Judwaa 2 Trailer

The much-awaited trailer of ‘Judwaa 2’ is out and it’s Varun Dhawan show all the way. The star entertains and how!

‘Judwaa 2’ is a remake of Salman Khan’s 1997 film ‘Judwaa’ which was also directed by David Dhawan. 20 years after the release of the film, the ‘King of Comedy’ returns to direct his son in the remake, which has recreations of the classic songs from the first film.

The film also has two beautiful ladies, Taapsee and Jacqueline Fernandes.

‘Judwaa 2’ releases in theatres on 29 September.



  • At the first half of the trailer when varun does an innocent and some emotional role is worst part of the trailer .

  • I enjoyed….it was super fun…can do wonder at festive season!!and ya It is completely Varun show…production values were top notch…songs sounded too catchy but taken from Original…and lacks desi touch!!but Varun can make up that…and among ladies; Jacque leans on as usual…but i really loved Taapse…classy Sexy 😚😃seems she is playing Rambha’s(my another fav)role
    Let’s see how the whole Movie is!!

  • No words need to say . Stupidity at his best .. Max 65-70cr ! Let’s see …… Same old roles again over again. Same mimics … Same styles… Same acting.. Main Tera hero, dulhania, Dilwale , dishoom , judwaa….

  • Another classic movie ruined ,
    No offence to varun fans but,
    Totally dissapointed by the trailer
    as they copied each and every scene from Judwa along with songs .
    It will take good opening coz of Judwa brand value but will fail to become huge grosser.
    Varun can never match dilogue delivery of Salman..
    his character Raja dialogues are totally crap..
    while watching people will compare it with Judwa as they copied it scene by scene ,they will not like it that is sure.
    Instead of watching average duplicate judwa by paying Rs 300 they will prefer original Judwa free of cost…
    Note : I request makers to Stop destroying classic movie ,as some of them are in news don’t try to remake other actors classics.
    Some remakes that are in news are
    akki – khiladi ,dhadkan,aankhe .
    srk-darr,bajigar .

  • Sorry for off topic comment:

    When people here say that Indicine is Srk’s PR team, I don’t believe them, but now I am noticing that Indicine really work as his PR team, just go and see last few weeks Q&A sessions, they answer maximum number of question releated to SRK, and out those Q there are always 2-3 questions in which they try to defend Srk and his so called Stardom….That’s why I call him Media Made Star, still media defend him and call him best actor, LOL…..if he really is a best actor then why public (neutral) is not interested to watch his movies,
    he did Masala movie Dilwale and its an average,
    he tried romantic (his strong zone) movie and its a DISASTER
    he tried another Masala Movie in which he played negative role (Raees) which is also an average,
    he even tried to make movie for his fans but even his fans has rejected that movie and it is also FLOP…..
    Nobody is interested in his Pathetic over acting but media and site like Indicine always defend him….

    But they never show such faith in Salman, they always talk about his last decade failure…..Salman gives back to back 11 movies in 100cr club, and in last Q&A session they said that Salman can also give below 100cr movie, I mean seriously, why you cannot show same faith on Salman as you show on Srk……

    Salman is the only actor who takes most risk, not Aamir or Akki and every time come out as a success……Both Aamir and Akki are successful but Aamir do 1 movie in 2 years (its a plenty of time to make a good movie) so less risk, while Akki do more movies in 1 year but his movie budget is way too low (sometimes even lower than new actors) which makes it easy to become Hit…..While on the other hand Salman do 2 movies in a year, all his movies are high on budget and most of them are Blockbusters and above (8 out of 11 are Blockbuster) this is not easy at all……

    Nothing against Aamir and Akki they both are doing great, but I have problem with Indicine, why they support Srk so much and neglect other actors…not saying that you are PR of any actor, but in your Q&A session you support Srk so much, no need to answer 2-3 same type of question every week where you defend Srk all the time…..At the end its your site you can do what ever you want, just no need to answer same question again and again, yes we get it that Srk time is not over yet……please stop defending him all the time…..

    Plz Post my comment…..

    • They Already Answared Many Days Back,When They Posted On SRK They Get Heavy Traffic…You Should Understand

  • My predictions-
    Day 1-15cr
    Day 2-22cr(Dusshera)
    Day 3-24cr
    Day4-20cr+(Gandhi jayanti)
    4day weekend-App85cr
    Week 1-100-105 crores
    Week 2-25 crores
    Row-10 crores
    Lifetime-135-140 crores
    Quick predictions
    Secret superstar-105 crores
    G4-145 crores
    Padmavati-95-100 crores
    Fukrey-60 crores
    Tzh-225 crores

  • Is it only me who would prefer watching judwaa rather than judwaa2. . . .it looks like scene to scene copy frm judwaa with just faced being replaced.very disappointed

  • Guys I don’t know if you agree but the trailer is just bad..believe it or not u know tht the comedy is so weak..they have tried to recreate the magic of judwaa but we all know tht they have ruined it …it seems more like a remake

  • With many kisses in film indicine dont you think families will not come to watch this film ….. varun is in film you will not say it

  • Tell me, was it necessary for the leading ladies to wear bikinis?
    Is jaqueline Fernandez even a little bit acting in this movie?
    Wasn’t that the same old overacting from varun?
    Doesn’t the movie lack originality?
    Does a tremendous actor like tapsee deserve this kind of role?

  • Seriously never had hope from Judwa 2 and the trailer stamps my premonition.
    Varun has limitations he can’t act just forces comedy and tries to look innocent which comes across as fake whereas Salman is natural.
    Judwa was never a classic to be remade ,only songs were blockbuster.
    Now I’m only waiting for song promos not movie.

  • Honestly wtf is wrong is with people he salman khan this and that no one can match salman khan. How many bollywood movies r a frame to frame remake of tamil hollywood movies??? Millions. How many has salman khan copied???? Chill the fuck out guys 1thing for sure it will open bigger than akshay film

  • Judwaa 1 was classic and all time best comedy movie of megastar.

    To be honest this not looking great, but surely will collect more than bhakt kumar’s movie.

  • Average trailer. Varun looks great, Tapsee is very sexy, they are the only two reasons I might watch it. Otherwise it feels like an old fashioned comedy. It might work with the audiance but it feels like there is something missing…

  • @ Salman fan, abe idiot why you have problem ? There always many questions asked about SRK in question answer.indicine decides which question is important and require to be answer.Everyone want SRK to come back in his form.so why you have a problem .This is called insecurity.

    • @jhandAbhishek
      WTH we would feel insecure of 60cr club’s king, who has been struggling to deliver a clean hit from years, running away from clashes in fear of even Akki starrers?

      • Caught!! Red handed

        This moron @TIGER-the real king comments with another user name @Salman Fan.


      • @srg fan
        Lol.. My single I’d is enough to take on hundreds of loongiwalas.. Then WTH I would create one more I’d? Ask indicine for confirmation, you dehati.

  • The movie doesn’t look promising. The double role movies have been done to death and are no more exciting. A Gentleman has Sidharth in a double role. Jacqueline is getting repetitive too.

  • Even in a worst case Judwaa 2 will cross JHMS collection…..now Srk is gone…But

    Indicine: Srk time is not over, he is best actor….Blah Blah Blah…Blah Blah Blah…..LOL

  • I think indicine is being over-enthusiastic regardibg Varun. It’s true he has no failures to his credit so far. But Judwa2 looks like a mis-step.

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