Karan Johar refuses to comment on KRK – Ajay Devgn controversy

Filmmaker Karan Johar has refused to comment on the on-going controversy, saying his self respect and company reputation doesn’t allow him to dignify the question with a response.

The director of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ said “My self respect, reputation, company reputation and my upbringing doesn’t allow me to dignify this question with a response”

Karan was asked about the controversy at ‘Express Adda’, which was moderated by Anand Goenka, Executive Director of Indian Express.

His refusal to comment comes a day after Ajay Devgn released a audio clipping on his official Youtube channel and also released a press statement. The leaked audio clipping was a conversation between Kamaal R Khan and producer-distributor Kumar Mangat. KRK was heard saying he had received Rs 25 lakhs from Karan to post negative comments on ‘Shivaay’ on his social media page.

In a press conference that was held today, KRK rubbished the accusation, calling the personal conversation a joke.



  • @ srkfans: dont talk about dignity because what ajay sir is doing is 100percent correct he is a fighter…y shud a man postponed his 100crmovie and make it flop because of yash chopra…with whom he has not worked not even a single time….kjo coward is creating negativity by paying some media… Y shud a person sit quite…he is singham in fighting odds… And many chepo srkfans r telling ajay sir cheap because he fought with aam admi police at wankede…he slapped his friend hubby at party…he has fans who wants to kill all the Americans by bombing…sayed hafeez close friend…aahankari…who kisses and plays with all actresses in the name of comedy….srkfans r real reasons for the fall of srk…somuch of negativity they r creating in other fan bases against srk by giving hopeless comments on other star….from today onwards I will boycott all srk movies in future even if they r good…..from ajay-salman fan iam changing my identity2 boycott srk movies from my next comment on indicine

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  • KRK confessed that he was unware of the record of phone call so he told Kumar Mangat Pathak that he was paid 25 Lakhs to promote ADHM.
    Ajay Devgn exposes KRK because if Karan Johar is behind all this to defame Ajay Devgn and for the real gutsy man like Ajay Devgn, his self-integrity,self-esteem, are always the bigger things than his image.
    Ajay Devgn is clear in this controversy.
    If Karan Johar can do paid trends,defame ajay devgn and do negativity of shivaay, then couldn’t KJo pay critics for the favourable review of his film ADHM. That’s the reason why Ajay Devgn might have thought this and expose Karan Johar deeds by first exposing KJo paid man KRK.

  • Remember wat u gave came back hard at u ajay,remember ur own sos against jthj with the help of salman tried to show cheap stardom of ur self and still could’nt beat jthj,this time there is srk playing a cameo in adhm.best of luck for ur big investment u will be challenged this time again and adhm could well become the best film.

  • @ navin, can’t u live without mentioning SRK’s name in every comments.your every comment is disastrous.u are a very shameless person.

  • Ajay ne expose kiya woh galat….
    Aur karan ne paisy dekar itna ghatiya kaam kiya woh sahi……
    Agar shivaay successful hoti hai to karan ko ek acha lesson milega….
    KRK to expose ho gaya lekin aur bhi hongy jo paison pe bat karty hien…..
    Mien kehta hon ajay ne bahut acha kiya….Only shivaay this diwali

  • @Indicine it’s quite clear now looking at page 1 where# 90% of highly rated comments# are dedicated to Ajay doing the right thing. Apart from sensible @Ank,@Mwalla,@xzone gupta the rest of Srk fans are really showing hatred as usual to Ajay. If it’s true will you still stick with your envy? The more stupid fans like @Javed,bash Ajay the more it’s coming to terms that they still are insecure with him and jealous of what is regarded best Bollywood trailer international wise too. Sad to see them even talking about Ajay not deserving Diwali means they missed Diwali of recent time because of Ajay who decided when to releases. Begging not to releases diwali shows in the current decade he has 100% track record esp clash so let them bark audiences knows who is guilty. Good it’s posted by Ajay to show how his ambitious movie is being pulled down and maturely he said they should investigate IF ,minf you he said IF kjo is among bcos the 25 lack stated. So not yet accusing kjo but I know he can do it. What’s there? Bcoz these are ethics and norms sabotaged like case but trust Ajay once he commits he does not even rethink. Am with Shivaay big time.

  • For Ajay it is now a case of crying Wolf Wolf one time too many …. he did this with Chopras and now he is trying to do the same with with Johar but not many will buy into his victim card this time around ….

  • @ hamza :

    What ajay did in Jthj vs SoS was to fight for his right as producer. Some shahrukh fans may get emotional and say ajay should have postponed but if their own money was invested they will fight also as producer to protect money and investment. I am not ajay fan but if i am producer i will fight for my movie. But this @neeraj here is unnecessarily bashing shahrukh by calling him krk etc so he is getting a response from us shah fans too.

  • @Navina Auntiji-Talking about special favours, shouldn’t Lallu be able to overcome his impotency and be able to do some special favour to his female friends so that they might reconsider him before dumping him? On one hand Lallu can’t loose his virginity, on the other hand Lallu fans like Navina Auntiji can’t stop dreaming about SRK and can’t stop writing about him and remembering him in every seconds of their lifetime!! Don’t cry auntiji we understand the cravings you have in your old age which can only be fulfilled by dreaming about SRK!! But don’t expect to get some real favour from SRK since forget you, even your Lallu can’t afford to have some cheap favours from the second richest actor in the world!!

  • navin is the only person who always gets more dislike then likes…. repeated comments always.. tape recorder hai kya?

  • @ Destroyer of Khans

    The ‘legendary and accurate predictor’ is back. Your shivaay predictions? 400 crore like Mohenjodaro? Buahahah. Do not compare mohenjodaro with shivaay. Mohenjodaro’s trailer was flop and shivaay’s trailer is superhit. Mohenjodaro suffered negativity due to poor trailer/songs. In shivaay’s case negativity is artificially created. Mohenjodaro lost as it was over-hyped and trailer was poor. Shivaay trailer is blokbuster and Shivaay will thrash Adhm. Stop destroying Khans and making accurate predictions

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  • @8:23am peasant prashant

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  • @Challa you don’t like Ajay, that’s fine. But if you doing this because of jthj vs sos incident, than it is childish. I think the only thing Ajay did that time was took the screen allocation case to court. I don’t remember any other incident, if it was there, let me know. I also thought that Ajay should postponed SOS later date after yash ji death. But my opinion was changed when I saw his interview about the reason of not doing so.
    He said I don’t have any other good release date to push the film. He said if I postpone my film 1 or 2 week ahead, do Aamir push talaash (scheduled to release 2 week later than jthj & sos), Akshay move Khiladi 786 and Salman push Dabangg 2. When a producer push his film at last moment than he has to incure heavy losses and also the film got unnecessary negative vibe. You can see what happened at CE vs Ouatim time. If you against Ajay only because he clashed to jthj, you should also see srk when he stepped on eid 2013 and Christmas 2015 when other films already booked the same release dates.
    As far as this incident I too feel that Ajay should not reacting the way he did, but at least it will make other aware what can happen in Bollywood. I also think this step of Ajay create unnecessary negativity for Shivaay. You may support ADHM no issue.

  • Kajol at least should have contact Karan close friends to find the reality before tweeting now it’s too late so sad how do you face the industry people!

  • you guys know it’s illegal to record private conversation between two people right? I don’t know about indian court but where I am that kind of thing ain’t admissible in court and you really want legal institution or media to examine a leak obtained by violating privacy ?Seriously? As a matter of fact that shady clown krk can just sue ajay and his friend for that alone and karan(whether guilty or not) sue krk.Cause the guy is protected by clause of confidentiality and illegal recording in case he gave krk the money and by act of slander if he didn’t.Either way karan is safe legally,in media eyes that’s another story

  • The most important thing is why and who believes on KRK…
    Who is starting negative publicity ??? Ajay devgan or karan johar…
    If ajay is relaxed ???
    Any sensible guy or who have left some sense can easily understand this dirty game …
    Is ajay and his fans believe krk 25 lakh claims then what can u save ???
    Is karan lost his mind that he need help of krk ??? U have clear answer guys…
    Other fans have reason to support shivaay that means they also believe krk…
    Is ajay really believing krk or ???

    Being human how many fans can believe krk is right ???

  • Actually fraud ajay devgun paid RS. 25 lakh to Mr.KRK for this publicity stunt..Just wait..Time will prove the truth…No one can hide truth..

  • @srkfans:Tum log pehle apne pocket se 100cr rupay movie mai lagao aur baadh mai bhooko…tum log bhi bhi kisika nahi sunege…hez not a fool like u who will become bankrupt because of yash chopra who has not even directed a single movie with

  • we all know his upbringing…how his father gave racist comment on ajay for phol aur kaante…telling that he cant become actor..c his colour and all… what about his own son who is gay and neech… and has affairs with srk and krk…..he is culprit thats y hez keeping quiet…

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