Judwaa 2 Trailer

The much-awaited trailer of ‘Judwaa 2’ is out and it’s Varun Dhawan show all the way. The star entertains and how!

‘Judwaa 2’ is a remake of Salman Khan’s 1997 film ‘Judwaa’ which was also directed by David Dhawan. 20 years after the release of the film, the ‘King of Comedy’ returns to direct his son in the remake, which has recreations of the classic songs from the first film.

The film also has two beautiful ladies, Taapsee and Jacqueline Fernandes.

‘Judwaa 2’ releases in theatres on 29 September.



  • So , Is JHMS highest grosser of SRK ? Let him beat Raees, HNY and CE .Will Varun become bigger than SRK by beating his least performer rejected film JHMS ? How many offbeat films Varun done in his career except Badlapur ? 1st let him do films like Swades, Chak de , MNIK , FAN etc.then he could become 10 % of SRK.

    • Judwaa 2 will be a bigger hit than that 13th highest grosser eid release of 1997 Judwaa-1 whose opening was 72lakhs

      • @saransh

        Judwa2 will thrash bhagoda’s latest release JHMS within 3-4 days. #Mark my words.

    • Compare current performance ! This is like going every time back to old hits to justify Srks current position…Talking about Chak de and MNIK etc is not fair – different times, varun was not even launched…Then you would say How many films like DDLJ ? Now Varun has a bigger box office pull than Srk…Not just JHMS, even Fan wrapped at 80 crores…Varun will cross 120 with this one and unlike Srk he does not look for Eid, Diwali or Xmas release

  • Over 100 comments in 6 hrs proves that movie got the attention and will catch more eyeballs in coming days….

    It will be fun to see one of my favourite movie in new package….

    Those were the days I started watching movies and Salman was the first superstar which I followed…

    It will awesome to see Salman cameo in Judwaa 2


  • I am not a Salman Khan fan, but this trailer is nowhere near to the original Judwaa. That move was Amazing! I am kind of disappointed after seeing this trailer.

  • Not a masterpiece, but I like it ! A motive for me, to rewatch original Judwaa, before seeing Judwaa2 :)

  • @IamBollywoodFan
    It’s your friend “TIGER” who is abusing SRK for no reason. Can’t I retaliate? I was the only SRK fan who didn’t troll Salman after Tubelight rather supported.

    • @sayar
      Lol… Stop giving excuses man… Yes I bash Srk and will continue it until you idiots get your brains back!

  • 125 comments already! This shows that Varun is so much on the ladder to superstardom. If Judwaa 2 beats 100 crores, then he will be certified the biggest among the younger lot (acting talent not inclusive).

  • Salman khan was just ok in Judwaa …. But Varun Dhawan is Irritating. Remake of Bad movie, with bad actor. What can I say more …..

  • After Judwaa 2, people will have to use Superstar tag for Varun…Be ready to change the rankings as far as current box office pull is concerned…we will be witnessing fall of Srk in front of our eyes when his dwarf again does less than 100 crores…audience in next 12 months would have moved away from Srk

  • Indicine always claims Srk gets heavy traffic…I don’t understand why do those Fans don’t go and watch his films ? Last I heard no one was there in JHMS as well as Fan (Quite ironic no fans turned up for Fan)

  • Article on a leading website – There have been flops and disasters before as well but a film featuring a top superstar been rejected in such a ruthless manner by the audience is a first ever. However, it didn’t quite merit the kind of free fall that it is actually experiencing. In the case of Jab Harry Met Sejal, it is turning out to be a rejection which is one of its kind. What will Srkians say to this ? They say its first ever – such a free fall

  • Really dissapointed by this trailer…Varun is doing same type of comedy in every movie.Even Arjun kapoor’s comedy ( In Mubarkaan) timing is better than Varun..He can’t match Govinda sir…yes, comparison with salman khan is debatable…

  • @TIGER-the real king
    I am talking about 1 director.U are talking about 2-3 directors. Salman before 2010 was totally dependent on Sooraj only.
    Salman without Sooraj till 2010
    0 Blockbuster
    0 HGOTY

    SRK without Aaditya Chopra’s direction till 2010
    Had enough blockbusters and 1 ATBB.

    Don’t being all directors name here. Salman=Sooraj till 2010. Else fussssss….!!!

    Confined to 2nd fiddle roles in Sajan, KKHH and what was that? No entry

    • @sayar
      Knowledge badha chhamiya
      HGOTY – Saajan, Ne.
      Blockbusters – Saajan, KA.

      Oops! You are ready with excuses like second fiddle, Sanju starrer and blah blah blah. Get well soon you retard.

  • @Tiger
    KA Ko bich Mai matt la
    It had both srk salman

    Saajan mai 2nd fiddle tha just like SRK in deewana

    Bass Ek no entry bachta hai

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