Karan Johar refuses to comment on KRK – Ajay Devgn controversy

Filmmaker Karan Johar has refused to comment on the on-going controversy, saying his self respect and company reputation doesn’t allow him to dignify the question with a response.

The director of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ said “My self respect, reputation, company reputation and my upbringing doesn’t allow me to dignify this question with a response”

Karan was asked about the controversy at ‘Express Adda’, which was moderated by Anand Goenka, Executive Director of Indian Express.

His refusal to comment comes a day after Ajay Devgn released a audio clipping on his official Youtube channel and also released a press statement. The leaked audio clipping was a conversation between Kamaal R Khan and producer-distributor Kumar Mangat. KRK was heard saying he had received Rs 25 lakhs from Karan to post negative comments on ‘Shivaay’ on his social media page.

In a press conference that was held today, KRK rubbished the accusation, calling the personal conversation a joke.



  • As guilty as he is, he will always refuse to comment.
    Why didn’t he gave guts to say that Rs KRK was lying on the phone?

  • Respect Karan sir !!!
    At least he didn’t take it on social media like Ajay.
    Go Karan we are all with u and destroy shivaay !!!!!

  • Because Kjo has been brutally exposed!!!!!

    where was the dignity n self respect when he was laughing on abuses on AIB show shamelessly!!!

    Such an opportunist crook he is!!!

  • Its good on his part to remain silent & dignified and not to give importance to useless KRK and brainless allegations.

  • same happened with mohenjodaro good film went in vain
    people like akshey & karan will see the day when this will happen with them

  • So, he(kjo) paid 25lakh to KRK. That all….!
    Kjo feeling ashamed himself that why he refused to comment about leaked audio.

  • KRK lying through press conference….
    KJo refusing to comment….
    Don’t they seem coordinated and planned?

  • Karan, instead of beating around the bush with your carefully chosen words, why don’t you just say KRK lied on phone to defame me and Dharma movies; for publicity; and take legal actions against him (KRK)???

    Dhoodh Ka Dhoodh, Paani Ka Paani Ho Jayega!
    And we will stop blaming you too.

    I know Teri phategi Aisa kehne me!

  • Not satisfied with answer. It is your company’s integrity which is questioned and you say company’s integrity does not allow to respond. If I were in his place and was right I had clearly rejected krk’s claim and supported ajay’s demand of investigation. If I am right I will take ajay to court instead. Why is karan silent? For Ajay i would say now remain silent. Do not extend this krk stupidity. You are above this all. Shivaay is stronger movie and will win. You do not need all this. Lowest time ever as we all are discussing worthless KRK.


  • 1st this johar did self paid Negative trends and now this.. Heard the full convo between kumar mangat and KRK where krk Explicitly said ke ‘Ab wahan se 25 lakh aaye toh unko mana kaise kar sakte haim” .. DISGUSTING TRULY DISGUSTING… Ajay devgn is the same man whi stood against the Monopoly of YRF during SOS vs JTHJ clash and totally Jthj and now he took this Step.. really Admire him….

  • ajay devgn becomes a joke and krk gains popularity
    ajay betrays with industry by recording and leaking such videos
    now no one in industry except rohit shetty will believe on him
    may be after golmaal 4 he record rohit shetty too
    ?? where was his emotions with industry when he refused to take away sos for yash ji
    poor ajay

  • I don’t believe a word of this Crook Johar. Only money matters to him and he stoop down to any level for money.
    Put him behind the bars and we will spared from the tortures from cliched crap gheesta peesta Rom coms and extramarital affairs based films.
    We will be happy with Neeraj, Raju, Kabir, SLB, Rakesh and Adi..

  • @ xzone : Following comment is the reason I follow and respect you in all srkians. You and ANK are my favroites of Indicine. Right this is not SRK vs Ajay this is Ajay vs Ranbir. This should be not made jthj vs sos part 2

    September 2, 2016 at 9:30 pm
    An appeal to SRK fans :

    Don’t give it (the clash) a shape of SRK vs AD when SRK is nowhere linked with Shivaay or ADHM (barring his short cameo).
    There should be some difference between us and that particular fans base which supports any xyz who stands against SRK.
    If few of you are still carrying the grudge of JTHJ vs SOS, just chuck it as four years have been passed since that incident and lot of equations have been changed in these four years.

    Again, it’s just an appeal so you may pay heed to it or just discard. After all, you all are entitled to follow your own path. Thanks.

  • Every SRK fan will become a KRK fan. No wonder both SRK and KRK rhyme similar..

    The Karan Johar is the most crook person to have ever existed on the face of this planet.

    No matter how this man or woman tries hard, he can never be in the league of Neeraj, Raju, Kabir, SLB, Adi etc because he only knows to make crap cliched Rom coms and films on crappy extra marital affairs like adhm.

    I am completely fed up by films of Kjo portraying crap shitty rom coms and cliched extra marital shit woven into films.

    only SHIVAAY coz it had better trailer, has better story to tell .

  • Why to give krk so much importance as if he really affects a movies’ collection.
    He gave sultan negative review , sultan became atbb , he gave rustom negative review , same result , piku negative review , piku was very successful , twmr negative review , it became a huge blockbuster , yjhd , holiday , kick , ranjhana .All were given negative review by him and all became huge hits.

    Conclusion – no critic , trade analyst is bigger than content and positive wom

  • This man is truly a genius!!! He has made the buzz around his film sky rocket with refusing 2 comment!!hats off kj, I see all these haters here calling him a crook while I see him as a business man

  • Why Karan not commenting already KRK gave very good answer on this question in the KRK press conference watch full vedeo. Karan is the legend people!

  • @Challa

    i have been utterly disappointed by ur statements. why will Bollywood lovers support a scum bag like Kjo? who was himself involved in AIB video laughing on street level abuses!!!

    don’t behave like hypocrite

  • @Sunny Akkiholic, you are on point on Karan with AIB Roast. Karan is a shameless creature pretending to be a saint because he has been brutally exposed.

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