Karan Johar refuses to comment on KRK – Ajay Devgn controversy

Filmmaker Karan Johar has refused to comment on the on-going controversy, saying his self respect and company reputation doesn’t allow him to dignify the question with a response.

The director of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ said “My self respect, reputation, company reputation and my upbringing doesn’t allow me to dignify this question with a response”

Karan was asked about the controversy at ‘Express Adda’, which was moderated by Anand Goenka, Executive Director of Indian Express.

His refusal to comment comes a day after Ajay Devgn released a audio clipping on his official Youtube channel and also released a press statement. The leaked audio clipping was a†conversation between Kamaal R Khan and producer-distributor Kumar Mangat. KRK was heard saying he had received Rs 25 lakhs from Karan to post negative comments on ‘Shivaay’ on his social media page.

In a press conference that was held today, KRK rubbished the accusation, calling the personal conversation a joke.



  • @Gupta SRKian
    September 2, 2016 at 10:39 pm

    Exactly, I would have slammed that KRK and taken both Ajay and KRK t court if I were in his place and innocent.

  • @Challa

    i have been utterly disappointed by ur statements. why will Bollywood lovers support a scum bag like Kjo? who was himself involved in AIB video laughing on street level abuses!!! And I saw ur tweets on Twitter year ago when u were accusing Kjo of bribing websites to give 4 star review of his crap 3rd class rom-coms!!! don’t change ur words.

    donít behave like hypocrite.

  • @ xzone: completely agree with you sir. Shahrukh is not in lead in adhm. SRK fans may support whatever movie but not right to attack ajay to make it JTHJ vs SoS 2. Some fans still emotional about that clash and carrying grudge against ajay though a lot time has passed. Support whatever movie but no need to bash ajay or ranbir or kjo.

  • Classic reply by KJO. Now we live in the World where Panama Devgn blames other for giving money to critics for promotion.

  • @Neeraj Nobody’s supporting krk here.We are only supporting karan.But isn’t it ironic that out of 5 movies he has directed 3 of them have an IMDb rating of above or equal to 7.5 which is one less than Hrithik if you exclude k3g.
    Also he has delivered 3 all time highest grossers in overseas which is commendable.Hrithik also rhymes with many other terms but I won’t go to details here and maintain my decency.

  • Look at this moron neeraj who claim that we should support new films like shivaay
    Where were u when srk did Ra one, Fan
    Instead of supporting , weren’t u bashing fan constantly u chameleon …!!!
    U r too insecure about Ranbir because he can give tough fight to jadoo boy if Adhm works big time at box office ….!!!!
    Are u not the one who laughed at Fan’s failure and u got what u deserved when MD became epic disaster.
    U laughed at Raees’s makers for its unexpected postponement but the makers gave u nightmare by announcing 26th January the same date as hrithik ‘s kaabil.
    And now u expect us to support srk’s biggest enemy who is intending to book all upcoming Diwali festivals !!!!!!!
    We want shivaay to become a super flop so that flop devgaan never even thinks about releasing his craps on this holiday !!

  • @Challa

    i have been utterly disappointed by ur statements. why will Bollywood lovers support a scum bag like Kjo? who was himself involved in AIB video laughing on street level abuses!!! And I saw ur tweets on Twitter year ago when u were accusing Kjo of bribing websites to give 4 star review of his crap 3rd class rom-coms!!! donít change ur words.

    donít behave like hypocrite.

  • @anandi 10:32pm
    Yeah right, formal investigation must be carried out.
    Comes from a fan of a man who is guilty of ‘almost’ all sorts of crime in this world.
    Hypocrisy level: Infinite?

  • @Neeraj Show a single comment of mine against Karan on Indicine or on Twitter.If you’re able to I won’t comment on Indicine ever.My promise.K3G and Kkhh and khnh(he only produced it thkugh) are my all time favourite movies and the only reason why I fell in love with Bollywood.So I have huge respect for this guy.Soty was a crap but Adhm looks good if not as good as Shivaay.
    In fact the fight isn’t about srk.If adhm becomes a blockbuster some of them would be like kjo is srks godfather and etc.
    But I still love him and will continue supporting no matter what others think

  • ‘Har ek CHOR pakde jaane ke baad yehi kehta hain ki Maine CHORI nahi ki.’ So what’s new in KJO’s statement???

  • If kjo is clean he should drag Krk and Ajay to court.but he has to break his silence and should come up with an evidence.
    Mind sucks sala kuch samaj nhi aa rha kis ko gali du kis ki support kre

  • KJo’s fans fully trying to let AD down especially the psycho Javed. I think he is also from the same community where KJo belongs. Know what I mean :)

  • @chipKali 11:14pm

    But all those crimes are nothing compared to killing hundreds of innocents with the help of h-a-f-i-z-z s-a-e-e-d..

  • Ajay is not like The Great Hrithik Roshan who will not take any action against Hindi Cinema supports and paid media.

    Ajay will do all to save his film Shivaay against All Hindi Cinema support, paid media that spread negativity. Even Ajay will bring all of them into court for spreading negativities and losing money due to paid media and Hindi Cinema supports.

    Thanks to paid media, all negativities around ADHM turned into all positivities despite ADHM has hardly anything positive.

    Akshay Kumar was lucky that he does nasty things to Hrithik. Ajay would destroy Akshay Kumar for playing nasty games just for own profits if Ajay would their instead of Hrithik Roshan.

    Hrithik Roshan was, is, will be ahead of Akshay even if his earn ZERO at the Box Office. Akshay can only be ahead of Hrithik in playing nasty games for own profits even with claimed friend Hrithik Roshan.

  • Every galaxy gigastar fan is also a krk fan. Because….
    1. Both of them looks pretty much similar, having 15-20 pack abs on face.

    2. Both the ugly guys names have the same ‘Rhyme’.

    3. One says ” I am the biggest critic” and another one says “I am the biggest gigastar”.

  • Why Srk fans are all over Ajay? Had it been their teesra will they support Karan johar.
    Even @Challa comes out finally from hiding shell claiming his back because he thinks he can stain Shivaay opportunity that has come out now but no use,everyone knows Kjo is a coward

  • @javeeeeda 10:31pm

    Abey peasant for a man supposedly destined to meet his doom in 2018 due to some incutable mental disease you seem rather too keen to inflict as much misery doom death as possible to hindus, americans n now Ajay Devgn before Satan calls you home…!

    Surely one would think you would embrace abit of humility n spread love but I just wonder if your crocidile tears about your demise in 2018 was nothing more than a facade in order to gain support for ISIS sorry for your own perverse anti hindu anti american agenda…? BTW I bet that the real doom you will face in 2018 is the army of prisonstan finally coming to your village n arresting you n your fellow gang of anti hindu anti american Talibani nutjobs…!

  • Because he knows that ajay is right. He paid krk for bring down shivaay but u looser jst wait shivaay will destroy adhm completely.

  • Karan refused to comment on this controversy doesn’t mean that he is guilty.infact it is clear that karan has nothing to do with this controversy .so he only want to concentrate on his work . Dogs always bark but elefant never reply them.

  • @kaali aatma fasal kelawala 11:14pm

    Go ahead List bhais crimes against your Pluto Kings crimes n you will see whose charge list is as long a crappy karan johar love saga mahacrap…!

    When it comes to charge sheets your Queens chargesheets covers everything imaginable making Dawoods sheet look like childs play but yes please do compile bhais list n we can debate it openly…!

  • Paglapoorians are only supporting Kjo bcoz he hooks up with their Queen during the middle of the night when Gauri n the global media are asleep…!

    Why…? Who knows why 2 grown men think it necessary to meet in the middle of the night beneath overgrown bushes but this ‘special’ friendship between them is why lungiwales will always support Kjo…!

  • @ neeraj

    Your sentence “Every SRK fan will become a KRK fan. No wonder both SRK and KRK rhyme similar..” shows you have lost your mental balance completely after “epic disaster” of mohenjodaro. My sympathies. How many srk fans have you seen praising krk? If all are his fans then easily you can at least share 20-25 praising comments. Right? Share them or stop behaving like a sallu fan.

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