,yjhd avg its your ur eyes

  • The way it was falling, I thought it would collect less than 6 crore but it seems that some of the theaters are doing consistent business in India. Glad to see that Hrithik will be able to get away with a Hit even though the screenplay was average. This happened only because of his star power!!

  • @nipun
    look who’s talking.a moron by himself calling others moron.infact all hr fans r typical losers, crying like 12 years old is never going to hav the stardom of khans n even ranbir.even ajay has beaten him with singham returns now.hello to nipun🙋🙋

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