Shahrukh Khan immortalised in World’s first 3D printed model

Redchillies VFX in association with Autodesk India came together to make a special gift for Shahrukh Khan. The superstar has now been immortalised in the world’s first life-size 3D printed model in his very own iconic pose.

“It’s the first 3D printed life-size model done by Redchillies.VFX and Autodesk team. It is overwhelming how technology has gone forward. I am grateful to be a part of this amazing technology. This is outstanding and I am dying to show it to my kids. Its silver and shiny statue of mine in my classic pose. I want to thank Keitan, Harry, Red Chillies VFX team and Autodesk team who have worked on it. It’s the figure of work I have done for all these years,” SRK said.

The 3D printed model has been designed by the Redchillies VFX team and is the first of its kind in the world.

Khan also tweeted that technology has ensured that even his dimples have been captured in a product that has been made in India “How fantastic is my Team Red Chillies VFX. Fully made in india the first 3D lifesize printout. My best B’Day present. Excited about this technology so I will over load you all with more images. 1st ever in the world!! Made in India! Even the folds in the shirt and trousers are captured in such detail…and if I may add the dimples too.”

Shahrukh Khan with his 3D printed Life Size Model

Shahrukh Khan with his 3D printed Life Size Model





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  • Shah Rukh Khan becomes First Life Size 3D Printed Model.. First life size 3D printed model ever made by SRK’s Red Chillies Entertainment in his famous signature pose…

    every day every week every month we have something to be proud and happy…

    ?#?SRKiansAreTheLuckiest?! Congrats to SRK, RCE, SRKians and Every Indian…

  • more than srk rajkumar hirani and kushwant Singh deserved to b immortalised.anyways I don’t hv any problem with srk being immortalised as he has also done some good films

  • He is so tired of buying awards now he’s immortalising himself through his production house. I can’t believe him and deepilka have been nominated let alone winning awards for happy new year.

  • What exactly is the big deal here? Shahrukh Khan’s own production house creates a life size poster of him. An honour, award, recognition or ‘immortalisation’ is when someone else does it. Not you yourself.

    For some one who has achieved enough, he doesn’t need to praise himself. Is this his insecurity or trying to take away the limelight from the other two Khans who are clearly ahead at the box office?

  • @Asambuddha

    Thank you Asambuddha! You’re making me famous! Yes, Hirani should definitely be immortalised. He is the best mainstream director of the decade!

  • Again a wonderfull job done by Red chilli vfx after making the 8-10pck abs…….VFX ROCKS KING ROCKS.



    800 CR OVERSEAS.



  • while aamir and salman creating boxoffice records our king is busy buying awards and praising himself king rocks.

  • how cheap guys are here ,
    RCE Created Worlds First 3D Fulllife Print And Ur saying he’s praising Himself ?
    This is first in world , Ru getting the meaning of this ? The invented it , if my company ever could have that definitely I would have praised that one ..

  • idiots r never gonna learn.This isn’t about his statue that srk is proud of,He is proud of the brilliance and genius achievement of RCVFX,which is the brainchild of him.But u thickheads r thinking this as a show of glorification.

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