Judwaa 2 Trailer

The much-awaited trailer of ‘Judwaa 2’ is out and it’s Varun Dhawan show all the way. The star entertains and how!

‘Judwaa 2’ is a remake of Salman Khan’s 1997 film ‘Judwaa’ which was also directed by David Dhawan. 20 years after the release of the film, the ‘King of Comedy’ returns to direct his son in the remake, which has recreations of the classic songs from the first film.

The film also has two beautiful ladies, Taapsee and Jacqueline Fernandes.

‘Judwaa 2’ releases in theatres on 29 September.



  • Someone told me there is a CAMEO of salmanKhan in the movie, watched the trailer only to take a glimpse of him. “Disappointed”

  • Salman was natural.why varun tried to copy him instead he shd hv done in his own way.those moves and mannerism only suits salman.he was briliiant and natural also .

  • Disappointed..
    Not on single joke,I laughed.
    Varun is doing same thing again..
    Bhai comedy aana natural gift hai,one shouldnt forcefully do comedy by changing the tone of voice and all,like Govinda did in 90s and Chachi did in Comedy night with Kapil.
    He will be Govinda 2 if he didn’t improve himself.

  • Kya chutiyapanti hai….they should have made it different even songs are fetched from original…but the innocence of Salman misses…highly disappointed

  • The kissing will make some families steer clear. Clean entertainment, like Mubarakan and Bareilly Ki Barfi, seem to be doing better.

  • Earlier had lots of expectation from judwaa 2 but now it is one of the worst trailer of recent time. Very very dissapointed. It doesn’t looks like a sequel but looks like a remake . Same to same copy from 1st part. For me varun dhawan has failed to recreat the magic of Salman Khan did in 1st part. Salman Khan was terrific in judwaa but varun dhawan has done lots of over acting. Dissapointed!!!

  • Outright reject. Flop. Youtube already 2500 dislikes in 1 hour. Sorry Indicine many people are going to break your Heart.

  • the man is giving heavy kisses through out the film..sorry cant go with family…but surely with friends

  • Average trailer
    What happened to music directors don’t they have new songs & artist.
    it is very disappointing that now a days bollywood using remix of old songs & punjabi songs.


  • I was a bollywood hunk, But after watching high quality hollywood classics like The shawshank redemption, The Prestige, The dark knight, inception and many more etc, Not interested in bollywood at all. I found many bollywood scenes taken inspiration from hollywood classics they didnt remake whole movie but they take some good scenes which are already in hollywood movies. I strongly recommend all indicine users watch above movies and you may forget bollywood movie, especially some masala commercial shits,

    Im big fan of emraan hashmi, but not insterested in baadshaho, but im waiting for his own script captain nawab not eagarly, because he has good script sense, and i know he is doing baadshaho because of past failures and indian peoples who likes to watch commercial.

  • Points to note:

    “King of Comedy” Indicine hand made superstar Varun.

    “Beautiful ladies”

    “The Star entertains and how”

    Yesterday q&a

    “Varun more popular than Ranbir Ranveer
    Better acting talent than Sushant ”

    “50 cr weekend very possible!!” (other movies after day 1 they can predict the weekend…do i have to say which movie they were refering too??”)

    “We will predict its lifetime after trailer releases”
    *Badshaho a year before and after teaser and trailer lbo remains the same.
    *Tepk despite massive boost signs their lifetime for tepk still the same*

    But for Superstar Varun ….being an Executive and Legendary comedy King Son and Karan Johar boy….His case is special….
    LBO ….will only be posted after the trailer!!

    @Indicine …My question…for the past 5 years ….Which movie did you not post their LBo ,Opening day prediction, Star cast,Buzz…until just a day after the Trailer released????

    Ummm i think i dont have to explain what i just highlighted above??

  • How we can say that varun is next superstar????look at his acting yaar……PATHETIC……….napotism rocks……bollywood whats wrong with you…….

  • Slight Entertaining….Release Date & Name In Favour Of Movie,Public Await To Know What About Movie…Remake Factor Is Minus Point For The Film,There Is No Point To Replace Salman & If Its Remake Why They Named Judwaa 2(Sound Like Sequel)..I Was Thinking Its Sequel,Will Be Fresh Story..

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