Akshay Kumar talks about PK and Hera Pheri 3

Akshay Kumar, who awaits the release of his upcoming film ‘Baby’, spoke to reporters about his absence from the third film in the ‘Hera Pheri’ series and the similarities between Aamir Khan’s PK and his own film ‘OMG! Oh My God’.

Earlier, there were reports that Firoz Nadiadwala decided not to cast Akshay in the film because he couldn’t afford him. Akshay, reportedly, demanded more than his market value. However, the superstar has denied those allegations saying “I was never offered Hera Pheri 3.. they never approached me” he said.

Akshay also said that he didn’t find too many similarities between OMG and PK ”I have seen PK and I don’t think OMG and PK are similar. The theme is probably the same but the treatment, plot and everything else is different.”

Akshay Kumar

Akshay Kumar



  • Well said! Religious satire is just a genre. OMG and Pk are 2 different films. Waiting for Baby. Neeraj is one of my favorite directors. Hope it turns out well!

  • Will miss Akshay Kumar in Hera Pheri 3. I still think Paresh Rawal is the most important character in that film, but Akki was great too.

    About PK and OMG, Bollywood has no right to even say PK is copied, because most Bollywood movies are the same anyway. Hirani films have always been very different from the shit that is churned out every week.

    Which brings me to the last point, Neeraj Pandey is a terrific director too. I LOVED A Wednesday. Special 26 could have been better. Expecting a lot from Baby. Hope it’s a good film.

  • Neeraj Pandey is talented lad, if Baby turns out to be as good as ‘A Wednesday’, it might well turn out to be the much needed big grosser for Akki.
    He should avoid doing movies like Entertainment, Khiladi 786, Joker etc.
    I dread even Singh Is Blingh (Prabhudeva directorial) might turn out dreadful.
    Anyways, if all goes well Baby should be the first success of the year unless Alone & ‘I’do good business.

  • We will miss Akki in Hera Pheri 3. Without akki in hera pheri 3 just like a flower without fragrance. Waiting for #baby#.

  • @aamir_khan Frm Lagaan to PK 2200cr WW

    @BeingSalmanKhan Frm MPK to Kick 2100 cr

    @iamsrk Frm Deewana to HNY 1800cr

    Aamir the real King

  • Though i’m a fan of salman i’ll be very honest…akshay looks youngest and fit among all actors aged 45+ ….ppl who learn martial art they look absolutely fit..same goes with Sylvester.

    i just cant digest nonsense and illogical movies but on the contrary i like it when akki pull off this kind of roles :p dont know why…his comic timing is brilliant !!

    one more bitter truth i’m from HYD and works in chennai now..my colleagues never take akki seriously bcz they have seen him in plenty of comedy movies..many of them dint go for holiday …they have portrayed akki as a comedian actor and find funny sometimes when he does serious movies.
    it was jaw dropping for me but its what many of them think.

  • Akshay Kumar is best He’s never insecure of anyone in bollywood he does his work honestly Love you Akki
    Waiting For BABY

  • Akki Rocks
    Eagerly waiting for Ba By . . .
    Just 9 days remaining

    C0mE 0n Ba By . . .

  • The footfalls of PK will stay below 3 Idiots though have gone past Dhoom 3 in the fourth weekend. 3 idiots had footfalls of 2.8 crore plus in 2009 while Dhoom 3 was 2.55 crore plus last year. PK will finish somewhere in the middle of the two.

    It seems that having more than 3 crore ticket sold is a tough ask while 4 crore looks an impossible task. PK had a huge average ticket rate in the first week of 207 at multiplexes in the first week while second week came down to 181 and third week is down to the normal 155. The footfalls in two weeks were around 2.2 crore and in three weeks it has similar footfalls to Dhoom 3.

    In two weeks PK had recorded the same number of footfalls achieved by Ek Tha Tiger but that had nett business of 186 crore while PK in two weeks grossed 277 crore nett. A difference of 90 crore nett in collections but same amount of tickets sold. There will be a huge difference in the average multiplex ticket with Ek Tha Tiger being at 150 and PK heading for 195. The ratio of single screen business is also less for PK. The festive period and the content working meant ticket rates could be kept at higher levels for longer. It was on the third Monday that they were at regular rates. The gap in business between the festive event films and other major releases will get wider as ticket rates can be pushed higher for the festive releases be it for three days, a week or even longer when content is there like PK.

    Still put into perspective, a Hum Aapke Hain Kaun would be grossing 650 crore nett on the ticket rates at P.K. Just like North America where the biggest recent hits like Avatar or The Avengers compare badly with the biggest hits ever like Gone With The Wind and Star Wars, its a similar story in India.

    Note – The 650 crore nett of Hum Aapke Hain Kaun is not the adjusted nett gross of the film. It is the adjusted figure on the ticket rates of P.K. The average ticket rate for 2014 will be much lower than the rate of P.K.

  • Thats why u r my fav actor.he hv never spoken any thng bad aganist any body..most non controversial actor..thats why u win trillions f heart.u hv never been any one’s camp..we really like ur attitude.
    Baby on 23rd jan

  • Its happy that akki also feel the same that apart the Zoner there were hardly any similarity between two film even the message both film convey is different.
    I loved OMG and PK both.
    Waiting for baby.

  • here one Prate cled @king of overacting is spreading false collections of salman,amir,let’s have to put our eyes on 3 KHAN’S collections—-

    600 cr worldwide club me ‘pk’ k entry k baad
    everyone say’s Amir is the box office King.
    But, consistency keh raha hai Who is the
    King in bollyood.

    Salman Khan :
    1. Main aur mrs khanna- 18 cr
    2. London Dreams- 30 cr
    3. Veer- 49 cr
    4. Dabaang- 213 cr
    5. Ready- 185 cr
    6. Bodygaurd- 229 cr
    7. Ek tha tiger- 318cr
    8. Dabaang 2- 255 cr
    9. Jai ho- 175cr
    10. Kick- 377 cr
    Total- 1849cr
    amer Khan:
    Shah Rukh Khan :
    1. Don- 113 cr
    2. Chak de! India- 117 cr
    3. Om shanti om- 148 cr
    4. Rab ne bana di jodi- 156 cr
    5. My name is khan- 206 cr
    6. Ra.one- 241 cr
    7. Don 2- 238 cr
    8. Jab tak hai jaan- 252 cr
    9. Chennai Express- 425 cr
    10. Happy New Year- 385 cr
    Total- 2280 cr

    If I go further behind adding previous movies worldwide collection,then doosra khan(salman) and teesra collection(amer) will be out listed.

    amir—-flop actor of 90’s
    sallu—-flop actor of 1st decade of 21st century
    And KING KHAN is all time HIT actor from 1992-2014 and the one and only BADSHAH aka KING OF BOLLYWOOD SINCE 1992.

  • Well it is not good to drop Akshay from Hera Pheri 3.He has great comedy movies in the past and the comedy suits him well.Despite the movie belongs to Paresh Rawal aka Babu bhai.the character played by akki as Raju was unforgattable too.
    And PK and OMG are the differents projects.As Akshay said the theme was same but the presentation was entirely different as PK has more masala story than OMG.

  • @Suresh Sukhinath Subhramaniam (January 14,2015 at 9:06 PM) don’t worry srk is the flop actor of this decade. consistency wise aamir is far ahead of srk. aamir’s last flop was mela, way back in 2000 while sarook’s last flop is ratoon. one only 3 years back. shame.

  • His latest blockbuster film Special Chabbis (26) sees the talented actor delving into the realm of real-life drama that he has not much been associated with in the past.

    With several highly accredited performances to his name, “the quintessential action hero” proves his versatile nature as his recent hits Special Chabbis, Khiladi 786, OMG: Oh My God, Rowdy Rathore, Housefull 2 soar at the box office. In Special Chabbis, although not his usual dare-devilish stunt based film, Akshay has been praised for his compelling and realistic portrayal of conman ‘Mon Singh’ in the acclaimed Neeraj Pandey directed gritty heist film.

    Akshay has previously made his mark with comedic roles in such films as Housefull 1 and 2, Welcome, De Dhana Dhan, Hera Phera, action film Rowdy Rathore, and a combination of both in Khiladi 786. His naturally funny and relatable nature made him the perfect candidate for these genres.

    In 2012 the international superstar starred in OMG: Oh My God, a poignant comedy film taking a sidewards glance at religion, spirituality and a person’s relation to God and the universe. Akshay was praised for his iconic performance as Lord Krishna Vasudev Yadav.

    Along with his honed acting skills, the star further reinforces his versatile persona with the range of films he is producing through his production company Hari Om Entertainment. He touches on other genres with newly established company Grazing Goat Pictures, an avant-garde production house which specialises in making thought-provoking, unique films, which are targeted to the vast and varied regional cinema market in India.

    With a whole host of new projects in the pipeline, nothing can stop this global superstar and all we can do is sit back and wait to see what Akshay does next to equally delight his critics and legion of adoring fans.

  • @sss : Lol !!!! jealousy at peak. Talk about present not some era. Srk is Teesra Khan as of today standings. And no one can break Srk’s YLJK records which is right on top among all flops. So keep barking !!!!!!!!!!

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