Kareena Kapoor Khan is India’s Most Beautiful Woman: Photos

Actress Kareena Kapoor has been conferred the title of ‘India’s Most Beautiful Woman’ by Femina.

When asked how she feels to be called India’s Most Beautiful, Kareena said “Every title is special, but what makes Femina’s ‘India’s Most Beautiful even more special is that it’s one of those few titles that recognises beauty in the spirit of a woman. My Spirit and my confidence make me beautiful”

When does she feel the most beautiful? “I look my best when I dress down. I feel beautiful when I’m in just my jeans and a sweatshirt.

What is the secret to her beauty? “I apply almost oil to my skin and hair every day. My mum and grandmother have also used it for decades now. Sometimes I also wear a face mask made of curd and almond oil, which has again been handed down to me by the women in my family”

Kareena also talks about not using Botox.

For the full interview, buy the latest issue of Femina. Now available on news stands for Rs 60!

Kareena Kapoor on Femina Magazine Cover

Kareena Kapoor on Femina Magazine Cover

Kareena Kapoor Femina Magazine Scan

Kareena Kapoor Femina Magazine Scan



  • What a silly misleading title. Most beautiful women actor in India. NOT “most beautiful woman in India” Wonder how they managed to look and judge 500+ million women in India. Silly and stupid title. Wonder if it is real beauty.

    I can just take a stroll on the street and pick up a dozen who has better all natural look than this woman.

  • Femina should have voted her most beautiful woman in Bollywood.
    But voting her most beautiful woman in India is very very misleading.
    Indian women is not only about Bollywood.

  • No way. She is not the most beautiful women at all. This is all bribery. Khans are using their pull to put the spotlight on her

  • Kareena’s heart bring out her beauty.

    She is one of the girl with most beautiful heart India has at present.

  • Please everyone appriciate the real beauty like Kareena. She is the real one in the world so beautiful and charming. Honest and out spoken.

    It is my dream to gift her a diamone set of 10 million US $ and day i have saved that money for her.


  • How come she forgot her plastic surgeons!!! C.mmon Kareena, you didn’t forget little Almond & it’s oil but forgot that great Surgeon who literally chiseled your plump face!

  • this is fake information. Kareena Khaan Is not world’s most beutiful wpmen.
    Isse Bhi Sunder-Sunder Ladkiyan Hamare desh me unlimited hai…

  • I think that b4 commenting negatively on kareena the people should look at their own faces once kareena is the queen of bollywood she ruled,is ruling and will continue to rule bollywood u cant miss her eyes she is the best actress ever in bollywood and versatile too

  • It is an insult to really beautiful Indian women.Kareena does not look a woman at all.She must huge money to Femina

  • Bullshit Aishwarya Rai Bachchan will always be the Most Beautiful Woman of all time in India . Actually , Kareena is a completely stupid person offscreen with the fact that she rejected some good quality films in Bollywood . Plus Aish is 100 times more feminine than this Kareena , who looks manly in her films . Aish is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy more stunning than Kareena

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