Kareena Kapoor Khan is India’s Most Beautiful Woman: Photos

Actress Kareena Kapoor has been conferred the title of ‘India’s Most Beautiful Woman’ by Femina.

When asked how she feels to be called India’s Most Beautiful, Kareena said “Every title is special, but what makes Femina’s ‘India’s Most Beautiful even more special is that it’s one of those few titles that recognises beauty in the spirit of a woman. My Spirit and my confidence make me beautiful”

When does she feel the most beautiful? “I look my best when I dress down. I feel beautiful when I’m in just my jeans and a sweatshirt.

What is the secret to her beauty? “I apply almost oil to my skin and hair every day. My mum and grandmother have also used it for decades now. Sometimes I also wear a face mask made of curd and almond oil, which has again been handed down to me by the women in my family”

Kareena also talks about not using Botox.

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Kareena Kapoor on Femina Magazine Cover

Kareena Kapoor on Femina Magazine Cover

Kareena Kapoor Femina Magazine Scan

Kareena Kapoor Femina Magazine Scan



  • after madhuri, only kareena was amongst the few who could act as well as look beautiful.

    other than kareena only deepika and alia have both.

  • luv u bebo.eagerly waiting for bajrangi bhaijaan.hope ur presence helps bhai to cross 240cr mark which has already been crossed by hrihtik(k3) while sarook will cross it with fan.

    my sallu is tired of coming 3rd and 5th in everything.plz bebo help our bhau to cross 240 cr atleast bfr srk crosses it

  • After watching Refugee..i never thought she would be in this position one day….jab we met & chameli played a very major role for her career…wish u the best bebo for ur upcoming movies and i would love to watch u with shahid again :))

  • love u bebo you my favourite actress u are truly most beautiful woman of india.proud of u .just eagerly waiting for bajrangi bhaijaan.

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  • Bebo always looked beautiful and sexy and no one can take her place in Bollywood after all no one should forget that she is Raj Kapoor’s grand daughter. Even today with Deepika and Alia around she looks stunning and has been a good actress all the way. Wish you all the best for 2015

  • Kareena Kapoor( Khan ) Is best appearance mujha kuch kahena hai, very beautiful, it’ only my opinion.

  • My face appearance is also look like kareena. She is beautifull. My fav movie is jab we met forever bcoz her charachter match with my real nature and life.

  • Come on….she is more ugly than beautiful….she has fair skin but that doesn’t make a woman beautiful. There are 1000’s of women in India who are far more beautiful than her…Please Femina!!!!

  • Luv You Bebo,undoubtedly you are the most beautiful women in this world.
    I liked your eye snathing role in Jub We Met………..All the best

  • hottest, sexiest …. and bla bla. first one should test the brains of the people who passes these judgements on women in general to create some buzz in the country and invite some comments.

  • how come? come on! she looks manly at times. there are more infact in large number beautiful women comapred to her. please femina, check your facts before print.

  • Mrs.Kareena Kapoor Khan may be beautiful in Hindi Cinema field, but not surely most beautiful woman of India.

  • C’mon is she really natural beauty? Any one can do that after all that plastic surgery, Botox. Shame on you Femina.

  • hey bebo khan u r my fav actress. frm ur starting career n i love u soo much
    uu r really soo beautifull mashallaha
    after marrying with saifu bhai u r loooking more beautiful n sweet
    u always rocks n will be always rocks n be happy n beautiful always
    i pray for uu to sucess n be no 1 always for me till i live we love u sooo much bebo khan saab

  • she is the most ugliest – dont know how pople judge – she looks like a fair crawling reptile of dry desert – she also doe’nt deserve to be a bahu of royal family -infact she with her nude mother in law cannot be in royal status – there nude shows dirty dances inclusive her sister in law good 4nothing – pls stop ur nudity at least – for a beautiful women no need 2 show her nudity best ex – madhubala

  • The scariest thing i have heard till date. That too Most beautiful in Whole India. I wonder which stupid selection board was there. or may be wait Kareena has had them hired :) . Such a waste

  • Femina magzine is all fucked up! If they start calling women the most beautiful after they have gone for all sorts of plastic surgery then they surely have done so to Please those women or maybe to get an interview from them!!!!

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