Judwaa 2 Trailer

The much-awaited trailer of ‘Judwaa 2’ is out and it’s Varun Dhawan show all the way. The star entertains and how!

‘Judwaa 2’ is a remake of Salman Khan’s 1997 film ‘Judwaa’ which was also directed by David Dhawan. 20 years after the release of the film, the ‘King of Comedy’ returns to direct his son in the remake, which has recreations of the classic songs from the first film.

The film also has two beautiful ladies, Taapsee and Jacqueline Fernandes.

‘Judwaa 2’ releases in theatres on 29 September.



    • Whats funny in it. Very very cheap. Varun had been lucky but not this time. Twin crap not working in 2017s use to work in 1997.

    • How can say it very funny !! Its called copy paste movie. Same scene, same Dialogue & same songs. Original Judwa was also very weak movie of David Dhawan & Salman Khan, But the STAR POWER of Salman khan & his superb comedy talent made this movie successful. Who watched the original Judwa for them this is totally a worst movie.

    • Varun has good acting skills, he should stop doing such overacting, again a big weekend ruined by bad movie…

  • Varun is the superstar of tomorrow as he possesses acting skills combination of SRK, Salman khan & aamir . Nice trailer

    • Really?? You think so??? He is not even 1 of 100 percent of srk and not even 0.1 percent of aamir…salman’s comparison with him mqy be debatable vt even salman has the screen charisma and presence that very few posses…even in bb where nawaz performed brilliantly. …I felt for salman more. ..bt in badlapur he got overshadowed by nawaz

      • @Ceiling Fan Varun might not be better than Aamir but he is a way more natural talented and honest actor than most of the bigger stars. I dont care what people think but He is a more slightly versatile actor than the Devgns and Srk. Akki is not even a debatable topic.

      • @Funny Varun
        This is the most hilarious comment i have heard for ages!!
        More versatile than who?

        I bet you had Varun opted for Chak de India….that Hockey team Goal keeper would have collected more accolades than Varun.

        For Ajay had Varun opted for a Singham,Prakash raj would have been nominated for best actor in that movie.

        For Akki had Varun done Rustom then then that Police cop would have stolen the show away from him mind you i dont even know the real names of that Hockey team Goalkeeper from Cdi and that Cop interoggating Akshay in Rustom!!!!

        People like you unecessary allow others to give a reality check answers to those you hype. I have nothing against Varun as a person i like him,he is cute too but as an actor(aside Badlapur) not upto even half near the mark you are hyping him. Nothing personal just mind your comments.

    • @Varun Fanny
      How can you even compare that over-acting starkid with those established superstars? Zero comparison. SRK, Aamir and Devgn are light years better than him. Who says Akki is not debatable you idiot? He is self-made without any legendary father/godfather, excelled in each and every kind of role and has his own style rather than imitating others. Varun can’t even match the charisma levels of Salman, already runied a Salman classic. 2-3 filme kya chal gayi, tum chirkut fans toh udne lage!

    • Hit like if Varun will break Akki opening day for the year.
      Hit like if Akki is just a WOM star.
      Dont be afraid express yourselves.

      • Hit like if u think Judwaa2 will cross the lifetime biz of disaster Tubelight and Jab Harry Met Sejal

      • Oh yeah… you are right….and akki used to give record openings in mid 2000s… first come close to akkis acting to make comparison with varun. …

      • So people really believe Akki is Saturday Morning , Word of Mouth Star?? this is something i knew right from Airlift???

  • Average trailer, Looking a lot like Main Tera Hero. Hope movie doesn’t disappoints. Salman Khan is one and only, I don’t think varun can do justice to this role. Salman has really set the benchmark higher. Still have hopes in David Dhawan

    • Very true…its now i can see how good and worthy that movie 97 judwa was.
      And why cant he create his own signature Identity and style?
      @Indicine…Now this is where A Ranbir and Ranveer would have shown their real potentials .they would definitely pay tribute to Salman but do everything their own way!! Thats the difference between R&R vs your Handmade Superstar!!

    • Salman Khan couldnt take Judwaa even to top 10 hgoty despite eid release in1997

      nothing without Sooraj Barjatya

      • @Sayar, we are talking abt quality and entertainment quotient of the movie and u r talking abt bo collections..??

        Go SEE a doctor plz.

      • Salman was never a big star in 90s in opening he was way below Sunny Deol Ajay and Srk. Even Govinda and Akshay had a bigger initial pull than Salman. Dont fool your self.

      • @sayar
        And shahruk sir without YRF-dharma<<<<<Tushar Kapur, Jayed Khan, Vivek Oberoy, Uday Chopra etc.
        #Mind it.

  • Not shot in India it seems.. So lacks deshi tadka as compared to original judwaa in which salman was brilliant.

  • Unimpressed. Would watch the original one another time rather than this one TBH. Still good luck to Varun.

    Not interested in Judwaa 2. Not interested in A Gentleman. Not interested in Bhoomi, Babumushai, etc etc. Waiting only for Baadshaho right now.

    # 11 days to Baadshaho
    # 19 years of Dil Se
    # 19 years of Chaiyya Chaiyya

    • Sorry Are you ANK? If you aint your comments seems very similiar with his. Have not been hearing from both @ANK and @Ballaji k thulu …some very eloquent fellas!! Hope you guys are all doing good?

      • @ aisha : Yes I used to comment with the user name @ANK. Had gone on a long break from Indicine/twitter around end of last year and when I re-joined Indicine (a month back) thought of changing the name. Just for a change.

        Hoping all is well with you too & other Indicine as well as twitter friends (koko/babaji, sambuddha/arjun youngistan, nipun, onestly_brutal, sweet_heart, sss, anand, tiger, Rami/ajay_rocks, sakshamsobti, bj and a number of others as can’t take names of all).

    • @peacedul wanderer

      Welcome back to Indicine bro. Missed you and your meaningful/thoughtful comments a lot!

      • Awwwww!!!! ANK !!!! Missed you yaar!!! Welcome back!!!
        You see am i not too good….??

        Thats the result of being a very honest and intelligent fan. You cant be missed out,though am quite observant once it comes to people commment,….Look Even someone like @Tiger Bhai is even acknowledging that which is very rare for Salman fan(lol) esp Tiger!

        Anys welcome back….happy!!!

      • Thanks a lot bro :)

        Plan to stick around till Golmaal 4 & then another break most probably.

      • @ tiger : Thanks a lot bro :)

        @ Indicine : Sharing this comment again as you blocked the last one for unknown reasons. Pls approve this one.

      • @aisha
        People like #ANK deserves respect, doesn’t matter from which fanbase he is!

        Halanki Eit ka jawab hum patthar se dete hai magar samajhdar hamesha se hi hai aur rehenge.

      • Exactly Bhaijaan. Thats why o said…”intelligent and honest fans cant be missed by good observants” i said it cause lots of people always say you bash Srk but you showing respect for ANK means even you have no personal hatred towards any actor(which i know) may be circumstances or other fans habits can lead to trolls even i do so but ANK Sky Aashish are comments that just reading the 1st sentence gets my likes? .

  • I feel like it didn’t live up to the hype..the build up was too awkward and long and reminded me of Humshakals…Also some parts his dialect seemed very weird.. Will watch this as haven’t watched a good comedy movie in a while but otherwise looks strictly average..Taapsee and Jacquelien looking sexy tho

      • @Jeet Varun will take atleast more 15 years to prove himself as an established superstar like Akshay or Ajay. Akshay is self-made and natural talent in comedy rather than Varun who always imitates Govinda and Salman. And he can’t even become 1% of Ajay in terms of acting.

  • This one is Blockbuster This Dusshera is going to be rocking 150cr+ A must watch for me Loved the recreated songs from old judwaa

  • I am Very Very Disappointed…..Seriously what’s the meaning of Judwaa “2” they make the same old movie with new faces, and I thought that they will make it with new story…..its like old toffee with new wrapper……They copy scene to scene…..this is I was afraid of, they ruined the Classic Judwaa movie……

    It’s a Big NO from me, I am not going to watch this movie, instead I will watch old movie again….I hope they have not copy entire movie…..

      • Wahi to mein bhi keh raha hoon …. salman fans ka standard buht low he ke judwaa jaisi normal entertainer ko classic bol rahe hein …. kal raat se mujhe neend nahin ayi jab se mein ne dekha kuch log isse classic bol rahe hein …… abhi tak shock mein hoon

    • Who have told you 140+
      Have you watched Juduwaa…
      Its simply copy of the old one…
      For varun it might be above average….

  • I heard that their is cameo of Salman and Krishma, and if its true then it is the only thing to watch in movie……

  • Varun Should hv gain some weight to play such macho character…he is trying to be macho,but looking like a kid!!

    varun Not looking convincing is weakest Thing of the trailer!

  • Totally copy of salman’s judwa. Nothing new & refresh in it. Songs, dialogues etc. Varun is really over acted here. Salman’s judwa is 100% better than this crap remake.

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