Karan Johar refuses to comment on KRK – Ajay Devgn controversy

Filmmaker Karan Johar has refused to comment on the on-going controversy, saying his self respect and company reputation doesn’t allow him to dignify the question with a response.

The director of ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ said “My self respect, reputation, company reputation and my upbringing doesn’t allow me to dignify this question with a response”

Karan was asked about the controversy at ‘Express Adda’, which was moderated by Anand Goenka, Executive Director of Indian Express.

His refusal to comment comes a day after Ajay Devgn released a audio clipping on his official Youtube channel and also released a press statement. The leaked audio clipping was a conversation between Kamaal R Khan and producer-distributor Kumar Mangat. KRK was heard saying he had received Rs 25 lakhs from Karan to post negative comments on ‘Shivaay’ on his social media page.

In a press conference that was held today, KRK rubbished the accusation, calling the personal conversation a joke.



  • Kjo is hooking up with krk bcoz he thought he was actually hooking up with srk bcoz the wires got mixed up at the rendezvous hotel n hotel staff assigned him to the wrong room number….!

  • SRK is deeply upset at news that kjo is paying KRK 25lacs for ‘special favours’ when for 20 yrs he was kjos number 1 guy to carry out such ‘special favours’…!

  • Karan is angry at news of him paying KRK 25lacs to perform ‘special favours’ for him getting out for fear that in future he may also have to start paying SRK the same rate…!

  • Kjo is paying KRK for ‘special favours’ nowadays bcoz greedy SRK is demanding more money to perform such favours…!

  • Kjo is a scumbag who promotes family values but in real life he has many skeletons tucked away inside his skeleton closet…!

  • @ neeraj and @ ranveer youngistan fan:

    Either you both are same guys or @neeraj is copy pasting @ranveer yf’s comments. @ neeraj have you lost it completely after mohenjodaro? Check these two comments

    Comment 1

    Ranveer Youngistan Fan
    September 2, 2016 at 9:02 pm

    Every SRK fan will become a KRK fan. No wonder both SRK and KRK rhyme similar..
    The Karan Johar is the most crook person to have ever existed on the face of this planet.
    No matter how this man or woman tries hard, he can never be in the league of Neeraj, Raju, Kabir, SLB, Adi etc because he only knows to make crap cliched Rom coms and films on crappy extra marital affairs.

    Comment 2 (neeraj)

    September 2, 2016 at 10:46 pm

    Every SRK fan will become a KRK fan. No wonder both SRK and KRK rhyme similar..

    The Karan Johar is the most crook person to have ever existed on the face of this planet.

    No matter how this man or woman tries hard, he can never be in the league of Neeraj, Raju, Kabir, SLB, Adi etc because he only knows to make crap cliched Rom coms and films on crappy extra marital affairs like adhm.

    I am completely fed up by films of Kjo portraying crap shitty rom coms and cliched extra marital shit woven into films.

    only SHIVAAY coz it had better trailer, has better story to tell .

  • Idiot fans who watch movies of ..love must exist within 3 people if not that’s not love,extra marital affair is valid and colleges are only meant for rich kids not poor.
    This Diwali Shivaay is already a winner!!

  • @Neeraj well said bro! Ajay is a man don’t let emotional blackmailing of yashji demise twist your heads like these local srk fans. Ajay openly paid respect for Yashji and said he is doing is duty as a professional producer period ending monopoly of Yash movies. Did it not benefit other actors screen divisions? I hate media astigmatism on socio media..Same damage was done to Mohenjo daro we all know Hrithik is the quite type but Ajay is a goodwill fighter he will end it ,whether it affects Shivaay collections or not be rest assured that henceforth flopping a movie pre release will be cautioned seriously now and what happened to mohenjodaro against a court extended adalat series like Rustam winning will never happen again. Teaming up to stop a hurricane about to storm has been a norm in Bollywood of recent. Hrithik suffered it ,Ajay will compensate my love for him increased more now . A true Himmatwalla

  • hhhhh Culturelless Film Maker Karan Johar is making Silent to His Scandious With KRK, What Defastating Gay he is, Case must be inthe Courts-Rome Now, By the Way Why Is He Rufusing to Talk this Essue if he is not Involved and not Suporting Ajay Devgn,s Requst of Invastigation to this Case, Now Want Thing Must be Clear After unluckly Difiecite Blajji Production House and UTV Motion buctures Closing it is time of Dharma Production,s Turn of Colopsing and Closing to finished it is Career

  • This fight has turned very ugly now. But its good that Karan isnt giving any heed to KRK. The actions of Ajay are making him look very insecure and looks like he is not confident for his product.

  • Karan… You are a thorough gentleman…
    Ek chup sau jhoothon par bhaari…
    You deserve theis respect for your dignified silence and your confidence it your film and the audience are with you…

  • Kjo is hiding something that is the reason he is not commenting on it. Stop doing nautanki of class and upbringing and clear the air if you are innocent and not involved. Too much drama !!!!!!

  • @Kaali : Did any Salman fan or anyone took SRK name on this article ? Why are you dragging Salman in it ? Cant you live in peace and let others to live peacefully? Do you always want fan wars ?

  • Srk fan but with Mr Devgn. People saying why he tweeted why not? No matter how important krk is or not he was caught treasoning simple which neither karan has balls to admit nor krk has balls to deny. It’s about Shivaay,if it was a smaller actor and small scale movie no problem but this is our own Bollywood superstar and taking Bollywood to higher level accredited by experts from international movie critics praising our indian does not deserve any dick and Harry to carry out these promotion murdering. Pity kjo is deluded and out of word knowing any lies he says if later found out guilty his image is completely lost,staying quite for now was good,once every tension reduces late the case be revisited,must also give kudos to Ajay for finally exposing that illiterate local wannabe KrK. VERDICT. AJAY WAS SMART AND RIGHT. won’t put finger on kjo now but in my mind I know he can do it,maybe thinking it will be another Sos vs Jthj forgetting that was between Yashji and Arvind and 2 heavy weights SRK and Ajay not a ranbir vs Ajay for Godsake!

  • Ajay should henceforth ignore them now he is way more than them. Fact is Shivaay movie is being envied by many. Only true neutral Bollywood fans who are always willing to be proud of their homegrown products to exhale will admit and agree.

  • @Javed @Challa @Kaall. Don’t create confusion for us here. Not all Shah Rukh fans are against Ajay Devgn. Kjo is not Srk,tomorrow the same Kjo can do that to Srk. Am matured enough to stand up and support Ajay Sir. 2012 incident has passed,they are good friends now just like how Shah is with Salman now.

  • Yes if we have self respect then we don’t give damn about such stupid question, karan johar is right, let Ajay become fool of his own act so his wife.

  • Didn’t expect such low action by mr and Mrs devgan, at least kajol should have first try to know the reality for the sake of her deep friendship with johar. Shame kajol your tweet SHOCKED us too!

  • Ajay Hrithik Salman fans note : it’s Akki fans creating more negativity than few of us Baadshah fans. Even that @Sunny holic comment is not the real Sunny the real Sunny id is @Jolly Akkiholic so don’t feel Akki fans are with Ajay.

  • Upbringing my foot remember loser you said in interview I prayed for other people’s movies to be flop and how biased he was towards Srk for 1st 15 years of his career until he wanted to extend horizon of his production company then starting begging to Salman Amir I am dying to work with them just for financial gains aren’t you the one who brabling filthy dirty jokes in front of his mother at roast upbringing my foot

  • If srk dance in dawood’s party for few lacks and make mannat why can’t kjo can pay krk because krk#srk there are few things which we are going to be witnessed
    Nd tv giving full coverage to a him
    Masand giving 5star to adhbv
    Giving 1and half star to blockbuster shivaay
    But shivaay has blockbuster written over it
    Kyuki baby ko ae dil hai bombay velvet

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